How much watt is fit in the bedroom LED light

The lighting of the bedroom is very important, and it is not suitable for being too bright or too dark.How much watt is the bedroom LED light?PCHOUSE takes everyone to understand.

Generally speaking, the choice of LED lights in the bedroom should be determined according to the size of the living room.If a room is 10 square meters, the fluorescent lamp is generally enough to use 22W, and the LED light can be smaller in the same brightness, and the light of the bedroom is not too bright, usually about one -third, so use LED to use LEDFor the lamp, as long as it is about 8W-10W, it is enough.


In addition, if the bedroom chooses LED lights, it is not dazzling and bright.However, this not only looks at the Watshu, but also the light flux and color temperature of the lamp, because even if the light flux or color temperature is different, the lighting of the lamp is also different.

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