The lovely and lovely little bear sweater, daily wear in winter, make you sweeter and pleasant

In daily wear in winter, a good -looking long -sleeved sweater is often indispensable, because it can be worn inside or directly, casual and random style and classic versatile attributes, often wearing more more more than wearing more. Comfort and highlight your own personality charm.

However, it is also because of the popularization of sweaters, so it is easy to give people a normal sense. Coupled with the original simple style of the sweater, it is more difficult to choose a satisfactory sweater in terms of choice. Essence

Today, I recommend a cute and lovely bear sweater. It has a trace of sweetness in the simplicity. It shows the youthfulness of the girl, which is suitable for all kinds of dressing.

[Sweetness in appearance]

In terms of appearance, the first feeling of this sweater is very cute and sweet. It is simply a youthful style of the campus from the appearance. It has a certain age reduction effect to wear, showing a young atmosphere.

The simple theme wind with a loose version has a good Tibetan meat and a thin body effect. At the same time, because of the loose version, it can highlight the casual style when wearing it. Style.

In addition, the low saturation color of Morandi gives a sense of softness, which is cute and loves at the same time, plus a simple overall sense, giving a very clean and pure sense. Essence

【Design features】

In terms of design, for the simple -wind sweater, it is often at a glance, but the materials selected by this sweater here are 32 left diagonal fish scales. This material is 70%of 70% Cotton and 30%of polyester fiber synthesis, with this comfortable micro -bullet effect, can last long.

In addition, its fabric also has a good warmth effect and skin -friendly softness, and the touch is more delicate and smooth. With a loose version, it is more comfortable and convenient to wear.

The design of the whole sweater is the bear and the simple letters on the chest. The sweet and lovely style shows the classic elements of the round neck, which shows a sense of purity. A sense of design.

[Sweet attributes on wearing]

In the wear, this sweater can be used as an inside or directly to wear. When the climate is mild, the direct external wear will give people a casual sweetness, full of cuteness. Because of the original simple wind of the sweater, when wearing it, it can be paired with a long inside.


Such a combination can shape a layered sense of dressing, and at the same time, it can also have this fake two -piece fashionable effect. It is also very casual in the style of wear, showing a sense of youthful youthful sense of youth. Essence

The choice of the bottom can be matched according to its own hobbies or style needs. The overall dress of the sweet style can be selected, and the overall dressing of the leisure sports style can choose some trousers or sports pants. Putting can create an overall style effect, and there will be no chaotic matching scene.


【Full Text Summary】


For the sweater, because it is simple and clear, when choosing, the patterns of clothing are often seen, so you can choose according to your favorite pattern when choosing. It cannot be ignored. Only the details of the details can make the simple style not simple.


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