The price increase caused heated discussion! Look at who has some personalized custom cups in Starbucks’s A -share circle of friends.


Under the storm, Starbucks’s price increase operation has become the focus of market heated discussion. Beijing Commercial Daily reporter noticed that as a world -renowned coffee brand, Starbucks also has its A -share circle of friends. After sorting out, many listed companies such as Jiayi (301004), Xianhe, Jialian Technology, Zhiyuan Internet, etc. have clearly stated that they have related cooperation with Starbucks. In addition, the reporter learned that Starbucks is also a client of Zhejiang Dexin Food Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dexin Food”), and Dexin Food signed a listing counseling agreement with Anxin Securities in the second half of 2021, intending to start A shares listing Essence Industry insiders pointed out to reporters that because some cooperation involves confidentiality, A -share partners in Starbucks may not only be there.

Cooperate with these listed companies

After sorting out reporters from Beijing Commercial Daily, many listed companies such as Jiayi and Xianhe shares have made it clear that they have related cooperation with Starbucks.

Xianhe has stated that the company has entered the food packaging chain of Food and Packaging products such as Yumsung China (KFC, Pizza Hut, etc.), McDonald’s, Starbucks and other well -known fast catering giants. It is understood that Xianhe shares is the research and development and production enterprise of large -scale high -performance paper -based materials in China. The main business is the research and development, production and sales of specialty paper and special pulp.

Jialian Technology also publicly stated that it has cooperated with Starbucks. The company is a high -tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of plastic products and biodegraded products. Widely used in home, fast -moving, catering, aviation and other fields. Jialian Technology said that the main customers of the company’s products include Amazon (Amazon), IKEA (IKEA), Walmart (Walmart), KFC (KFC), Starbucks (Starbucks) and many other well -known domestic and foreign companies.

Compared with the cooperation with Xianhe and Jialian Technology, Starbucks and Jiayi’s cooperation seem to be deeper.

涨价引发热议!来看星巴克的A股朋友圈都有谁 部分个性化定制杯子原来由它制造

It is understood that Jiayi shares are one of the manufacturers of Starbucks water cup products in China. Some of the Starbucks Tmall flagship stores are produced in Jiayi, including some personalized custom cups.

Jiayi said that the company currently has personalized customized business, mainly divided into two pieces. The first is to cooperate with Starbucks. Personal consumers can customize exclusive personal patterns and statements through Starbucks Tmall flagship store. After the consumer orders are available, the production will be arranged and shipped directly to consumers; the second is the offline gift group purchase business, such as wedding banquets, classmates, and commemorative days of personalized custom cup business.

In addition, PMI, one of the top five customers of Jiayi, is the core supplier of Starbucks Water Cup. It signed the seven -year exclusive business right of Starbucks with Starbucks in 2020.

In addition to the above -mentioned companies, the computer industry listed company Zhiyuan Interconnection is also Starbucks partner.

Zhiyuan Internet once stated that the company’s collaborative management software products are used in many industries and fields such as manufacturing, construction, energy, finance, telecommunications, Internet and government agencies. The main customers include China Architecture, China Pharmaceutical Group, China Mobile, China Merchants Bank, and China Merchants Bank, and China Merchants Bank, and China Merchants Bank, and China Merchants Bank. Starbucks et al.

Xu Xiaoheng, an investment and financing expert, told a reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily that many companies involved confidentiality, and the cooperation situation of related companies that could be seen in the market did not happen.

Or this intended IPO company customers

It should be pointed out that Starbucks also cooperates with the IPO company.

On July 27, 2021, the official website of the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau disclosed that Dexin Food signed a listing counseling agreement with Anxin Securities on July 19 of that year to officially launch A shares listing.

According to the publicity documents of counseling filing, Dexin’s main business is the research and development, production and sales of catering and beverage ingredients. At present, the company’s products include fruit and vegetable juice beverages, flavored syrup, refined tea and tea soup, plant -based drinks, drinking jelly jelly, solid beverages, biscuits and other beverage ingredients.

Up to now, the brands of Dexin Foods include Dexin Jane, Zhenguo, Erfen, Beadfen, Xinzhi, and Picker. Among them, Dexinzhen was selected as the first BIB packaging concentrated fruit juice for the current beverage machine.

It is understood that Dexin Food provides Starbucks with more than ten products including seasoning syrup, thick juice pulp, and flavor milk beverages. The famous economist Song Qinghui told a reporter from Beijing Business Daily that the price increase of enterprises was affected by many factors. The price increase of upstream suppliers and the increase in corporate related costs may be the reason for the price increase of corporate products. In response to related issues, a reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily called Dexin’s food for interviews, but no one answered.

The equity relationship shows that the actual controller of Dexin Foods is Lin Zhiyong and directly holds 7.1295%of the company’s shares. Through Shanghai Dexin Industrial Co., Ltd. and Jiaxing Xinzhi Enterprise Management Consulting Company indirectly controlled 76.2977%of the shares, directly and indirect control Company 83.4272%of the shares.

Since the prospectus has not been disclosed, the financial situation of Dexin Food is still unknown.

Judging from the four Starbucks A -share partners mentioned above, there is no loss of performance.

According to statistics, of the four listed companies: Jiayi, Xianhe, Jialian Technology, and Zhiyuan Interconnection, only Jialian Technology disclosed the annual performance of 2021. The company just landed on the GEM on December 9, 2021. Wind shows that Jianlian Technology is expected to achieve a net profit in 2021 about 67.11 million to 1115 million yuan.

In addition, the three listed companies are temporarily based on the performance of the first three quarters of 2021. The profitability of Xianhe shares is the strongest. During the reporting period of the company, the net profit attributable to was about 903 million yuan. The realization of net profit attributable to approximately 62 million yuan and 67 million yuan, respectively.

From the perspective of the total market value, Xianhe shares far above the remaining three companies. As of February 16, the total market value of Xianhe shares was 21.384 billion yuan; the total market value of Zhiyuan Internet, Jialian Technology, and Jiayi shares was approximately 5.038 billion yuan, respectively. , 3.5 billion yuan, 2.268 billion yuan.

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