Girls wear which brand has a grade, Lee Swarovski watch trial introduction

Lee, this brand should not be unfamiliar, it is a famous American jeans brand founded in 1889, pursuing practicality and fashion. Lee maintains the spirit of “curious and unsteady”, open up new fields, newly launched an avant-garde watch, very happy to be lucky, trial Lee’s watch, follow me to feel the unique personality Lee fashion Swarovski rhinestick Women’s watch, bracelet, bracelet three-piece gift box set.

I believe that every woman will not discard the watch, more, more, this is my fourth watch, this watch is very stylish, simple design, full of Swarovski Water drill, very beautiful, very dazzling. The top of the center “Lee” logo is simple and clear, but the white dial and yellow lap, color impact, and more eye-catching.


The design of the bracelet is also very simple. I think this is more highlighting the middle of Swarovski rhinestones, shining to the extreme, yellow is also the color I like, the store has three colors to choose from, there is always one you will like.

The bracelet can be freely adjusted, a total of five circles are filled with Swarovski rhinestones, and the circles are linked to the small round beads and the meaning of round is full. Compared with the bracelet and the bracelet, there is more slender and soft.

The fine bracelet is dressed in the hands, simple embellishments, and achieves exquisite women, finally understand why women are fascinated by the jewelry.


Fashion, always refused to be unchanged, are you just wearing a watch? I tell you that the watch and bracelet are mixed together, it will be more equipped!

Right hand bracelet, left hand bracelet, three sets of suit, I want to match how to wear, can be combined, how to wear!

Exquisite bracelets, watches, bracelets, extraversal, charming, making you more beautiful, confident!

Wear all three sets in one hand, I think it is a bit cumbersome, or is separated or free to match, it is not recommended to wear three pieces in one hand, a little bit of dazzling, is there a wood?


Advantages: combination of three-piece set, casual match, practicality. Three sets have Swarovski drills, very exquisite, dazzling. The watches, bracelets, and the three bracelets are all angled, which is particularly conspicuous, ‘charming.

Disadvantages: The only shortcomings are that the bracelets are not well worn, and they will improve better in the closed way.

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