Gao Weiguang’s clothing is so good, denim vest+work pants show unique charm, and fashion is different.

It is said that “it is not terrible to hit the shirt, who is ugly and embarrassed”, but I believe few people have strong confidence when they hit the shirt. When choosing to match, in addition to hitting a shirt, everyone also wants to make themselves different and show their personality. In order to achieve these two requirements, everyone often chooses exaggerated matching, but loses generosity.


In fact, the basic models can also be worn differently. As long as you master the matching skills and methods to easily show unique charm, this really needs to learn from Gao Weiguang!

Although Gao Weiguang, 191cm tall, has a natural advantage, it is undeniable that the height of clothing is undeniable. He has a keen fashion insight into a model. It is his conventional routine to match the basic models and simple items to be unique.


1. Denim vests with pants, which is better to wear this way

First of all, in the selection of items, Gao Weiguang adopted a more unique mix and match method, and combined with different styles of items together. It can often collide with different styles and effects. Essence


① Ensure that color matching is harmonious


Although the style of the two items is not the same, from the large aspect, Gao Weiguang’s combination is quite colorful. First of all, the trousers chose the blue -green color matching, which has no sense of disobedience to the denim element. At the same time, the lighter blue under the jacket and the denim jacket constitute the shallow and dark color matching, making the overall match more fresh and the firepower increases greatly.


The choice of shoes is also quite sophisticated. It not only follows the shallow undercuts, and adds fresh white color matching to the overall temperament. At the same time, it does not use pure white color schemes. In summer, you can consider the use of the same style and match!


② Details are generous without losing exquisite


In men’s clothing, in order to highlight the chic and handsomeness, they often do not add very small embellishments, but add a sense of fashion through large -scale decoration. For example, Gao Weiguang’s selected work pants, the iconic big pocket design greatly increases the sense of layering, and at the same time, the lines must be smooth and regular, so as to add delicateness.


The same is true of the pocket design on the denim vest. This large -scale portrayal must be generous and meticulous, so that the items will look more advanced, and they feel at will from the torn spray cuffs, which is even more atmospheric!

③ Vintage Trends of Dip Buckle Design


In addition to this large -scale portrayal, adding a unique design of a pretty style can also greatly increase the quality of the overall matching. Don’t look at Gao Weiguang’s buckle design is not conspicuous, but it is a fulcrum that allows the fusion of trendy clothing and national style elements, and directly adds a bit of high -level atmosphere to casual chic.

2. Wear a new wave

I have to admit that Gao Weiguang denim vest mixed with trousers seemed to be worn at will, and in fact, fashion treatment was done everywhere. In fact, many times seemingly simple matching, the hard work when it is combined with wearing, can you have a different effect, and you can learn it quickly?


Jump out of the comfort zone and try novel styles


Although many basic models are versatile and fashionable, if you want to wear a different shirt, you still need to jump out of the comfort circle as much as possible and try new styles. Gao Weiguang chose the pants as part of the overall match. With a loose shirt and top, it was really trendy and unique!

Different from conventional versions such as straight pants and slim pants, beam pants often combine with loose pants body and slim pants. Instead, fashion is bursting.

How to wear long legs?

When choosing a match, of course, you also start from your own body conditions, and choose the style, style and wearing method that suits you. Loose models often have great tolerance for the body, but the disadvantages are also obvious -high waist should not be used, otherwise it will be bloated and bloated.

In the case of the most practical “high waist outside” Dafa failure, you can consider starting from the color matching, integrating the color matching of the lower body into one, and the visually extended proportion to achieve the effect. The same color matching of shoes and pants is the most commonly used processing method. A little color difference can more highlight the level. Through the consistent under the color, it is easy to wear long legs.

Increase accessories to make the overall matching richer

In addition to simple items, Gao Weiguang often uses accessories to make the overall matching richer. The chest bag is the most commonly used accessories in men’s clothing. Regardless of the color matching of the overall suit, a piece of chest bag can greatly increase the sense of layering, which greatly highlights the fashion attitude.

Of course, you can also choose some accessories with more bright colors, but at this time, you need to pay attention to the overall color matching. It is best not to exceed three colors in large areas of the body, otherwise it will look messy and unreasonable. it is good!


How to wear better in summer, I believe you have got the answer in the matching of Gao Weiguang, say goodbye to hitting the shirt and farewell to mediocrity, showing a different charm and making the styling different.

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