Schiller: Traveler

Painting: Van Gogh

When I am still young, I am young,

I go out to roam all over the place,

I dance the happy youth,

Stay in my father’s house.

All ancestors, all home,

I am relieved to leave with confidence,

I picked up the relaxed wand,

Leave home with a childlike heart.

Because there is a strong hope,


Vague dogma, drive me,

It said, “Go, the road is wide,

Always go to the country of sunrise.

Until you arrive at a golden gate,

You just walk in immediately,

There, everything is extraordinary,

Everything keeps changing. “

I got up early along the way,

Forever, never stop;

But my pursuit, my wish,

I can’t see an end.

The mountain blocks my way,

The river blocks my feet,

I opened the way above the canyon,

I am on the ground.

Finally, approach a big river,

It rushes to the east;

I am glad to trust this clue,

I devoted it to its arms.

The turbulent river water swallow me,

Rush me into the heart of the sea;

A vast, empty and boundless,

The destination is still not close.

Alas, there is no road to there,

Alas, the sky on my head


Never want to contact the earth,

The other side is never in the world.

Selected from Qian Chunqi translation from the first volume of Schiller Collection

People’s Literature Publishing House 2005 edition

Schiller, a great German poet with Goethe. Schiller’s “Robber” and “Conspiracy and Love” and other dramas have sounded the prelude to the literature of Cyclonus.

Schiller’s creation is full of idealism and humanitarian spirit, and it runs through the praise of freedom and dignity of people, and has an important position in the history and history of world literature and ideology. The translation of this book comes from translators such as Zhang Yushu, Qian Chunqi, Zhang Penggao, Zhu Yanbing and other translators. A total of six volumes, the first volume is poetry and novels; the second to five volumes income “robbers”, “conspiracy and love”, “Tang Carlos”, “Walmantan”, “Maria Stuart”, “Oliang’s” “Girls”, “Tu Lun Dot”, “William Retreat” and other dramas; the sixth volume of theoretical works such as “Aesthetic Education Book of Human Aesthetic Education”

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