This is the “old hat” that makes people unwilling to take off

compared to

In summer, the hat decoration seems to be an indispensable item for people in winter.

Waking up hair is frivolous, or soft or soft. It is too low to make people get up early and get up early, and it is strong wind or snow when they go out. A hat seems to be simply solved by everyone’s troubles.


Of course, this description seems to despise it.


Because for many people, the hat is an indispensable item for its style.

However, on the other hand, the hat is difficult to be classic for many people, and it is always choosing with the fluctuations of the trend.


This is not necessarily a bad thing. The diversity of the hat can naturally add more different colors to the style. Anyway, everyone usually buys not expensive, and hundreds of dollars are already high quality.


It’s just like a white shirt. Even if you have more pieces, it is best to have one or two “superior” quality. When you are at a loss, or you face important moments, it can give you the most confident and considerate.

The same is true for those who love hats.

If you haven’t found it yet, maybe it is hidden in the brand we want to introduce today.


If you look at it carefully, it is not difficult to find in China & Co.




Because many domestic buyer stores and cargo selection stores have represented it, especially some retro Lifestyle Shop and classic men’s clothing shops.

It can be seen that for the Chinese who are not yet popular, it is also gradually getting the heart.

When you first see the hat model of & Co. It is not difficult to find that it is not much tide. It is mostly an old and old -fashioned look, and even you will doubt whether this is vintage left over from which era.

This is the biggest feature of & Co. Most of them are mainly retro styles, especially American retro, and people who are unfamiliar with it. They are completely unexpected.

这才是让人戴上便不舍得脱下的“老帽” & coo. From Japan, it was created by TSURUMAKI Fumiya, and served as a designer. The retro characteristics of the brand may be related to his outstanding Vintage design and operation experience.

In related interviews,

String history also revealed that he hopes to define & Co.

Although the establishment time is still short, now, the desire of the brand is obviously realized.


In fact, many internationally renowned style idols, trendy stars, wearing their hats, such as Dipp, Kobayashi, such as elegant gentlemen, as well as the military blogger L.L.Wood introduced by the leaves before.


In these people, we can roughly understand the style of & Co.

With traditional men’s toughness, but not “ancient boards”, there is a playful and fashionable side


There are so many retro hats. Why is a brand with a lot of qualifications that can quickly capture so many big guys?

Ye Zi believes that compared with other so -called retro caps,

The.H.W.DOG & CO. Retro is more “temperature”, not only about its hat design, but also the extent of its production process, and the style of the retro slogan is completely different. & coO.

Since its establishment, it has established its own retro policy, that is

“Early European and American blue -collar workers in the early 20th century”


Mainly, add


“Military style of the 1940 ~ 60s”

, Fu Yi

“High -quality production during the Industrial Revolution from 1860 to 1930”


These three points have built the unique style of & Co.


Military costumes are the main features of & Co. Hat style. From the naval knitted hat in the 1930s, to Trucker Cap, a truck driver hat in the 1970s, you can see it.

Even its hats are the working class, not the traditional elite gentleman class. This also makes the brand’s top hat not only rough and retro, but also more practical and wearing effects. Incorporate daily diverse style.

Therefore, don’t look at it very old, the hat is actually excellent.


It also reflects the brand’s commitment -man spirit.

The mysteries of the brand to realize this feature lies in its unique hat -making method.

Many people will say & Co. It is a handmade hat model. In fact, it is not necessary. It is neither handmade nor machinery. Create it on the line.

这其中的关键不单是制帽师的高超技艺,还有古董缝纫机帮助还原了品牌复古品质的细腻性,由于THE.H.W.DOG & CO. 主要采用棉线缝纫,品牌特地找来了三台1910、1920、 Old -style sewing machine in the 1930s.

The current machine can be sewn, but the old -fashioned machine can only sew cotton threads, so that it may be a bit “giving away”, but with the help of the old -fashioned sewing machine, the.H.W.DOG & CO. The details of the “old hat” and a soft wear experience.


This is why the reason why it is not small, the “young” & Co. As far as its quality and craftsmanship, it seems that it is decades, even the old brands of hundreds of years.

However, this also determines & Co. It cannot mass production on a large scale, and its price is higher than that of ordinary brands, from four or five hundred to one thousand.


But there are a lot of hats of & CO.. It covers from common baseball caps, knitted caps, hats, sailors, fishermen hats, to some unpopular news children’s hats, berets, painter hats, etc. It also gives us enough room for choice.

这才是让人戴上便不舍得脱下的“老帽” & coo. The original lap was their sailor hat, which is the commonly known melon skull in our country. Many of them were mentioned in the past two years. It was called ROLL CAP.

The hats are based on the traditional European jellyfish hat of the 1930s. They are made of heavy materials and injected into tall cotton cloth, corduroy, or denim cloth, etc. At a glance, you can see its thick texture.

The following leaves also recommend several hats that their home is worth starting:


Baseball Cap (Trucker Cap / RailRoad Cap)


Baseball Cap is the most common baseball cap.

And & Co. The Trucker Cap and RailRoad Cap here are the same head hats, but the latter two are made by the brand in the style of work, one is a truck driver hat, and the other is the other. Railway worker hat.


The specific hats of these three are not much different. The materials include cotton polyester, core velvet, wool, tannin, etc., but the latter two generally process it. A stronger retro.

(Reference price: ¥ 490 yuan)

▲ Baseball Cap

▲ Trucker Cap


▲ Railroad Cap


Kint is a knitted hat. There are also many knitted styles of & coo. The characteristics make it very small, which is particularly friendly for the large head shape.

Especially the material of 100% wool is used, the overall texture is also very dense, the warmth is better, and it will not easily deform for a long time.

(Reference price: ¥ 500)


Hood & coo. The most should be the hat hat, from the a little fedora of the wide eaves, to the short eaves of Trilby, the Derby of the dome, and the Pork Pie of Pingding Wool, to beaver, rabbit hair, etc., the texture is very good.


▲ Fedora (Point)

▲ Trilby (Front)

However, considering that everyone wears a hats today is more mixed -match style, and rarely wears it with a suit, so the leaf heat insulation here is more recommended.

Travelers hat

This is also the iconic hats of & Co.

Its hat type is basically almost a wide -eave hat type as Fedora, but Travelers Hat’s hat is not straps, which will not be so formal, making people feel easier.

You can see it as

“Traveling Certificate”

Because the brand has adjusted the materials and production details, so that it can be rolled up, and it is not easy to deform, flexible and full. Practical and functional.

(Reference price: ¥ 1500 yuan)

The above is the hat decoration brand introduced by Ye Zi. Unlike the general simple retro, the retro effect of & Co. For people with a hat, I am afraid it is difficult to get rid of this “charm”.

It also reminds us that we must not underestimate a hat, and no longer humble items, there will be deep craftsmanship behind it.







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