A super -tempered set of plaid suit suits, making your workplace more confident

A super -tempered set of checkered suit suits, autumn and winter returning from the cold outdoor, fading the coat, and a “飒” suit in a warm office will make your workplace more confident. Today, I will recommend it to everyone Such a suit suit that is very suitable for “big women”.


The suit can easily grasp the temperament, whether wearing a single or suit


The color weaving checkered, first dyeing yarn and then textile, and weaving; each plaid under the color weaving process is delicate, more complicated than the traditional chromosome process, and longer. The fabric is comfortable and wrinkled, soft and soft at the same time, and it is more convenient to take care of it. It is unforgettable. The popular plaids nowadays, the three -dimensional sense, the color is soft, and it is not easy to fade.


The exquisite suit collar adds the waist version, slimming and cutting; wearing a free and wise sense; the two buckles have no excess design, there is no sense of restraint, and the pocket lines are simple; the back is small, flexible and playful; The sewing is clean and smooth, the lines are clean, and the sewing head is not seen inside. The sincere details of the production of sincere production are important. Put.

The plaid interpretation should be comfortable and relaxed in leisure time, elegant and charming romantic dating, and modern fashion during work. In the workplace, the suit suit is essential. This whole set makes you amazing, reliable, and unique! Good -looking, simple and atmospheric!


Lauret trousers give people a good impression of capable


Conevant pants legs not only cover the meat, but also make people look longer. The overall volume is loose, and the upper body has no restraint. Okay, the capacity and details of the entire waist are very beautiful. There is a pair of scalding lines in the middle of the legs of the trousers. The shape of the trousers will appear more neat and not delayed. All the seams are smooth and flat, the lines are clean, and there is no sewing head in the inside appearance.

The plaid trousers are well -dressed in the aura, capable and exquisite, but also fashionable and tone. It combines the sense of leisure and formal sense. Pants with a sense of fashion, on the basis of simple trousers, the grid breaks the monotonous board.

The matching of the shoes thinks that leather shoes and high -top leather boots are standard matching. Little white shoes and sneakers are actually good choices. The editor of the handbag felt that except for the handbags, the shoulder bag and the messenger bag are very suitable.

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