What are the consequences of locking the front lock outside the car? The police officer of Gongshu tells you that it will be sneaked and sold

Qianjiang Evening News · hour Journalist edge 1 correspondent Mao Yuemao Shiting Li Wen

Many electric vehicle owners can save time for the map. After parking, they only lock their heads and leave. However, this just gives thefts opportunities.

Recently, there have been many continuous cases of electric vehicles in the jurisdiction of Gongshu Shangtang Police Station.

The police through the surveillance video of the various cases and departure locations, after studying and judging and analyzing, found that Wang Moumou (pseudonym) who appeared many times at the place of the crime was major suspicion. After locking his location, he immediately arranged to arrest him to arrest him. Back to justice.

The monitoring shows that Wang Moumou’s crime process is very vigilant. They first stepped forward to shoot electric vehicles. After confirming that there were no alarm devices, no tire locks were locked, and three keys carried with them began to try locks.

In less than a minute, the lock is destroyed, left the electric car directly, and disappeared into the monitoring screen.

After interrogation, Wang Moumou confessed that he had had the previous department of stealing electric vehicles and his body was notatable.


A total of three electric vehicles have been theft since August, all of which have completed the entire set of crimes through the three keys carried by themselves.

At present, Wang Moumou has confessed to theft of electric vehicles many times and has been detained criminally. The case is under investigation.


Police reminded:

1. When parking, you should try to be parked in your own or passers -by and merchants, as well as the vision of monitoring coverage.


2. No matter where you are, no matter what time, even if you leave temporarily, the electric vehicle must be locked, and the anti -theft lock with anti -liquid cutting is used.

3. Install the anti -theft alarm device for the vehicle, bind it with the phone. Once theft is stolen, you can quickly query and lock the stolen vehicle position.

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