Household cleaning device which brand? Li Min nurse pro-test 30 models, to tell you the answer

Today, Li Min nurse came to answer them, home red teeth which brand is good, and there is no need to use red teeth and other issues. From my professional point of view, I support you with red teeth oral care, and the best electric toothbrush with each other. But in the selection of the time, it is important to be cautious, after all, a lot of well-known big production of red teeth, the impact force is too strong, do so on the one hand to meet the clean anxiety some users of oral care, the other is to attract users eyeball to impulse sales, but continue to pile on the pulse frequency performance, regardless of the user’s experience and use of security, it will have the opposite result, not only poor experience, but also and cause irreversible damage to the gums teeth. But we also do not be too worried, Min took some effort, after pro-test 30 models red teeth, as we carefully selected these six. (Below is my evaluation had some red teeth Photo)


Prior to the share of household cleaning device which brand is good, I would like to take you out to find out how to choose the red teeth, in order to avoid stepping in the purchase of pit red teeth, the following points must be kept in mind:

1. Brand: first consider its brand reputation, favorable rate, core technology, the availability of the technical team, the availability of supply chain strength, etc. These represent it to produce the product quality is good or bad, whether after-sale protection. Cheap red teeth do not buy, the probability of injury is very large teeth. In addition European and American international big quake are generally stronger, larger destructive to teeth and gums, do not recommend purchase!


2. Select the type red teeth: Type red teeth is divided into three, home platform, mobile home, portable mini three kinds, if the conditions on the household budget may allow platform, multi-gear mode, large tank. The mini portable power is weak, the tank is small, easy to leak, the advantage is pretty high color value, combined with the advantages of both a portable home front, the price is affordable, I would recommend a home more portable.

3. With regard to the purchase to teach you a basic tips: Choose red teeth must choose four or more gears, or velocity range, pulse frequency range will be very narrow, very narrow for the crowd inevitably, you buy a high probability inappropriate. To further ensure the life time of 20-30 days, and to about 250-300 ml of water tanks, water rinsing process several times to pick is very hard to accept.


4. Be sure to buy a brand can try: You may have found that I do not introduce parameters, because all parameters red teeth almost big bad not bad (a few key parameters pulse frequency, pressure range, the thickness of the water column), and many people It is a game of numbers, such as pressure range very clearly written, get it back like a toy gun was found weak, this happens several times on me.

Household cleaning device which brand? Complete understanding of the points above, we want to buy will be inspired. Then the next link is recommended, here is my selection of these six can come out.

A, Fei music Sii red teeth

Style Features: Professional tooth does not hurt niche boutique, reduce the rate of more than 75% of bleeding gums!


We recommend the first red teeth is Fei music, before I learned this treasure brand, or seen in a magazine mouth. Fei Yue is currently the most professional teeth do not hurt the brand, in order to build a clean and efficient power at the same time to achieve a lower rate of tooth injury, practicing with 300 percent effort Sike international brand obsession been penetrated the bone marrow! Fei its home music Sii red teeth hit “all scenes, multi-sensitive, high-precision”, even under ultrahigh pulse, more than 75% also reduce the rate of bleeding gums! Also for long-term chronic injury subtle red teeth caused, to do a special optimized! Never advertised, many professional dentist is highly recommended not to hurt the teeth niche boutique! Fei Yue I also use an electric toothbrush, brush super clean, and protect gingival dental care experience is used in the best style!

So how does it solve the problem of teeth red teeth hurt? Fei Yue Sii launched exclusive “normal mode 3 files + grade 3 Sii sensitive mode” to create an exclusive level Tamiflu baby mode, children soft mode. Pulse frequency by a larger span, high-precision, high-intensity pulses covering different gears can be adapted to the most complex scenario the oral environment, multiple sensitive people!

In order to improve cleaning power reduce the rate of tooth injury, Fei Yue create a full 12 large core highlights, such as fixed magnetic rotary flow pulse technology, in 1000-1800 times / high-frequency pulses per minute, and strengthen the cleaning power of water, deep teeth oral blind, quickly wash away food residue. There is also a new high-precision brushless permanent magnet motor, special research sensitivity regulator system, the German high-quality metal pumps, etc.!

The following is a professional person with a paper towel made up of water impact tests:

Many people are online Tucao, poor after-sales many well-known brands, but also very arrogant attitude, for Fei Yue targeted to provide a full chain of professional dental services program! In order for users to understand the rational selection and use of dental conditions, Fei Yue provide professional dental examination, dental disease investigation services, dental care and even long-term tracking guidance and communication, as well as emergency guidance variety of dental diseases. Even more amazing is that it also free home delivery nozzle 5 years, 7 days no reason Kaifeng trial, up to two years after sale of quality, nothing to worry about after-sale problems, no matter how many years, products have possession, which I also currently this reason have been using the red teeth.

Second, the mobile cleaning device Roman mini8


Style features: high color value design, drawing more portable tanks

Paragraph red teeth is really good to see, to speed Roman brand value known to Yan, the main female population. The Roman Xiang Fei small red teeth design inspiration from Van Gogh’s famous painting “The green wheat field.” Blue-green fresh healing, body design simple and generous, with a pull 140ml water tank, only the palm of your hand, easy to carry, ready to go out to be able to put away a bag.


It’s this pressure water is used in pulse flow, which is now the mainstream way of oral hygiene, the principle is the pressurized water flow, water flow through the centralized shock after ejecting the mouth, on my feelings, for its impact relatively weak force some of the more recent food debris and some cards will not easily removed.

The entire machine design is also more convenient user-friendly, it is fairly simple installation of the nozzle, the two adapters are snap-fitted together by simply pressing the top button sinking disassembly can, removable very convenient. 360 ° rotation of the nozzle support, it may be more convenient to rinse.

Third, the United States and the MC-BJ0101 red teeth


Style Features: battery capacity, battery life 60 days

The United States is the representative of white goods brand, this beautiful MC-BJ0101 red teeth is a good appearance, the main cost models. It has 1600 times / min, stable and strong pulse, speed 5 freely adjust the cleaning mode, 240ml large capacity water tank, in addition to 60 days lasting life, do not always worry about the charging problem.

Another point worth mentioning is that this product is equipped with a gravity ball, make sure that any location can breathe water gravity ball, make sure that any location can be sucked into the water, what angle red teeth is very convenient.

Piece of hardware equipment, this red teeth with a nozzle 5, which includes an orthodontic nozzle, with a nozzle periodontal 1, a tongue cleaning nozzle, the nozzle 2 standard, respectively, to meet the needs of different groups of .

Fourth, Panasonic EW1521 red teeth

Style features: the main Japanese minimalism, five stalls easily convert

Panasonic is a color value for more attention to the brand, such as packaging, Panasonic EW1521 red teeth black design, product photos are the pros and cons, you can visually see the appearance of the product. The overall appearance of minimalist design, the lower left corner of Doltz sign is very conspicuous, the appearance of the machine gives the feeling is more comfortable.

The technology is also the big brands do not have to worry about, this Panasonic uses ultrasonic technology and a 5-speed mode can be adjusted. Whether it is from the point of view cleaning power or storage capacity, performance can be.

But the main reason may be because the portable, it 200ML water tank can only say that in general, when the cold weather plus water can be properly selected warm water, there will be a better experience. When in use you can close my best to water during the washing, to avoid splashing.

Fifth, the cleaning device Cassels W3pro

Style Features: emerging domestic brands, color values ​​pricey

This brand is actually the first time I hear his family’s hair dryer, Cassels is a great emphasis on the design of the brand, color value of its products generally higher. Such as this Cassels W3 Pro red teeth still continues W3 fresh and simple style design red teeth, either in the bedroom or bathroom are very suitable.


It’s okay cleaning power, with 0.66mm delicate pulse of water, 1300 times / minute high-frequency pulse currents, can be more in place to do the cleaning work.

And other red teeth, like, this red teeth operation is also quite simple, a key to open a total of three different modes, I usually use more Guarantee mode. Protect Gingival mode relatively gentle, I feel the impact velocity Velocity is a bit small, not very satisfied. As for burst mode, suitable for wearing braces friends use.

Six, millet red teeth

Style features: four kinds of cleaning mode to meet the needs of the population

Millet red teeth look very compact, slim design of two physical buttons, one for starting and stopping the open key, the other gear is a key for switching modes, key gear support red teeth switched on and the stop state, each recommended cleaning device before opening the preceding adjust mode, re-open.

Millet brand to do the whole thing or worry too much, it’s charging port is a standard type-c, this basic standard design, easy to use, just Android mobile phone charger can be. Charging headband rubber stopper, just tightness, the whole waterproof, safe to use, I basically spent every machine washed again take a leading surface, some of it will relatively clean.

Fitting, then, it comes with four heads, form and function vary, of course, have designed, such as red teeth, the gingival sulcus of the red, red tongue coating. However, this is entirely the eyes of the beholder, I do not think is necessary.


These are recommended for everyone six red teeth after a nurse Li Min understanding and pro-test use, home red teeth which makes a good answer to this question, which is also recommended. But the most important thing is everyone choose their own red teeth, and hope you in selecting and using the time to be more cautious, and my article will give you some help, and finally I wish you could find a suitable punch dental devices, dental mouth healthy, eat Well Well incense!

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