Noble noble age, a cardigan printing dress is beautiful, each set is a texture of the textbook

Even with the continuous changes in the times, and with the continuous growth of our age, it is slowly growing, or when we grow up, it is actually a fact that we can’t change. Some people actually appear when they get older. Some of the blessings, but the fashion and learning skin care they know can help them become more temperament.

Therefore, in fashion, you can see and wear some techniques and wearing in fashion, just on everyone, just on everyone’s body.

1. Color

If we are relatively high -level, if we are about 50 years old, we recommend that everyone choose some light colors, or the color of the khaki color system, the Morandi color system, etc. Very noble and elegant.


The best expression words and adjectives of Chinese women are noble and elegant, generous and elegant. This is the best interpretation word in the beauty of Chinese women. It is elegant with a little education and cultivation.


Just like a dress chosen by this fashion blogger, with a thin coat, it can not only sunscreen, but also appear more fashionable. People in their 30s will appear to be reduced. Effect.

The choice of bags and dresses also feel a little gradient color, which gives people a different layering shoes. Choose shoes are relatively casual and simple, but simple in simple.


This will give people a very good temperament and elegance, so the color you choose should not only choose light colors, but also choose a more refreshing color, such as the green and white color selected by this fashion blogger, the green white color.

Some items you choose


1. skirt

When it comes to skirts, what everyone should choose most is the floral skirt. The floral skirt feels very perfect. Whether it is a dress or a skirt, it is a very popular fashion item in the past two years.

And the floral skirt gives a very refreshing feeling. No matter what color you choose, it will use a relatively cold and comfortable fabric in the designed fabric. This is the most comfortable style of clothes in the summer.

You can also refer to this fashion blogger, directly choose a split dress, as well as a design of bubble sleeves. The design of the collar is also a large collar design. The neck lines and swan necks, as well as the perfect collarbone.


And the split can show a sense of lines in the legs. There is a word called the legs below the waist. This is actually the perfect adjective. It is also what we can display in dressing. The lines of the legs look longer.


2. top


In fact, many people will be more popular. One method of dressing is stacking, stacking is to use two different styles of clothes to match. This way of dressing should be from the color perspective, or from the style point of view. Very popular.


Just as this fashion blogger chose this stack, it will give people a very beautiful and elegant feeling. It can also be seen that there is a sense of lines and collarbone on the neck. Essence

So if you choose a top, everyone will often prefer to choose the method of stacking, but this may be more suitable for young girls. The choice in her 50s will be dull. Tender feeling.

3. Pants

Speaking of pants in the summer, the first thing everyone thinks of is wide -leg pants, which can not only show the sense of lines of high -level legs to enhance the lines of the legs, be thin and thin, but also very comfortable. Features.


The choice of wide -leg pants is also skillful. We need to choose some um. The fabric is relatively silky and cold -leg pants, which will look better and more comfortable. Lord, don’t choose a big red, big green, so that it will feel a bit different.

In fact, the temperament of girls does not distinguish between age. The most important thing is that we must grasp the characteristics of this age at each age. There will be no errors in matching. It’s just good -looking and not good -looking.

So in fact, if you want to become more temperamental and beautiful in wearing, in fact, every piece of clothes and every style can be called textbooks. Choosing these techniques and matching methods can learn a lot for us thing.


Therefore, in the summer, many people in many age often use some different wear, whether it is color selection, style choices, etc., etc. It is particularly in line with the feeling of summer.

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