Shading and sunscreen, these running caps, which one is your most picking?

The hot summer is coming, and there are still sun and scorching sun. The runners who love running are unwilling to miss every good weather, every day when they can start.

In this case, the sunscreen is going to be on the agenda. Let’s start from scratch. Let’s take a look at this sunscreen hat that understands your needs and understand your heart ~

Features: sunscreen, lightweight breathable, light and soft carry

Applicable scenarios: road running, off -road running, hiking

Material: 100%polyester

Parameters: 7cm brim; 17cm deep hat, average head circumference (58cm) rear side can be adjusted and loose

Weight: 39.5g


Breathable mesh fabric


It is very light and has good breathability; ultra -light large brim, strong sunscreen effect; positive is delicate on the front

Brand logo reflective logo

, Beautiful and generous.

Inner side

Sweat -proof belt design

, Wet absorbing and dry; the back of the hat

Elastic adjustment tail buckle

You can adjust the size at will, make the hat more fit the head, reduce resistance, and the exercise is so simple.

Features: Big net eye breathability is good, long hat can effectively block the sun


Material: 87%nylon, 13%spandex

Parameters: 7.5cm of the brim; 14cm depth of the hat;


Weight: 56.6g


The length of the hat is 7.5cm, which is the longest of the most recommended hats.

Big hat brim can effectively cover the sun

After wearing it, it is quite wide and stylish.

Splashing water



6 -petal splicing

Design, more fond of the head shape;

Basic mesh eye on both sides

, Increase the breathability;

Inner sweatproof zone

There is a good effect of sweating and sweating.

The front eaves side reflective logo, the rear small triangle reflect

There are reflective design front and rear to make the night running more secure; the back side is used

Magic Tiejie Band



Elastic adjustment band


It is easy to adjust to your own size; the hat is excess band with a gap, which can be designed very humanely.

Features: both exercise needs and fashion sense, light and easy to wear

Applicable scenarios: road running, off -road running, daily wear

Parameters: 7cm brim; adult head fence 54-62 (adjustable), children’s head circumference: 50-58 (adjustable)

Weight: 35.8g


The empty hat is almost a must for people who love to run.

5 colors can be selected,


The color matching is more beautiful and can be paired with different scenes.


The empty hat and children’s models, the color is also a pink and blue suitable for children, full of vitality.

The brim adopts hollow design

, Reduce weight, the overall is very light; the hat

Internal mesh eye structure


, Increase breathability and get rid of sweat invasion.

The overall design of the hat


4 reflective signs, the front -side reflective logo, silver anti -light strips on both sides, and the rear magic stick of anti -light letters,


Greatly improved the safety of night running, the back side is

The adjustable hair band of sweat and moisture absorption,

It is more convenient to use sweat during exercise.


Features: multi -hat, all -round protection


Applicable scenarios: desert environment, high altitude hiking, etc.

Parameters: 7cm brim; the average code (58cm) on the back side can be adjusted and loose

Weight: 62G


Special water -soluble yarn


The touch is dry and comfortable, with excellent elasticity, light, soft, and sweat -absorbing and breathable;


Inner sweat -proof belt design

, Wetness and dry.

Multiple -hat


, Through the connection of removable shading curtains, as

Use sunscreen and devil hat.

The shading curtain is designed with a buckle,


Connected to the sunscreen cap with four fasteners, there is a fixed button on the neck, and the neck protective face is stable. Rear side

Can easily adjust the size.

Devil Hat is one of the must -have equipment for business schools to participate in the Gobi Challenge.

Comprehensive protection of sunscreen and sunscreen,

It is a must -have for desert travel and off -road hiking. It is not afraid of the sun and the sun, and always protects the skin from UV damage.

Those who like high altitude or desert adventure, there is no doubt that it is right to choose TA!

Features: lightweight, stylish, soft and comfortable

Applicable scenarios: running, cross -country running, urban leisure

Material: 85.5%polyester, 14.5%pallon

Parameters: 4.5cm brim; the average code (58cm) can be adjusted and loose on the back

Weight: 37G

This hat gathers lightweight, beautiful, soft, soft, exercise and daily wear are very good.

Use skin -friendly fabric,


Wearing it for a long time will not cause a sense of oppression on the head

Five caps are

Five pieces of material combination

And it is more fit to the head, which can reduce the resistance, and during exercise can reduce the resistance in the wind environment;


Brim short

It can be turned up. It has a strong decorative effect. It can be matched with a variety of wearing, exercise and daily wear.

Inner grid encirclement

, Wet absorbance and ventilation; the adjustment of the webbing behind the hat can be hidden in the invisible pipe;

Embroidery logo

, Unique fashion.


Features: stylish, comfortable, breathable, waterproof waterproof

Applicable scenarios: urban leisure, daily commuting, light outdoor sports, etc.

Parameters: 9cm deep hat; head circumference 56cm, 58cm, 60cm

The use of fishermen hats has a lot of use. It can be worn all year round, and it is very practical. As a sunscreen hat, it brings a refreshing sense of summer travel. Spring and autumn can be used as daily matching items, which has a sense of fashion.

Use nylon and spandex blended

, With the characteristics of light and fast drying, with certain elasticity; the surface is used

DWR anti -splashed fabric

In the inner layer, the texture fabric; small and light and easy to carry, even if it is folded, it is easy to restore the original.

The front is exquisite

, Beautiful and generous; fisherman hats are

Four colors,

The style is simple, the version is very wide, the performance is outstanding, and it has both fashion trend and outdoor functionality.

Applicable scenarios: road running, off -road running, hiking

Material: 100%polyester

Material: 100%polyester

Brand logo reflective logo


Elastic adjustment tail buckle

Material: 87%nylon, 13%spandex

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