Xiao Na handicraft: sugar -free puff of fresh meat moon cakes

In the Mid -Autumn Festival, the Chinese people pay attention to the full moon reunion. Most of the travelers who leave home have to rush back to their loved ones. There is a reunion festival. Even people who can’t reunite like Su Shi will look at the moon with their loved ones. In my heart, I wish “I hope that people will last for a long time and have a thousand miles together.”

Perhaps it is related to personality. I like to remember the past. Those faded memories are like old photos of yellowing, revealing a charm that evokes thoughts. A few days before the Mid -Autumn Festival, I went home every day to find the moon cake box is my greatest fun, because I know that my mother will return a large box of moon cakes from the non -staple food store, but I don’t know which day, and my mother will not know it. It was disclosed to me, so the game was surprised and disappointed. So far I still remember the longing and excitement.


At the childhood Mid -Autumn Festival, the Mid -Mid -Autumn Festival was almost the protagonist of the forever. The relatives sent by relatives and bought it by themselves, from the Mid -Autumn Festival to New Year’s Day. I did n’t have any snacks when I was a kid. The Wuren Moon Cake was a high -end enjoyment. I ca n’t understand the attack on the Wuren Moon Cake in previous years, because it used to be my most delicious snack enjoyment.


The small cake is like a chewy moon, there are crispy and meat in it

In the past few days, my husband said that he missed the fresh meat moon cakes in his hometown. When I checked it online, this moon cake that was nicknamed “Little Fresh Meat” replaced the sacred position of “Five Ren” in my heart. It’s not that my friendship is not strong, but that fresh meat moon cakes can not only improve the condition of moon cake high sugar, high oil, and not affect the mood of eating moon cakes in the Mid -Autumn Festival. More importantly, it is delicious! Intersection Intersection I can play any moon cake, including “Wuren” ~.

In fact, the most important thing is that fresh meat moon cakes are almost the most suitable for sugar friends, especially on their own, which can control health and deliciousness in the most balanced state, let sugar friends survive a complete Mid -Autumn Festival festival Essence

This is the finished product. Xiao Na tried the first time. He felt very successful ~~~ How are it good? And this time I paid more attention to the use of light. Although there is no artistic beauty, at least not as dark as before? ^-^

raw material:

Water and oil skin: 100g flour, 15g lard, 15g of vegetable oil, 50g of warm water, 5g of salt

Poisability: 100g of flour, 20g lard, 30g of vegetable oil

Filling: 200g of pork puree (fat and thin 3: 7), one piece of mustard, 2 tablespoons of raw soy sauce, a few shallots, 1 teaspoon of pepper powder, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1 egg white 1


Brush: 1 egg yolk, a little black sesame seeds

The original formula cakes are all lard in the cake. Xiao Na feels that lard is not a good thing for sugar friends and weight -loss people, but the cake -making of the cake moon cake must be made with lard. , Decided to reduce the amount of lard and replace it with vegetable oil, the effect is not bad.


1. Chop the meat into minced meat, squeeze vegetables into small diced, and then add raw soy sauce, green onions, pepper powder, sesame oil, and egg white.

This is the well -tuned meat filling

Making moon cakes at home, there is no need to buy the meat stuffing outside. Xiao Na bought pig’s hind legs from the supermarket and chopped it into meat. This is clean and affordable. I was afraid that the mustard was too salty, so I washed it twice.

2. This is according to the proportion of the raw materials above and the good water and oil noodles and pastry. After doing it, you need to cover it for 30 minutes.

I minimize the lard in my noodles than the original formula, as close to the standard of health. The lards used here are also boiled with fat. If you are troublesome, you can buy ready -made pork on the vegetable market, but I think that taste is not good.

3. Take a piece of oil skin and flatten it into a round shape, put the crisp dough in the center of the oil leather group, pinch it like a small bun, close the mouth down, and cover the wet cloth for 20 minutes.

4. Roll out the quiet dough, roll the elliptical shape, and roll as long as possible. Roll it out and roll it from top to bottom, cover the wet cloth for 20 minutes.

5. Roll the noodles and flatten it, roll it into a beef tongue again, and roll up again.

6. Take a piece with your fingers and press the middle, pinch your two ends towards the middle, roll it out into a round shape, and roll the edge.

7. Put the filling in the middle, wrap it up, put it in the baking tray, brush the egg yolk solution, and sprinkle with black sesame seeds.


8. Put it in an oven with a preheated 180 degree, bake in the middle and lower layers for 30 minutes.


Alas, it’s like this, okay? A friend said that the snacks of Daoxiang Village, haha, much healthier and healthier than Daoshan Village ~~~

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