How to put the shelves in the stationery store? What shelves do I need to use?

The characteristics of the display rack include the characteristics of beautiful appearance, strong structure, free assembly, fast disassembly, convenient transportation, etc. Therefore, shelves can be used in shopping malls, pharmacies, stationery and other places. The shelves are simple and generous, and have good decorative effects. But there are many types of shelves. How do I use shelves? Let’s take a look at it together!

1. The choice of shelf type

Single -sided stationery store shelves are generally used to place and display goods by walls. Although the area available for this shelves is small, it can effectively improve the space usage rate and emissions of stationery stores because it can be used by the wall. It is very suitable for displaying some small and scattered small stationery with small size and high scattered.

Double -sided stationery store shelves are usually used in the area of ​​the store. This kind of shelves can be displayed on both sides, so the space utilization rate is high and the area required is less. At the same time, it can also be suspended on the shelves. Large, you can also use multiple shelves for combination to become Nakajima shelves, so as to better highlight its display advantages.


2. Other matching

1. Light matching

Reasonable lighting can effectively promote the effect of the overall space decoration of the stationery store, because the general decoration time of stationery stores does not need to be too long, and the stationery store will have high requirements for light sources, because so many products need to be appropriate. Light sources, in this case, will attract more customers and increase passenger flow.

2. Space pattern

The pattern of the stationery store space can basically increase the passenger flow as long as the distribution is reasonable, mainly because the activity space becomes larger, and the customer will be particularly convenient. This effect will also help the passenger flow of the stationery store.

A perfect stationery store not only needs a variety of books, but also the placement of the shelves, the lighting of the light, and the layout of the space to create an elegant and warm stationery store. Guangzhou Shangshi Display Limited Company is a company specializing in the design and production and production of Terminal image planning and design of Terminal image planning and design of Youpin chain brand stores, clothing brand stores, home department stores, cosmetics industry, chain convenience store, maternal and infant industry, jewelry industry, etc. The shelves are one of the main products of the company. There are many types, excellent materials, and long service life.


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