Good domestic skin care products are a treasure!

Nowadays, young people are full of acne, either sensitive or pigmentation. What Niva (Germany), Dr. Li (Australia), Lanzhi (South Korea), most of the white -collar workers were used in casual questions, and most of the white -collar workers were Clinique (United States), Lancome (France), Opale (Japan), Shiseido (Japan) Native

But now these big names are all illegal ingredients such as hormones, lead and mercury. My aunt is a dermatologist. I said that many young women come here every day to do skin treatment. Sexual dermatitis, red -faced red pimples, look scary. These big names feel the effect when they are in use, but once they are stopped, the skin begins to collapse. The skin is full of toxins. The doctors recommend that these big -name cosmetics are discontinued. Switch to Dabao, Shanghai Jiahua, Miyuki, Mei Jiajing, Yu Meijing and other domestic skin care products, because it is really a Chinese side configuration, it is a very gentle and safe and good thing. But many girls feel that how can these dollars of domestic skin care products be used! In fact, they don’t know that they spend thousands of dollars to buy big -name foreign skin care products.

My college classmates are the accountant in Unilever. She tells me that she never uses things owned by their company because his boyfriend working at the National Health Monitoring Bureau told her that in fact, many formulas in foreign big names are not safe. I just found 30 people to test, but the threshold for entering the customs in China is very low, and they have tested so many skin care products. The most reassuring thing is Shanghai’s domestic things (northern skin care products are no longer detected. Mainly detecting skin care products from Jiangsu and Zhejiang).

The best ingredients in his family are the Meijiajing series. It is very safe and gentle. It is also a good ingredient. They are all configuration of the Han side. Don’t look cheap, but it is all good things, and even foreign skin care products are locally locally. For a few dollars in the local currency, it was just a big -name star endorsement in China. Publicity costs, advertising fees, tariffs, currency exchange rates, which adds up to a small bottle of one hundred dollars. It is aimed at the skin of their own country, which is not suitable for Chinese people. This is why many people have stopped using big -name cosmetics skin to start collapse and start to become poor. Especially in Japan’s skin care products, the ingredients inside them are not made public. It is full of hormones and heavy metals. It can make the skin a lot of changes in a short period of time. On the surface of the skin, the epidermis falls off. Of course, the skin in the inner layer is very bright and white. In the long run, your skin will become thinner and more sensitive. One day it will collapse. There are many patients with these symptoms.


Young white -collar workers spend money to destroy their faces like this, but domestic goods are becoming more and more difficult to do. State -owned enterprises are facing the situation of being swallowed, acquired, and closure. The more state -owned enterprises are also facing this fate.

In fact, many foreigners, especially the Japanese, like Chinese Bao, Miqi, Meijiajing, Pianzi Pearl Cream, Ballet Pearl Cream. When you do n’t look at it, you do n’t know if you do n’t know that Dabao, Miqi, Pianzi, and Ballet are exported to Japan and Europe and the United States. However, many inland girls spend all the money to buy foreign garbage -especially Japanese skin care products, which are sold to China the worst production line. My skin is broken.

Cleansing product

And I have done an experiment once, absolutely prove the classic of domestic goods.

Our skin surface is weakly acidic, because the skin will automatically secrete a weakly acidic sebum film to protect the surface of its skin from drying and bacterial invasion. In a weakly acidic environment, our skin is the healthiest and the best resistance, but many big -name facial cleanser is alkaline.

Dabao beauty facial cleanser, Dabao balanced facial cleanser, Yu Meijing fresh milk moisturizing white cleansing milk: pH6.5

Pianzi Cleansing Milk, Pianzi Aloe Veority Moisturizing Cleansing Milk, Meijia Ginkgo Facial Washing Milk: PH6


Most of these cleansing milk are emulsion -like, very mild and the pH value is completely consistent with the acid and alkali value of the skin. Not only can it remove dirt, but it can also moisturize the skin, give the skin a layer of protective film, prevent the loss of skin moisture, keep the acid and alkali. The water and oil balance, and the cleaning power is especially the best with Dabao beauty facial cleanser. The girls of Beiying use Dabao beauty facial cleanser to remove makeup, and they also use Dabao Beauty facial cleanser to clean the face. 220ml is only 11.6 yuan. Super high, I have also done experiments. Dabao beauty facial cleanser and Yu Meijing milk moisturizing white cleansing milk can completely remove the foundation. As for makeup, Phoenix Glycerin No. 1 may be needed to remove makeup. Then apply it to the skin with makeup, then massage for a while, then remove it, and then wash the residual makeup with a mild domestic facial cleanser.

Deeply purified the facial cleanser, Dr. Li’s acne facial cleanser: pH9

Manxiu Toron anti -acne whitening cleansing milk, Nang’s deep cleansing milk: pH8.5

Nivea’s clear cleansing milk, Nivea whitening cleansing milk: pH8.5

Magnolia Oil Cleansing Milk: PH8


These foreign cleansing milk all have foam, but they are alkaline, which will destroy the skin’s pH, make the skin in an unhealthy alkaline environment. It will constantly secrete the fat because of the destruction of pH and alkali to maintain the balance, so that the skin is getting more and more oily and less water, which will cause acne, acne, peeling, redness, and allergic skin. Caused by damage.


Many large foreign brands of toner contain alcohol. When you smell that taste, you know it is a irritating convergeant such as alcohol or salicylic acid. Asian pores are delicate, and the skin wall is thin. Things, only irritating hair follicles are inflamed and long -term can cause dry skin, redness, swelling and sensitivity. This is why many girls have acne, peeling and sensitive, and feel like burns.


Asians’ skin aging is not as good as Europeans and Americans, so many large foreign brands of creams are excess nutrition. They use it well, and if we use it, they will be excessive. Causes excessive skin oxidation and aging, and the balance of water and oil. When you stop it, the skin will double the aging, and many Japanese goods like to use whitening ingredients, but it is not a natural plant whitening formula. It is enzymes, hormones, lead mercury, which makes your skin surface fall off the remaining tender new skin. The effect is amazing. In fact, your skin is thinner and thinner. Use your future skin in advance. The skin is almost shedding, and it becomes thin and sensitive. The skin problems will flood together. If they are discontinued, they will have a sliced ​​red rash, which is the hormone dependent dermatitis that the dermatologist says. The water content is super low, and it contains a lot of toxins. It will be amazing when the stains and wrinkles are after a few years, and the treatment is not so simple when treatment!


I recommend some good ones to everyone. I have experienced domestic goods. It is absolutely fine, and it is large, safe, easy to use, cheap.

Dry skin

Facial milk: Dabao Beauty Milk Washing Milk, Yu Meijing Fresh Milk Milk White Cleansing Milk (Moisturizing), Skin Beauty (Yellow Bottle)

Toner: Dabao toner, Yumei clean toner, thousands of fiber grass loofah water, Zhaogi aloe vera gel juice, Dihera aloe gel juice, suitable grass four times silk soft skin water water

Lotion: Dabao SOD honey, palace lamp almond honey, ballet pearl honey, Yumei net fresh milk lotion, US -Canada white fungus pearl nourishing honey

Frost: Zhangzhou Queen’s brand, pearl cream, ballet pearl paste, four -fold silk protein essence cream, Meijia Jinger pearl nourishing cream, Longliqi snake ointment

Sunscreen: Dabao physical sunscreen SPF20

Oily skin

Facial milk: Pianzi 面 cleansing milk, skin beauty (green bottle), Yu Meijing fresh milk moon white cleansing milk (cool type)

Toner: Pianzi :, Qianxian grass gourd water, Zhaogi aloe vera gel juice, Dihel aloe vera gel juice


Lotion: Dabao SOD honey, palace lamp almond honey, ballet pearl honey, pianzi 癀 moisturizing and moisturizing honey

Frost: Pianzi Pearl Cream, Ballet Pearl Cream


Sunscreen: Dabao physical sunscreen honey SPF18

Mask: It is suitable

Special recommendation

Makeup removal: Belle Ling Phoenix Glycerin No. 1 -It can be used as a cleansing oil, can also be used as a toner, can be used as a lotion, and can be used as a mask, because it is transparent gel -like, which is universal, which is universal. Glycerin, not oily at all, is the state of aloe vera gel. I use it to remove makeup or be used as a toner. But withstand the test of time.

1) The reference price of Xiangyi Materia Medica -24 yuan

Many of its products are a bit “Belgas”. This dead skin cream is amazing. When it comes to exposure to the skin, it can pick up dirty things and be liked by many beautiful women.

2) The reference price of the queen pearl cream of Pianzi 癀 — 38 yuan

It originated from the beauty secrets of the Ming Dynasty and has been exported overseas and rarely seen in China. Recently, it has been sold in many large pharmacies. Applying it on the face is easy to push away, and it is easily absorbed. After simple massage, the skin shows a natural luster and is very textured.


3) The reference price of Mika Jinglin Pearl Nourishing Cream -11 yuan

The oldest brand is Meijiajing Tremella Pearl Moisturizing Cream, because hydrolyzed pearls are easy to absorb and whitening effects are good, but we must persist. In recent years, a number of CQ has been produced again. It is praised by a lot of people. It is easy to absorb and hydrate.


4) Chunjuan Huang’s cream reference price -3 yuan

Huang Shimi is probably one of the cheapest skin care products on the market. It was called a magical “acne” product by the sisters of Tianya and Taobao forums. In the days of acne, I painted a little Huang’s frost on the acne before going to bed, and I felt like it was the next day.

5) Planna active gold plant pearl cream reference price -139 yuan (Taobao sells around 60)

The domestic products that the forum fired crazy are cost -effective and pure natural. Among them, gold foil pearl cream and gold foil ginseng cream are the most famous and are very popular abroad. The effect can be comparable to Estee Lauder’s products containing gold foil ingredients, but the price is beautiful, but the latter is 1/10.

6) Reference price of Dabao eye bag cream -12 yuan

Many sisters use FANCL’s cleaning flour, Clarins’ late cream, but still insist on using cheap Dabao bag cream, which is enough to explain how amazing its effect is. Essence

7) Reference price of Qianxian grass loofah water -20 yuan

A kind of toner sold on Taobao uses the attributes of loofah to remove inflammation and moisturize to maintain skin moisture, improve roughness, and can particularly moisturize the skin after the sun. 20 yuan 500, used to soak the paper film or be a moisturizing spray, the effect is very good.

8) Reference price of Zhaogui aloe vera gel -45 yuan

The content of aloe vera is higher than many products, so it is more authentic. This mask glue is a high concentration. It feels good when there is acne and has anti -inflammatory effects.

9) The reference price of the magic beauty honey -40 yuan

Maybe people here rarely hear the product, but it is a super red fire bought in Beijing. It is only sold in Beijing Friendship Store and Set. Customers are mainly foreigners, especially Japanese. Buy back home. This product is highly moisturized, easily absorbed by the skin, can inhibit skin pigmentation, and delay the production of skin wrinkles.


10) Annan facial cleanser reference price -6 yuan

I believe this is a brand that many girls have used after studying in the 1970s. Its acne facial cleanser is applied to acne -like parts like an ointment. Gently massage and wipe it off with a paper towel. After a period of time, acne can be well controlled. The beans on the back, use bath salt or Shanghai sulfur soap, insist on it for a while

11) Shanghai sulfur soap

You can also use the slight sweat under the armpit! Intersection Intersection Intersection I used to buy a piece in the summer, apply a layer of water with thick water, and add some water if I do it, so that it will be washed off when I take a bath at night. Let’s do it once or twice.

12) Relis’s head oil

After more than ten years, I sent it for more than ten years, twice a year, never burn money for maintenance, but wipe a little bit of oil after washing my head and dry hair. The hot hair never splits, and after the hair is dry, it does not need to be sprayed with water, and it will not flourish. I originally thought that it was good for my own hair quality. I stopped or switched to other foreign brands. As a result, I immediately became yellow and dry. The price is cheap, three dollars, just pay attention not to apply too much, you may feel that your hair is oily. Small Lianhua Supermarket is available.

13) Vaselin

For many students with sensitive skin skin, they can use lip balm, which is easy to use. Massage your feet with Vaselin, and then sleep in socks. The next day, give you a pair of pink feet.

14) 0.025%vitamin A sterilizer cream

Occasionally a acne, apply it to Doudou before going to bed, and basically disappear. (Pharmacy is available)

15) Hypolin

Doudou eliminates acne scars after it eliminate. This is a new acne scar, hormone -free, and effective. (Pharmacy is available)

16) Rose fruit oil

It is not expensive, the scarring effect is good, including the old scar. A small mark that was once stuck on the calf is now basically eliminated, but it must be rubbed and massaged frequently.

17) Recommend a mask that is really very easy to use and affordable: perfect snow

This is domestic goods, and many people in Hong Kong praise it as good as general maintenance. Yes, I used a lot of acne since I was a child. When I was in my sophomore, I used a bottle of snow to remove the perfect acne non -print essence and toner. Intersection Intersection

18) Watsons’s coconut incense bath oil

It is easy to use and cheap, very moisturizing after use, I can’t help my legs, my skin is too slippery …


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