Do not miss short skirts in summer! Intersection

Are you still worried about this colorful summer dress? Wearing dresses and shorts, at this time, the skirt should also take advantage of the limelight, with a simple white shirt and a pair of sneakers. All kinds of short skirts are presented in the market, and follow the editor to see these durable styles! Let it bring you vibrant vitality in this hot summer!

Look1: pleated puff skirt

Wearing skills: Coupled with silk base and high heels, showing long and sexy legs!

Spring skirt spring and summer skirt female A -line high -waisted umbrella skirt pleated puff skirt skirt bottoming summer small skirt

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Super elastic vertical fabric, moderate soft thickness, very well -shaped excellent vertical sensitivity, fabric breathability is better than ordinary fabrics, does not afford the ball, not easy to fold, does not occupy the hair, the upper body is comfortable and the outline is strong. Come to a good shaping effect. Wide waist design, the perfect lines of the sculpture waist, improve the waistline, add playful and cute temperament! Take safety pants inward to solve the embarrassment of the outer outer panties!


Retro floral chiffon skirt short skirt spring and summer high -waisted skirt women’s gauze skirt shows thin Korean version of skirt printed puff skirt

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Beautiful and smooth combining the three -dimensional cutting of ergonomics, A -line skirt -type thin princess separation line+high waist version design, let your overall proportion stretch, show curve figure, and be an elegant woman! Loose elastic waist circumference, chiffon fabric, inlaid gold thread, retro printing. The stitching lotus leaf is not easy to open after special treatment and is well -organized.


2016 spring and summer installation of new European and American AA wind high waist slimming, thin playful pleated skirt tennis skirt half -body skirt female

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The classic interpretation of the simple and simple style of pleated skirt, giving people a bright feeling, cutting and decently, wearing a close -fitting without restricting human activities. Good materials, new styles, exquisite workmanship, well -sized size! Leisure but elegant, sexy but dignified, hurry up!

Look2: enchanting bag hip skirt

Dressing skills: Sexy and enchanting hip skirts and high heels are very good, and they are also very matched with sports shoes! Take another simple version of the bag, which is sexy!

2016 spring and summer Korean version of high -waisted denim skirt skirt women’s bag hip skirt is thin and versatile slim stretch

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Better denim bag hip short skirt! There are elasticity, good fabrics, less fade, superb craftsmanship, super good version, very thin and sexy! The simple design that can be worn in the four seasons to expand the possibility of unlimited wear for you! The troubles brought by the matching are exempted, the fabric is moderate, the feel is soft, the folds are not fold, and the dresses are very slim and comfortable!


Denim skirt Boxy skirt Korean female summer bag hip short skirt large size high -waisted versatile skirt solid color single -breasted group

Pure cotton denim fabrics are not easy to fade, no shrinkage, no pungent odor in the fabric, wear -resistant meridian; stylish and versatile, superpower and legs, single or leggings are very beautiful. Essence Suitable for spring, summer, and autumn, T -shirt shirts, lace chiffon shirts, can be matched with this skirt, make different feelings, let you match your desire.

Spring new denim mini -skirt pants women’s elasticity is thin A -line hip sexy versatile skirt half -body group

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Using high -quality fabrics, fashionable and simple hip design, fashionable and versatile, showing the goddess style. Metal -quality flower decoration shows youthful vitality. The waist fashion double -breasted design, embellished with the waist. The skirt is designed with a 9 -centimeter split, sexy and seductive. There are also anti -light green shorts to increase safety!

2016 new leather skirt in spring and summer leather bag hip short skirt Ms. Summer irregular lower body A -body bun skirt group


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A super stylish leather skirt, irregular design of the upper body is really super super superb, lengthen the leg shape. It is very special, which is much better than many umbrella -type leather skirts in the outside market. The design, the irregular skirt design of the overall body is thin and a little sexy.


LOOK3: Short A -line skirt

Dressing skills: With a solid color short T -shirt, it looks pure and cute with princess!


Spring and Summer Korean Edition Strey Skirts High waist Deno skirt A -line large size pure color bag hip skirt

A -line design, three -dimensional beautiful, long legs, long legs, washing denim fabrics, not coloring. Retro trendy, super -match ~ random match is fashion! The lining is very good, the car line is clean, and the pockets are durable. The effect of the upper body is thinner. Personal fashion water washing craftsmanship makes you highlight the charm of youth!

The Korean version of the Korean version of the high -waisted white denim half -body skirt A -line hip hip summer bag arm A -type skirt half skirt summer

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The classic fashion A -line model, simple version and classic single -breasted design, while the fashion style is not diminished, it also adds a little simple temperament. The three -dimensional cutting waist is thin, suitable for all kinds of matching, and easily solve the troubles when matching. Let it bring you vibrant vitality in this hot summer!


Mushroom mushrooms single -breasted skirt children’s short skirt spring new umbrella skirt A -line hip skirt denim skirt skirt summer summer


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The denim short skirt is full of youth. The design of this denim skirt is really ingenious. The six copper buttons in front of the skirt are full of highlights. The denim fabric quality is very good. It is not easy to fade with a simple white shirt. Shoes are enough, personal suggestions can be used with a small belt to decorate! Very suitable for outdoor travel

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