Tang Yan is more and more CCTV! The first time I was successfully won Liu Tao, wearing a dress is more beautiful

The New Year’s Eve Party of David has made everyone feel very emotional, and it is even more impressive. The various gorgeous appearances of the stars have also left a deep impression on everyone. However, the most memorable thing is that Tang Yan on Beijing Satellite TV Performance at the New Year’s Eve Party.

This year’s party Tang Yan appeared on the stage as the host. Her performance of her first cross -border was very good. Standing with Liu Tao was particularly eye -catching, and the CCTV Fan on Tang Yan became more and more obvious.

Style 1: Blue Sequenant Dress


Tang Yan appeared on the stage as the host and the guests this time. The two completely different shapes made Tang Yan more amazing.


The first set of styles is Tang Yan’s hosting style. In order to better show her CCTV style and excellent temperament, she also specially selected a style design is very simple, but the details are full of highlights.


1 The bright color of low saturation is more white


For clothing, the first choice for everyone to choose the color that suits them, and in addition to the basic colors that are good and versatile, the bright color is actually more likely to increase the stunning of dress, but for bright colors, the most important thing is the most important thing. Just choose the right color.

The criterion for choosing the right color is to wear the effect of color brightening skin tone …


Among all bright colors, it is best to wear the color that can be worn the most white effect, that is, the color matching of low saturation and low brightness, that is, adding a part of white or gray to the bright color, reducing the saturation and brightness of the color It also plays a certain effect of modifying skin tone. At the same time, it will be easier to wear.


So we can look at Tang Yan’s shape, the color of the dress on the body is very good to the one we just said: we just said:


The blue color of the whole body is more blue than the normal color. Because a part of the gray tone is added to the color, it makes the blue more gray visually. This color is the fog in the past few years. blue.

2 Obvious sense of texture design, add highlights

If you want to wear a suit with a suit such as a dress, especially the dress, you must pay attention to highlight the layered change of the shape, and the best way is to emphasize this through obvious texture design.


There are two main points of the way of texture design: there are two main points:

01 Design itself comes with a sense of shape: For example, the shape of the lotus leaf lace with obvious neckline, the skirt skirt shape of the skirt.


02 The texture of the fabric stitching: For example, stitching the sequins on the fabric of the tulle, it highlights the layered change of the clothes.

Style 2: Chinese red dress

On such a festive stage on the New Year’s Eve, wanting to make the whole body look at the cheerful atmosphere of the festival, Chinese red clothes are our first choice. Compared with normal red, China Red has added a part of the orange tone in the color tone because of the color tone. Therefore, while the entire color maintains low saturation, it increases the brightness of the color, which can better play a stunning sense of the skin tone and highlighting the shape.


Therefore, Tang Yan’s second set of styles chose Chinese red dresses. Compared with the low -key and simple simple and simple of hosting, this set of styles is obviously more amazing. A sense of sharpness.

The black belt with the waist is the finishing touch of the whole body. The combination of leather and chain highlights the handsomeness of the shape and the addition of the belt. Obviously.

The whole dress is more defined in style design, so the silhouette of the clothes is basically very satisfactory, but the mop -up skirt still adds the gorgeousness and dignity of the dress, plus the handsome and handsome on the stage Action, her normal performance made everyone shine.

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