It seems that the lady style is the most gentle! In the early summer “small skirt”, it is too beautiful

Probably no one can refuse the lady’s style, especially in the early summer season with a small skirt, a gentle and playful shape can not only achieve age -reducing effects. Pink has always been an exclusive to age reduction. If some more detailed small designs are added, the whole person will create a princess’s general exquisite beauty.

Pink is so gentle, age reduction and playful

Pink can always make people easy to protect. If there are some blessings of age -reducing elements, it will definitely show the lively side of women.

The pink floral long skirt is simply tailor -made for the ladies.


Not only does the A -line skirt cover the meat, but even the ruffles on the edge of the sleeve sleeve sleeves create the elegant attitude of the fairy.

The white shape on the powder will look simpler and clean. The softness of the knitted fabric is very suitable for girls with gentle personality. After wearing high heels, it is more qi.

The perfect figure is what every girl wants to have it. It is also a good choice to use the waist long skirt to outline the slender sense of the waist.


The proportion of superior figure requires high waist elements to easily build, and the age reduction shape must be indispensable.


A coat of delicate pink knitted vest, the whole person became playful.

No mature women can refuse high -grade materials such as silk fabrics. Even if a set of styles only use the color of pink, she cannot resist her elegance and charm.


High -heeled shoes and bags are the finishing touch, creating a very delicate side

Essence Urban Li people are indispensable in the workplace, and the addition of long skirts of hip hips can reduce the rigidity of the shirt and add femininity.

The ladies always prefer some knitted fabrics, and the young girls hope to achieve the purpose of increased through thick shoes.


At this time, if there is a blessing of a high waist miniskirt, the proportion will definitely be more perfect. If you want to be thin, you will be so inseparable from the loose long skirt.

Essence The floral skirt is a very gentle item in early summer. The coat cardigan is similar to the color of the skirt, and even the floral will not look dazzling.


In the early summer, the candy color is a very correct choice, especially when it is based on the high -end Morandi color system, the whole person looks both enthusiastic and gentle.

The candy color is so fresh, it will be dazzling in summer

Fruit green is not as deep as other colors, but maintains a fresh atmosphere.

The floral skirt bubble sleeves are well combined with the sense of girlishness with elegance.


The jacket vest highlights the beauty of the level. The elegance of the silk skirt encounters the freshness of fruit green. The style of this style will be more diverse.

White will not make an error with any other color, especially after it is paired with a gorgeous yellow color, the whole person is full of atmospheric attitude.

After the pleated skirt encountered a suit jacket, it retained the sense of girlishness, but also not a mature charm.

It is very suitable for girls who enter the workplace. Add a bow ribbon to the neckline, and the exquisite atmosphere comes.


The age -reducing effect of goose yellow is obvious to everyone,

The thin pear -shaped figure can choose the design of the upper and lower wide, and the knitted knitted suit with a wide white long skirt. The slender waist is displayed.


The lace skirt has always been a lady’s benchmark

, White leather shoes are full of princess models. The floral skirt uses a blue -green pattern, which is bright and graceful like watercolor paintings. The combination of small V -neck and collar straps is even more feminine.

The lady’s shape is always reflected in the details. Most of the time in the suit gives a rigid atmosphere, but if the short design is matched with a five -point pleated skirt, the overall looks full of femininity.

After encountering fruit green vest vests, ultra -thin lace tops are more gentle, and the layered sense of color will become rich.


Putting his clothes into the skirt, the perfect body proportion is very envious.

Light green can best represent the vitality of early summer, which is why girls prefer it.

The Japanese -style embroidered shirt is more ladylike under the lining of the pleated skirt. The texture of small leather shoes cannot be given by other shoes.

If you want to be tall, you must have a high waist long skirt

The classic plaid is not out of date, with white shirts simple and clean.

It seems that the lady’s skirt is the most gentle, and it can also create a more delicate image for girls. It is also a good way to create a good mood by dressing.

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