Hold 70,000, how to choose Kiafreddi and Modern Yueyou? Owner: I know after comparison

Those who choose to choose to survive, the car market also follows this rule to continue to improve, and the demand for car purchases from riders has changed from simple and rapidly to carefully choose. “Business benchmark” Volkswagen Magotan is irreplaceable. “Highway hegemony” Prado, the price -performance ratio has never been defeated. The development of the automotive industry and the time of time, only one flash point cannot win continuous success.


A few days ago, I chatted with Mr. Wang, the owner, and drove for many years for the unit. He has been driving with a happy move. He is a veritable old driver. In order to change his mood, he recently mentioned Furixi. He currently drives 2790 kilometers. Is Furixi play extraordinary in all aspects? What does Yuedong mean for him? I think everyone is curious, now we look at what the owner says.

Kai Yueyue first

Appearance: Needless to say, five stars. Streaming sculpture shape is pretty good. The lights are equipped with halogen bulbs. There is no lens with low matching. The light source is not very concentrated and not bright enough. The appearance is suitable for young people’s aesthetics, but the car paint is too thin.

Too old interior, no sense of technology, practical. I like the intermediate control area of ​​this car does not occupy the original space, and it is even more like a stretching plan. This will make me feel particularly open. Low -matching is plastic and cloth. There is nothing good about, there is nothing wrong with it. There is nothing to say about this price. But tasteless and smelly, and very safe.

Space is one of the most important aspects, not much to say. The position of the second row is prominent at the same level. The storage space is also quite abundant, and the door panel storage is deep enough. The main thing is that the trunk feels super satisfied. At a glance, the wife saw the original meaning of the car, which was the trunk.

It is very safe, and long -distance driving does not feel tired. I do n’t know what to do with shock absorption. I know anything on the road. The noise is a bit, it is almost the same. The first row of chair is very good, soft and comfortable.


The driving power of the air -conditioning is not very affected. The 6LCVVT engine, the power is also over 90. I personally think it is very good. The horsepower of the vehicle is still okay, the speed speed is still very fast, and the smoothness of the car is also relatively good. You can still get 120 when you run at a high speed, but you need to give some oil. If you turn on the air conditioner, the horsepower is slightly attenuated.


The talent took a driver’s license for less than a year and couldn’t talk about it. The steering wheel is heavy, especially when reversing and parking, one hand cannot be turned. The chassis is still a bit thin, and the sound of the rain is empty. It feels that sometimes it is raised. When you hang up, there will be a card sound, and it is uncomfortable to listen to it.

Open Freddi

Yan value: This must be liked, which is quite good. The front face is okay. Looking from a distance is ugly, buttocks are okay. The face value is novel, why is there no daytime running light? It should be not expensive. The appearance is not quite atmospheric, I like the backlights the most.


Others can be said to feel like a bus. Can you say that decoration will be good. However, there is a voice input effect, which is better than manual input. I usually use voice navigation. Qualified workmanship and relatively novel style. The smell will be larger, open the window, add some incense box, it will not be long and much, the interior configuration is very trendy, compared with other brands of cars.

The broadness is okay, not the best, nor the worst. It is okay to travel to a family of five. I am 168, I can satisfy it, and the family is enough to go out. The accumulation of storage in the car is abundant, and there is no problem with placing debris, and it is practical. The rear tail box is wide and large, and a family of five people go out to travel. They can be installed and drinking, which is pretty good.

Very good, better than I used to ride a motorcycle to work, it was much more comfortable. The shock absorption is slightly stiff, and two people will be better. The comfort is average, but the air -conditioning fruit fruit is more powerful, and the warm and cold are good. Comfortability is still possible. It is mainly the siege of the cushion. The waist and legs are well supported. It is not easy to be tired in the car.

I explained that due to the hypoxia of the plateau, the incomplete gasoline burning caused insufficient kinetic energy. Running 170 is no objection, and the engine may change. The kinetic energy is like that, and sometimes the throttle response is slightly slow. The low -twist is good, the acceleration is not good, and it seems insufficient to speed up at high speed.

I feel that there are not many blind spots very well. The road feel is also very clear, and it is easy to master. It is more sensitive and has good direction. The suspension is not independent, and the sense of manipulation is not good. The gear is fine, and it is easy to hang up.



Yueyong: Can’t compare the comfort with her high price. This price is a scooter. I feel good at the power, and I feel very good in my daily acceleration. I especially like it. The control of Yueyong is even more difficult, and it will feel like a flutter. Furixi: The appearance is atmospheric, and the love is low and the sunroof is not high. The interior is dissatisfied, and the sense of cheapness is obvious. The space is satisfied, and when others recommend it, it depends on the space. I gave Joy 92 points, and Freddi 94 points. I feel that Freddi meets my requirements, especially its appearance and decoration. Even if there are some aspects, it is not comparable to that, but in the end, it is Furdy. Now more and more people are Kaifreddi. I believe that everyone’s vision is not difficult to open it. The annual salary of 70,000 yuan can afford it! After driving these two cars, I would like to say: Fortunately, the original choice! So, how to choose 70,000, Kiafreddi and Modern Yue Dynamic? Owner: After comparison, I know. What do you see?

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