Teach you to choose notebook memory bar

In the past, we can only use desktop machines. With the rapid development of computer technology, the performance of laptop computers has become stronger and stronger. Not only can the notebook be played, but it can also complete the work that can only be completed by desktop machines. Because the laptop does not occupy the place, it is convenient to carry, and the price is gradually becoming civilian, which makes more and more users in the notebook.

Although the notebook has many advantages, it is rapidly popular. However, the standardization of standardization has become a flaw of a notebook. Although the laptop of the quasi -system is already on the market, the price is generally very amazing. Last year, a quasi-system motherboard for a blue sky mold was 6-8 thousand. And this year there are some laptops with some cheap systems on the market, but domestic ones are a little hesitant!

What is a quasi -system notebook? Simply put, like desktop computers, the four major pieces of the mother, CPU, memory, and graphics card have their own standards of manufacturing, which can be replaced at will. Unlike our general notebook, you can only change the memory. (Of course, it is limited to ordinary users. The Great God is omnipotent. The creation of a quasi -system is hot.


As our pursuit of the pursuit of audio and video game experience is getting higher and higher, our requirements for the sexuality of the notebook are becoming more and more urgent. But the notebook is like this, and the performance is almost a foregone after buying. The local tyrants can lose their watches, throw a coat, throw away the coat, and then lose the computer. They are uncomfortable. And our ordinary people, a notebook is a month’s salary that can be thrown away? To improve the performance of the notebook, then change the memory for a few years!

The replacement of the memory bar can be upgraded to the laptop. Therefore, replacing the laptop memory strip has become the only way and reliable method for our upgrade laptop.

However, we need to be cautious on the choice of laptop memory. Because the laptop motherboard has not yet been standardized, it is easy to encounter the compatibility of the memory and notebooks when you are not careful.

We have talked about how to choose computer memory bars in the article system or generally. And today we have to handle it, teach you how to choose laptop memory in detail. (Great God Something)


1. We need to figure out that our laptop supports low -voltage memory bars or standard voltage memory.


When the laptop is low/high voltage version, we should know this problem when purchasing. But it may be too long to forget. We can use Master Lu to see whether our laptop CPU is a low voltage version or a standard voltage version. The low -voltage version of the CPU is definitely a low -voltage version. The memory bar needs to be low -voltage. The standard voltage notebook must be used as a macode barrier. Or use Master Lu to directly look at the original memory bar, with a low voltage version with L with a DDR3/4, and the standard voltage version without it. (Everyone will use Master Lu, I will not demonstrate it.)


Standard voltage memory bar.

Low voltage memory strip

There are differences in power consumption, performance, and price in low -voltage database memory and high -voltage board memory. At the same frequency, of course, the memory bar of the standard voltage version is good.

2. Look at the notebook to support a few memory bar, how much capacity.

This is common sense. The notebook only supports 8G single roots. It is impossible for you to choose 2 4G, nor can you go to a single root 16G. However, there are many such Xiaobai. Many people now shop, only look at the price or parameter performance, without doing other homework, eat, eat, buy and buy, and slap.

3. Look at the notebook to support DDR generations, and the frequency of support. (common sense)

4. If your laptop brand is relatively small, it is recommended that you be more cautious. Because it is more likely to encounter compatibility issues. In order to find everything, when choosing a memory bar, you can choose the same brand of the original memory bar. Or, depending on which one of the original memory bar, then choose the memory of the granules when choosing a memory bar. In addition, there is no wafer manufacturer LOGO on the particles. It is best not to choose from the laptop memory bar.

5. The laptop memory strip is recommended (XX-XX-XX-XX) to be better. The third value is greatly conducive to the compatibility of the memory.

SK Hynos Granules

6. Good single -sided strip, or is it better to double -sided strips? It’s hard to say. One -sided strip history has been long for a long time, OUT, double -sided noodles are king.

7. The most important thing for laptop memory is warranty and after -sales.

The probability of compatibility with laptops and memory barriers is more likely to have compatibility issues than desktop machine motherboards and memory bars. In case compatibility and other problems should be returned, or technical services, the seller’s warranty is not pragmatic, and the after -sales is not strong, then it will be smashed in your hand.

8. If you choose a memory bar in an east, remember that the official self -employment of the manufacturer is the most reliable. If you want to change it, you do n’t need to change it.

A certain self -employment is only a channel dealer, the second dealer, and the official self -employment is directly operated by the manufacturer. In this way, the after -sales sales are better.

In the end, we must choose the notebook memory carefully. We must understand what kind of memory supports the notebook, and what kind of memory is good, and where to choose. Don’t be blind, otherwise you will turn over and will bring unnecessary trouble and loss to yourself.

Author: ArticleManager