Do not lose your heart when you choose a TV cabinet. Keep these 3 points in mind that you will not fall into the pit. You can also improve the grade.

Many people often ignore TV cabinets when they buy furniture. Now most families will hang the TV on the wall, so everyone thinks that the TV cabinet has no effect. In fact, it is not this. It can improve the grade of the living room to a certain extent.


Therefore, when choosing a TV cabinet, don’t take it lightly, and keep in mind that the three selection points will not be easily dropped!

What are the main points of buying on the TV cabinet? Bleak


1. Brand

I believe that when you buy things, you will also consider the brand, and when you buy a TV cabinet, the brand is also a guarantee for product quality. Under normal circumstances, well -known brands have been recognized by the public, and there is also a relatively complete and standard system, so the quality of well -known brands is generally no problem.

However, compared with ordinary brands, the price of ordinary brands will be slightly more expensive. If the budget is limited, you can choose some small brands with good reputation. The price is more affordable, the quality is also good, and the cost performance is very high.

2. Material


When buying a TV cabinet, the material is also very important. After all, it is a furniture that often contacts in daily life, so you must choose more environmentally friendly materials, especially the elderly and children at home, and pay more attention to the material of the TV cabinet.

When buying, you must check the quality test report of the TV cabinet, so as to avoid buying a TV cabinet that is not available for environmental protection.

3. After -sales service


When buying a TV cabinet, the after -sales service is also very important. Otherwise, if there is no problem, if there is no problem, if there is no after -sales service, no one can solve the problem. It is best to buy a TV cabinet with warranty services, so that it can be lost.

In summary:

We must pay attention to the above three points when buying a TV cabinet, so as to ensure that the quality of the TV cabinet bought is reassuring.

If you are still struggling with which brand to buy, I recommend to everyone here. Everyone in this brand should know that the quality of domestic products is very good, and the style is particularly rich. The most important thing is that you can customize the product. Can’t match the home improvement style.

Today, I recommend a telescopic TV cabinet of Quanyou Home. The model is DW1003. The overall is wood color+white, a small and fresh color matching, which is very suitable for the decoration style of Nordic and modern style.

The longest length of this TV cabinet is about 1.8 meters, and the length of no telescopic is more suitable for the small living room. If your living room is relatively large, you can also match the two attached cabinets, so that it will not look monotonous. There are also matching coffee tables.


Although the cabinet is made of artificial board, the handle is made of solid wood, which is comfortable with the texture. The sliding rails of the drawer are also made of noise reduction. Not to mention the environmental protection level of Quanyou Home Furnishing, it has reached national standards, and there is basically no odor.

The storage area of ​​the entire TV cabinet is also very reasonable. There are both open compartments and closed drawers. Open compartments can put some commonly used items. The closed drawer can effectively prevent dust and more storage space.




Regardless of whether your TV’s TV needs to be placed on a TV cabinet, the TV cabinet is a furniture that cannot be missing in the entire home. There are also 3 key points to choose a TV cabinet, mainly brand, material and after -sales to ensure the quality of the TV cabinet.

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