The “enamel basin” of rural households to put pork is a craft? Why don’t you see more?

Get up in the morning, use the enamel basin to brush your teeth, use enamel cups to drink tea with enamel cup, go home and use enamel basin to wash your meal, cook, use a spoon from the enamel basin to get out of the lard, frying On the enamel dish, eat tea with enamel glass, then use the enamel cup, then use Tang Porcelain Basin, wash socks, put the enamel on the bed, then sleep, get up the same life on the next day.


I believe that the life of many people in the 1980s is inseparable from “enamel products”, the bowl of home, the plate, and basin are all enamel materials.


The most impressive thing is to use a lid’s enamel basin, weird, the country is almost unified to use an enamel basin to load lard.

Enamel products can have a lot of relationships with its own advantages. The basic porcelain or pottery is basically porcelain or pottery before enamel products.

Enamel not only has the advantages of easy cleaning, high temperature, wear resistance, and hardness, but also makes up for the largest shortcomings of porcelain.

Enamel is a craft?

Enamel brief understanding is a coating in the surface of the metal embryoid, but this coating is glass.

Silicate or borosilicate


When processed, the metal embryoid inside is processed, then apply the bottom glaze, and then apply the glaze after burn it, and then the firing can be completed.


Such enamel products have both ceramic products corrosion resistance, easy to clean, and also take into account the toughness of metals, fall, and it will not be broken through the whole, but only local coating falls off, and does not affect the overall use.

Although enamel products are popular in the last century, it is actually not “new products”. When I was in ancient Egypt, I already had enamel products, but I was not called enamel, but called 珐, when I used Nor processed daily necessities, but processing crafts. Until the 19th century, with the promotion of various metal materials, the development of the enamel industry has accelerated the development of the enamel industry, so that enamel products will enter thousands of households.

Enamel is so good, why is it not very common?

Although compared to porcelain, enamel has a huge advantage, but it is just a transition product between ceramic products and metal products, because the metallurgical technology is not sufficient to produce high quality, beautiful, and corrosive metal products. Therefore, it can only be taken in the surface of the metal article. With the development of the process, the corrosion-resistant stainless steel cost is greatly reduced, and the development of plastic processes, the advantages of enamel are not returned.

Enamel is only resistant to ceramics. It will still drop glaze, but it will not only affect beauty, but the metal embryo body inside will also rust. There is no such problem without stainless steel and plastics, plus stainless steel and plastic processing technology, cheap material, and the enamel items are basically replaced by them.


Drinking water, there is stainless steel, plastic, glass, face with plastic, dining plate with stainless steel, plus in many people’s memory, enamel products are popular in the 1960s and 1970s, everyone feels it Old gas, so enamel products are less and less.

Enamel does not stay away from us

Although ordinary enamel products are now not much now, enamel products are not far from us,

In recent years, the popular enamel nature is enamel products.


, Just changed a nice name. Some white wine brands will also choose to use the wine in the enamel cup as a marketing means. In addition, Xinjiang also has a famous snack-cylinder meat, add lamb, raisins, red dates, medlar, radish, etc., cover it slowly, cook, cook the cooked cooked meat taste, taste .

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