In 2016, British girls were argued for 5 times to call the police, but they were neglected.

On August 25, 2016, the Police from East Susx County, Britain received a call from a police call. The alarm said on the phone that he was the owner of a local company. One of his employees did not come to work on time this morning, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and fought for fighting, and hit him. Don’t answer the phone and send text messages.

Figure 丨 employee Xiaona who did not come to work

Since the employee has always been very observed, he was worried that the employee had encountered trouble or danger, so he wanted to ask the police to go to the employee’s house to see what happened.

After receiving the address of the employee, the police officer found that there was a patrol police nearby, so he decisively sent a patrol police to check the situation near the employee’s house.


The patrol police originally wanted to check the situation briefly, but when they arrived there, they found that there was a thick smoke in the house, that is, a fire occurred there.

So, the patrol police quickly entered the house to extinguish the fire. Fortunately, the fire was not completely up, and soon the fire was extinguished. People deliberately arranged.

The purpose is also obvious. It should be to destroy the dead. It can be said that if the police did not receive the alarm, they would not rush over as soon as possible. It is likely that when it was found, the house was completely up.

In other words, the alarm boss plays a very important role, but the police also know that the alarm that can be so “coincidental” seems to be unable to take off the department, at least to know a little inside.

Figure 丨 The house rented by Shana

As a result, the police quickly found the boss and carefully investigated the situation of the deceased. After investigating the deceased’s name was Shana Grace, she was just 19 years old, and Shana co -leased it in that house with several other girls.


When the incident was incident, only Shana was in the house because the place where Xia Na lived was particularly close to the company, so she left almost every day.

The murderer also used this to use this that after all the roommates of Xia Na left, she quietly sneaked into Shaina’s house and brutally killed Shaona with a knife.

In other words, the murderer is a person who understands the law of living in Xia Na, and according to Shana’s death, there is no loss of property in the house, and the gasoline prepared by the murderer in advance, it should be an acquaintance crime.

However, when the police investigated the alarm boss in an all -round way, the boss was purely kind. One had no motivation to commit crimes, the other had no time to commit crimes, and the boss’s no certificate was very sufficient, so he temporarily excluded the suspicion of the boss.

Subsequently, the police found Shana’s current boyfriend Ashley Cook. Ashley provided sufficient proof of absence, and the police also found that Ashley seemed to have no reason to kill Shana, so the suspicion of Shana’s current boyfriend was temporarily excluded temporarily It’s right.

Figure 丨 Shana and boyfriend Ashley, who has been in love for more than two years

Who might be a murderer? Police learned that Shana was particularly easy -going. Not only did she have a good temper, she also knew how to be considerate and caring for people. It was also because of this. Many friends around her kindly called her “Mother of Xia Na”.

Therefore, Shana almost never offended people, and there was no enemy. It is difficult to imagine that such a 19 -year -old flower season girl was brutally killed.

Just when the police were looking for related clues, the working group responsible for investigating the financial situation of Shana had made new progress. They found that after the death of Shana, there was a man wearing a baseball cap. The bank card is taken away 60 pounds.

In other words, if the man wearing a baseball cap is found, it can basically break the case. However, due to the angle of the camera, the police cannot see the face of a man wearing a baseball cap.

So the police quickly retracted all the cameras near the bank, but the man wearing a baseball cap was not found, but the police found that a man wearing a baseball hat was very much like a man in a baseball cap.

After identifying, the police successfully found the 26 -year -old man named Michael Lianen, and the man named Michael was still a ex -boyfriend of Xia Na. Then all of this seemed to be able to speak. The ex -boyfriend was likely to hate because of love. Killing Shana.

Figure 丨 Michael

Therefore, the police immediately raided Michael, but the Michael always cared about him, saying that the man in the camera was not himself, and he did not kill Shana.


However, the police quickly found a white short sleeve with blood and a pair of sneakers that were also stained with blood.

Police told Michael coldly that as long as they were tested, they could know if the blood on the clothes and shoes was Shaina, and they could also extract the DNA of the owner from the clothes and shoes.


In fact, the police said that there was no problem, but the test required time, so while arranging people’s testing, it also began to put pressure on Michael to find a breakthrough at the same time.

After hearing the police’s statement, Michael first stunned, and then fell into the contemplation of his head down. After a while, Michael seemed to “say” the original committee of the matter as if it was collapsed.

Michael said that although he broke up with Shana, Shana also found a new boyfriend, but the two always broke up, but Shana suddenly told him the day before the incident that he had to completely cut off all exchanges, which made Michael unacceptable.

Figure 丨 Michael and Shana


So, on the morning of the incident, Michael came to the house leased by Shaona and planned to ask her to know the matter in person, and at the same time wanted to restore the relationship.

But when Michael came to Shana’s house, he found that Shana had fallen into a pool of blood. He tried to wake up Shana, but found that Shana stopped breathing long ago, and he had a lot of blood.

Michael said that he was particularly scared at the time, only felt that his brain was blank, and he didn’t know what was good at all. Because he was stained with blood, no one proved him at the scene, so he did not dare to report to the police. Essence

Michael was crying, as if it was really a spiritual collapse, but the police believed that there were many doubts in it, because the process of Michael described too much is unbelievable.


For example, when normal people encounter such a thing, the first reaction must be alarming. It is impossible to think about whether they will be regarded as a suspect. Michael not only did not call the police, but also quietly ran home and changed clothes. He tried to discard clothes discarding clothes. Essence


Moreover, if Michael is really too sad, then after he goes home, he should have no intention of doing other things. However, after Michael goes home to change his clothes, he not only goes out to shop, but also watched the dentist in the afternoon, and then returns as if there is no one. Go to work in the unit …

Figure 丨 Michael faces the interrogation

Immediately afterwards, the police found that Michael had purchased gasoline before the incident. Although the gasoline in the Chana’s room could not be proved to be brought by Michael, it was too coincidental!

But does Michael really have the motivation to kill? After all, when he talked about a love, he broke up when he broke up. However, when the police later investigated the relationship between Michael and Shana, he found that this Michael was very different.

Moreover, the relationship between Michael and Shana is not as broken as Michael says. To be precise, Michael has always been wrapped in Shaona, and the police also found that in the six months when the two broke up, Shana had 5 times in Shana 5 times. alarm record.

The five alarm records were targeted at Michael. Shana said that Michael had a serious trouble in her life. However, the police at the time did not take it seriously, which was also the reason for such a sad incident.

Subsequently, the police sorted out the entire process of recovering the police records and investigating friends around Shana, etc., sorted out the entire process of Shana and Michael from acquaintance to falling in love and breaking up.

Before Shana knew Michael, she broke up with her boyfriend Ashley, who had been in love for more than two years. Because Michael showed a humorous and funny side, Sumina soon came with Michael.

However, when Shana and Michael really became lovers, they discovered that all the charm emitted on Michael was deceptive. Michael was not confident at all, often suspected, and showed amazing control of control.


For example, Michael must always master Shana’s whereabouts. To this end, he installed a tracking equipment on Shana’s car, and Michael would quietly follow Shaona as soon as he had time. Once he found that Shana was in contact with men, he would constantly question Shana.

This kind of life made Shana feel that there was no privacy, and she couldn’t breathe. In the end, she could only break up to Michael, but Michael did not agree to break up, and threatened Xia Na to pay for it.

Shana thought Michael was just talking about it, but Michael was very persistent. He kept tracking and disturbing Shaona. In order to prevent Shana from going out, he would also relieve Shana’s car. He also forcibly sent flowers to Shaona. Boyfriend.

Michael was doing so, and the more annoying Xia Na was. At this time, the boyfriend Ashley, who had been in love for two years before, came back to find Shana again. The two quickly returned to good and became lovers.

Michael was angry after knowing this situation, but he was a coward and did not dare to find Ashley trouble. He could only find a way to disgust. He had left such a car on Ashley’s car. Fragments:

“Dear Ashley, Shana will betray you, will always be, happy New Year!”

Figure 丨 Shana and Ashley

Although Michael did not dare to sign, Shana knew that she knew it was Michaelan with her toes, but Shana and Ashley did not ignore Michael.

And the originator of the contradiction upgrade is Michael. He has nothing to do with it, and he finds Shaona shamelessly. He said to Xia Na that it is okay to break up, but he has to return the two people when they are together. Essence

This can be so angry that Michael is very excited. During the time of the two, Michael gave a total of 1 bottle of perfume and 1 skirt for Sina, which was not worth any money at all.

But Michael asked Shana to ask a lot of economic compensation. Of course, Shana would not agree. One day in February 2016, Michael found Shaona to grab Shaona’s mobile phone. The two were torn, and Michael also pulled Shana’s hair. Essence

There is no way to call the police, but the police rushed to the scene to bring the two to the police station, but Michael quibbled. He said that he was a couple with Shana. People took a group photo to the police.

Seeing this, the police believed that Michael’s words were directly put on Michael, and they also raised Shana sharply, saying that Shana was wasting police forces, and on the grounds of this, she issued a fine of 90 pounds on Sina.

Picture 丨 Shana

Shana, who is difficult to discern, can only be aggrieved by the fine. This is the first time that Shana called the police, but in exchange for a fine. Since then, Michael has followed Shana even more crazy. , I dare not go out in the night.

In this way, Shana was tolerate Michael little by little, but this tolerance not only did not let Michael stop, but made him more crazy.

Late night a few months later, Xia Na was lying on the bed alone. She suddenly felt footsteps towards her, but because she didn’t know who the other party was, Shana didn’t dare to get up, but continued to sleep.

Xia Na felt that the man was sitting beside the bed and kept watching her. After a long time, the talent got up and left. When the person was sure that the person had left the house, Shana immediately got up and looked outside the window. She found that the back was very similar to Michael.

In the early morning of the next day, Shana called Michael and asked whether the other party came to her house late at night. I did not expect Michael to admit it directly that she found the key to hiding in the yard, and then opened the door to see Shana.

At the same time, Michael also said that she has always loved Shana deeply, hoping that Shana can return to herself. Of course, Xia Na disagrees, and this time she recorded the voice, and then she called the alarm for the second time.


Figure 丨 The house rented by Shaina (after the incident)

Although there was a telephone recording, the police still thought that this was just the emotional entanglement between the little couple, so she just criticized Michael, and verbally asked Michael to not be entangled in Shana in the future.


Although Shana continued to explain that the police would punish Michael more severe, the police did not take it too seriously, and Michael was very angry because of the alarm of Shana, and his revenge soon began.

On the second day of Shana’s alarm, Michael called Shana seven calls one after another with strange numbers, and Michael said nothing on the phone, just to intimidate Shaona with this silence.

Shark, who was frightened, called the police for the third time and told the police about Michael’s silent phone intimidation. However, the police believed that there was no evidence that it could prove that it was Michael’s call, so he did not pay Shana.

A few days later, Shana discovered that Michael was equipped with tracking equipment on her car, so Shaona called the police twice, but the police only stated that Michael would be marked as a “low risk” threat and slowly observed in the future.

The indifference and neglect of the police made Shana fall into despair. She didn’t know how to be good at all, and did not dare to say too much to her current boyfriend Ashley because she was afraid of Ashley misunderstanding.

Figure 丨 News report about Shana’s 5 times alarm (after the incident)

But Michael’s courage was getting bigger and bigger. Before most of his time, he hid in the dark and tracking. Later, he had begun to walk around in front of Shana and often shook in front of the house where Shana lived. Shake it.

Shana was at a loss. Seeing this, her roommates said that she could accompany Xia Na to call the police and was willing to testify for Shana, but the alarm did not work for 5 successively, which disappointed Shana completely. The roommate said:


“It’s useless, they won’t believe me!”

In this way, in this despair and pain, Shana was brutally killed on the morning of August 25th. After investigating the case, the police re -sorted out these situations, and also obtained evidence of relevant physical evidence and human certificate. Successfully determined that Michael was a murderer.

Subsequently, Michael was sentenced to life imprisonment by the court. It was not allowed to be parole in 25 years. Although Michael was punished, Shana’s life was always fixed at the age of 19. This ending is what we don’t want to see.

Later, the police found that Michael had serious psychological diseases and desire to control. Within three years before Shana was killed, at least 13 young women had reported to the police that Michael had tracked harassment of them.

Figure 丨 Michael

Figure 丨 Michael was arrested

However, each of these women’s alarm did not receive the attention of the Police of East Susx, which also made Michael more arrogant and eventually killed Shaona cruelly.

It can be said that it is normal for young people to communicate together, and it is not a serious thing to break up, but I am afraid that one party is too extreme. If that’s it, it is easy to go to extremes.Happening.


In addition, this incident also reminds us that everyone must be vigilant, especially when facing the predecessor who has a strong desire to control and paranoia, we must protect our safety and do not let the tragedy happen again!

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