Fu Xinbo Yinger’s big wedding bridesmaid clothing is well selected, Shen Mengchen Guo Biting wearing a suspender skirt interprets small freshness

Recently, the news about “Fu Xinbo Yinger Bali Wedding” has been hot search, including 10 star idols including the bride and groom, bride, groomsmen and bridesmaids, naturally, and the rhythm of automatic beauty of beauty … standing together …


Although it has been exposed from a gift to the welcome process, I still want to take out the apparels of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. The four best men are wearing gray suit and handsome. The blue -white tulle dresses of the four bridesmaids can also be said to be very fresh and eye -catching. When the best man and bridesmaids are standing together, it is not necessary to say that it is naturally a “super -value combination”.

The four bridesmaid clothes are unified into blue and white splicing colors, and they are also designs of suspenders, but each set has its own uniqueness. For example, Shen Mengchen is different from Guo Biting’s suspender material, and the design of the deep V on the chest is different from Milu’s tube top design.


It is also a combination of suspenders+gauze skirts. Xue Kaiqi’s long hair fluttering and light gauze showed the gentle goddess Fan Er, while Shen Mengchen was very pure and cute with a playful half -ball head with a skirt.


I have to say that such fresh colors and light materials are the most friendly items in the hot summer ~ It turns out that the star is not only the bride who is married to the beauty, and even the bridesmaids are very colorful!

Speaking of the bridesmaid dress, the first thing I came to mind was probably at the bridesmaid group led by Li Bingbing Ni Ni at the prosperous wedding of Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Yang Ying. All the noble purple skirts are different in style design. As for the effect of the upper body, it seems that only Ni Ni with tall figure has supported …

The other Chinese bridesmaid clothing has attracted a lot of vomiting. Not only does it look like a strong shadow building, even SIZE is inexplicably a little strange. Is this colorful colorful color imitating the seven fairies?

In contrast, I think that some time ago, Hui Ruoqi’s “highest bridesmaid group” of the naked pink Chinese bridesmaid clothing is better than above … Although all the bridesmaids are high, naked pink is really super display. Gentle!

There are also three bridesmaids of Liu Shishi. The light overall makeup with a gentle pink dress, one by one, has white skin and beautiful figure. Even if people are light, they are still outstanding.


In addition, Liu Yifei’s light -gray blue dress also refreshed people’s understanding of the “most beautiful bridesmaid”. It turns out that it is not just the sky blue and gentle powder that can be fresh, so that a light color can create a fairy fan!


Chen Yanxi is more attentive. She chose a girl’s powder dress for the bridesmaids. The design of the tulle shows a sense of beauty. To tell the truth, the picture of the bridesmaids holding the balloon is simply so beautiful ~

Having said that, which bridesmaid dress do you like?


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