The warmth wrapped in the scarf that year can not resist the wind and cold of the years

At the gate of the Agricultural University in 2008,

View classmates in the same city,

Watching Salsa, who was wearing a red cotton thread and a scarf, only revealing her eyes,

Almost not recognized.

Sasha said her hands were cold,

So I am used to wearing two layers of gloves,

In the northern winter, it will not be cold when cycling.

Pay attention to your own talks and behaviors when you go out,

But seeing Sasha’s mantra when he was swearing, it made people feel very nice.

Sasha said she likes fireworks,

In my heart, I silently thought about the New Year if there were classmates gathering,

We can meet a group of classmates to put fireworks along the square in the river, and then it is lively.

Ride on the side of the Institute of Technology Passing by shoulder, Dongfeng Road,

Tianjin big sugar pile of sugar gourd three yuan per branch.

Cold street,

The two are side by side on the sidewalk in the winter,

Take a snot and take a ice cream,

The north is really cold,

The hand of the gloves with a wooden spoon was frozen and froze.

At that moment seemed to return to the year in the second day of the south,

Riding in the same scene as the classmates in the same scene in the snowflakes,

Although there is no snow.

Campus can influence a person’s state of mind,

In the subtle way.

The head teacher said that good memory is not as good as bad.

Those who leave the campus either make a pen every day or rarely use it.

At least, I can’t be unfamiliar and deserted,

Even if it is rarely used, but I feel something occasionally,

I can also write down.

Yes, my friend is a lifetime,

Some may be related to the ambiguous likes, but they cannot be ambiguous.

People with narrow thoughts will be extreme,

Will hurt others,

And yourself.

Non -material girl,

It is easy to be moved by the details in life,

But there are very few such people,

There are fewer friends,

So you must know how to cherish and cherish it.

Salsa said he wanted to cry warmly when you helped me scarves.

Because your scarf is blown by the wind, it will fill the wind,

Because it will be difficult to see you in the south of the world in the future,

Because you are a friend I am worth remembering,

It’s just that I didn’t say it.

In fact, this is the first time I have seen you in more than two years after the college entrance examination.

In fact, it is vaguely known that you have been hurt,

Actually I can do not do much,

In fact, we are more like a pen friend in high school,

Beginning with a note and finally interrupted the message.

You are always emotional,

I complained of myself,

From high school to college,

It seems that time has made us from classmates to old classmates.

Once naive, extreme, rebellious high school,

Now growing up, quiet, and low -key universities.

I never thought about it later,

In the future, the world of mature, the world, and the loss of contact.

The last QQ space dynamics of Sasa is December 2010,

In other words:

Level 6 naked test experience, the meeting of the associations, no, everything is a cloud.

Since then, it should be bid farewell to her young age.


Don’t understand her thinking of art,

Like most of us in the two -dimensional space,

She has jumped to three dimensions,

Although in the parallel world,

But there is a gap in space,

After that, here,

Goodbye to student days again.

(You LJ shoots in Canada, autumn)

After more than ten years,

If you remember correctly,

I have seen it three times.

Once was a brief return during her work holiday two days to say hello to me.


Mainly accompany parents, so there is no dinner,

I chatted in the courtyard of her house for half an hour,

She was still like that year, except for her mentality, there was no change in the outside.

The second time was to inform me her wedding,


On the same day, another classmate in our high school class was also married.

I went to her wedding, because she settled in first -tier cities. She should meet with one side.

Classmates in the same city are common to let other students help with gifts.

On the wedding day of that day, the classmates were divided into two.

The third time is really a coincidence,

I have forgotten it four years or five years ago,

It is a very cold winter,

The heating in the car can only resist the fog of the window condensed.

At about 1:30 in the afternoon,

It happened to pass by the hotel that year that year,

It happened to catch up with the green lights in the north -north -northern direction of the crossroads next to the hotel,

Coincidentally, a group of people walked out of her only holding of her baby.

Although the speed is not fast,

From recognition to driving,

There are only 2.5 seconds,

There is a car in the back, and then continue to drive the lane at a constant speed, watching the right rearview mirror on the side,

Seeing the baby is still 还,

Seeing her wearing a red medium -length jacket thin jacket,

Until the view, the mirror is getting more and more blurred,

When I stopped at the next intersection, I was already invisible,

I still keep looking at the rearview mirror sideways,

If you don’t guess, you should have a full moon banquet for the little guy,

Smile with a smile later,

Blessing and Annan,

Yeah, many female classmates in the class are married and have children.


Time makes life dare to approach each other.

Even if there is no wind,

Even if there is no snowy moon,

Even if we are just old classmates,


After all, men and women are different.

The adult world,

There is a boundary that looks like the sea but hidden,


That line,

I have separated first,

Buried youth slowly,

Finally slowly erased youth.

Revisiting the winter of 2008,

The warmth wrapped in the scarf that year,

after all,

Can’t resist the wind of time.

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