The boy’s Korean version of the woolen coat, the autumn and winter thick styles, you can directly add the cotton cloth to the scissors

Throughout the day, wearing “Mom” clothes to Dabao attracted envy of classmates. Essence Essence

This is not a classmate who came to my house and asked to give a boy’s coat style.

It also happened to have everyone’s needs, hahaha. Essence Essence

Look at the style, very trendy coat

Personally, I feel that wearing it for female treasures is also very beautiful. Essence Essence

男童韩版呢子大衣,秋冬加厚款式,可直接加棉里布 附裁剪图

140 yards (9 -year -old male treasure) cutting map

Because it is a thick model, the size is too large

Because it is a suit collar and a large and small sleeve, the cutting drawing is a bit difficult. It is not suitable for novice operations. Students who want to challenge can first look at the prototype layout released before, and then study this.

Calculation formula for cage deep calculation: B/4-0.4cm

If you need other numbers, you can calculate the push board according to the enclosure of 4cm and 5cm in length

If the size of the sleeves is not good, it is also possible to do it according to a sleeve. Followed by retreat!

男童韩版呢子大衣,秋冬加厚款式,可直接加棉里布 附裁剪图

140 Well, cut the drawing drawing

男童韩版呢子大衣,秋冬加厚款式,可直接加棉里布 附裁剪图

Production process commentary

For the fabric of the coat, be sure to do a good job of shrinking first.

The lattice is tailored, and the grid fabric must pay attention to the grid.

男童韩版呢子大衣,秋冬加厚款式,可直接加棉里布 附裁剪图

Most of them are symmetrical of the front film!

The tailoring is good, the clothes are half successful

The front film is according to the point, open the pocket, the pocket should be symmetrical left and right, and the pocket is square.

Pocket effect

Open your pocket, suture the front and rear sides of the front and rear sides, shoulder seams, sleeves.

男童韩版呢子大衣,秋冬加厚款式,可直接加棉里布 附裁剪图

All semi -finished products are stitched and hot, put on the noodles, and lead

Upper sleeves: Pay attention to the left and right sleeves, don’t look back, don’t think I am nonsense.

I have seen the sleeves as an airplane sleeve. Essence Essence

The sleeve semi -finished products are hot and hot. Pay attention to the upper half of the sleeve. Do not hot. In this way, the sleeves will look particularly rigid.

男童韩版呢子大衣,秋冬加厚款式,可直接加棉里布 附裁剪图

Cuskida hot effect

Cotton, Cotton is the best configuration this season.

The hem of Libu must be positioned, otherwise Lu Libu does not have to feel depressed. Because it is inevitable!

Well, if the semi -finished product is in place, the basics are basically the following.

The board is positive, and you should like yourself when you see it here. Essence Essence

男童韩版呢子大衣,秋冬加厚款式,可直接加棉里布 附裁剪图

Positive effect

Negative effect

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing.

The headline is the first time to do the boy version. If you need it, take it away, don’t be polite! Intersection Intersection

男童韩版呢子大衣,秋冬加厚款式,可直接加棉里布 附裁剪图

If you like it, or forward it, Dongping will have greater motivation to make more beautiful clothes styles for everyone

If you do n’t understand, you can leave a message or a private message in the comment area.

男童韩版呢子大衣,秋冬加厚款式,可直接加棉里布 附裁剪图

When the classmates and mothers have to do it empty, if needed, they can also broadcast live.

But time is really not sure, the mother’s time is not her own, you know. Essence Essence

If you want to watch, you can only pay close attention. Essence Essence

The boy’s Korean version of the woolen coat, the autumn and winter thick styles, you can directly add the cotton cloth to the scissors

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