Zhang Tianai tastes really special! Wearing a mesh skirt with trousers, not only ugly, unexpectedly warm and fashionable

Fashionable girls have always liked to try new things. The warmth of the autumn of this year has plummeted, and she can not satisfy the fashionable girl with skirts or pants to keep warm. To synchronize the warmth and fashion effect in one step, the fashionable girl has recently tended to use the combination of skirt+pants to show the fashionable taste of the avant -garde sense.


Analysis of Zhang Tianai: Dad’s Patstead+White Nets Skirt+Black Town Pants+White Sports Shoes

Zhang Tian’ai is indeed a fashionable handle among the female stars of the same age. She took the lead in trying ‘pants+skirts’ in the airport look. She explained a new fashion fan with a wonderful figure. Use a gray dad to match with a white net yarn skirt+black cropped pants. A pair of white sneakers under the feet show a casual and casual sense of vitality. This novel skirt and pants are not only ugly, but the temperature and demeanor are in place. This fashion expression is really enviable.

○ Clothing matching analysis

● Daddy

★ Highlights: Large -shoulder & Large Land of Lighty Area: Old Earth & Passing Man

The suit is a fashionable small whirlwind that swept everyone’s wardrobe for many years. Women who are tired of classic black suit may wish to try the dad’s suit. This gray dadian dress has a strong American retro style, and the low -key and generous gray adds a bit of cold and light sense of high -level high -level sense to this wide version of the daddy. This kind of wide version of the dadian dress most needs to emphasize the three -dimensional sensing version. It is just right to use large shoulder design to enhance the style of the shape. However, the dadian dress of solid color design is inevitably old, and the too wide version is easy to give people a feeling of man. Don’t try it easily.

★ Knowledge point: How can Dad’s dress match avoid the sense of old soil or toughness?

To avoid the feeling of wearing dad to wear a tacky and old -fashioned feeling, you can use some feminine items with a soft sense of femininity to neutralize the toughness of Dad. When it comes to the easy -to -control and feminine fashion items, it is just right to use the white net yarn printed skirt to Zhonghe Dad’s dress. The white translucent skirt comes with a light and agile fairy, with black prints, which looks simple and generous. At the same time, the eight -point white measuring skirt can neutralize the heavy sense of dad’s dress. The two items are neutralized, making the shape more capable and generous.



The combination of ‘skirt+pants’ can be said to be a hot player in the autumn and winter fashion industry. The slender fashionable girls can boldly try this kind of avant -garde combination. The white net yarn skirt does not hinder the tights of small black pants lined with the fine leg line of the fashionable girl itself. At the same time, a translucent white skirt can also create a hazy and romantic sense of fashion. The shape is a bit playful.

Jacket+skirt+other mix of pants ↓↓↓

Blue suit jacket+black mesh skirt+gray wide -leg pants

The novel combination of ‘skirt+pants’ is favored by the fashion industry, and tall women have an advantage when interpreting such stacks. The blue suit jacket has a little melancholy beauty than the black suit. The cold blue blue makes the inside black mesh skirt show a little low -key little sexy. The slightly fluffy mesh skirt stacked with gray wide -leg pants has a little casual feeling. Although such a loose stack combination keeps warm, it is still very picky. Symphony of loose skirts.

Black suit+khaki split skirt+khaki leggings


Those who like ‘skirts+pants’, such as fashionable stacking methods, can try to match it with skirts of the same color. The bottom pants are rich in the sense of shape. The solid color khaki knitted leggings can also make the long leg advantage also have a semi -semi -semi -dew sense. With a black suit+V -neck shirt with the same color, the elegance of the black end and khaki color is more advanced.


Silver leather jacket+dark green suspender skirt+black jeans


Fashionable girls who love coolness matching should also avoid incorporating too much fashion elements in a shape. The metal avant -garde sense of silver leather jacket is very eye -catching. The single items can choose a dark color style as much as possible. Use the dark green suspender skirt to stack black jeans, weaken the sexy of the dark green suspender skirt with tight black trousers, and at the same time extend the tight -fitting small black pants with a straight leg line to show the figure Advantages can also enrich the sense of layering.


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