Women who can wear them all love “nine -point pants”.

Simple, comfortable, qi field, exquisite, versatile, showing figures … The items in a woman’s wardrobe must be cropped pants. Why do you love it so much? Aside from the fashion tone of the single product itself, the nine -point pants itself brought their own aura, showing the attitude of “wearing a woman”.


The many wearing styles we know, French, Korean, Japanese, etc. are indispensable for nine -point pants. It can be leisurely, to work and capable, or youth, and learn to match cropped pants. It can be said that it has mastered the fashion password of daily wear.

Town pants are a good item, but the completion of fashion must be the help of other “partners”. The good partner of the nine -point pants is shoes. Different styles of shoes with the same nine -point pants can also constitute different types Dress style, this dry goods post, the sisters who love to wear must take notes ~

1. Town pants casual dress partner: sneakers


Although the sneakers are comfortable and light, they will look particularly soil once they are not worn well. Sisters with thick calf should not wear tight pants and sneakers. It is good to match sports shoes. The slightly fat sisters are most suitable for using nine -point pants to match sports shoes. The two sets of wearing below, no matter what girl can control.

● Belt nine -point pants+sneakers

Sports shoes themselves are very youthful items. In order to cater to this tone, we can choose clothes of the same style, like strap pants are very good age reduction items. But the point to note is that in order to neutralize the relatively hypertrophic design, the choice of shoes must choose a relatively small style, mainly lightweight. Put with loose version of nine -point pants, and shoes such as canvas shoes, small white shoes, etc. are not strong, and the leisure and relatively small shoes are the best choice.


● Slim nine -point pants+sneakers

This set is a classic wearing most of the students! Use a slim -fitting nine -point pants to expose the ankle, and then paired with a pair of high -top sports shoes to pour the top into the pants, and the proportion of the legs was greatly stretched. “Be careful”, increase the pad in the shoes, and the long legs of “Mom Sheng” appear! Well, who is not the most beautiful cub on campus?


Second, nine -point pants Korean wearing partners: grandma shoes


Although nine -point pants are good, it is not feminine enough, and grandma’s shoes, but too feminine, so in order to neutralize the extreme special temperament, it is appropriate to match them together The color choice needs to be carefully matched.


● Bright color grandma shoes+light -colored wear


As we all know, in a set of wearing, eye -catching items have a brightness color, it is best to have only one, so this color must be eye -catching and recognizable, red, bright blue and other saturated colors are a good choice. Essence In order not to grab the limelight, nine -point pants are best to choose light colors, white and light blue are all versatile choices. This suit can be paired with a tight -fitting navel top, or you can choose to stuff the top into the pants to lengthen the body proportion. In addition, the dazzling shoes can also be used to cater with accessories, such as hair circles, bags and the like ~

● Dark -colored grandma shoes+靛 blue jeans wear

Jeans cropped pants with Lefu shoes or classic grandma shoes are not wrong. The design of grandma shoes is simple enough, and it can expose the instep in a large area. The advantages are maximized. In addition, in this set of wearing, nine -point pants are the basic model, so you can make articles on the color system of shoes and tops. The two can choose different medium color of the same color, and the overall looks very coordinated.

Three, nine -point pants summer coolness, dressing partner: sandals

Summer is here, are your sandals ready? Various types of sandals can be paired with a variety of styles, such as drag drags, Muller slippers, strap sandals, transparent sandals, etc., can not have too much room for dressing!

● Nine -point pants partner character drag

Lazy and casual characters are dragging on summer with a lazy nine -point pants that are slightly profitable. In addition to the black classic human character drag, the rainbow color can also be a few pairs of pairs. After all, people The proportion of words is good, and the eye -catching color will not cause visual color conflict errors. In terms of material, I suggest that you do n’t choose a harder model. After wearing it for a long time, you will leak out the wound. Walking hard to walk is not only uncomfortable, but also sounds. It is pretty good like a comfortable soft bottom.

● Town pants with Mueller sandals


Mueller shoes with high -level sense and self -level nine -point pants are put together. You are the most wearing girl on this street! Don’t worry about the types of Mueller’s shoes too much, Xiaobian has selected several styles that are most suitable for summer ~

① High -heeled Mueller shoes with transparent material

This shoe must be picked in summer! It is also high and cool, but it should be noted that the transparent material is only recommended that the foot part of the foot is transparent, and the color effect of the candy color is the best. The beige white and khaki color that will not make errors is also very low -key. Transparent materials can cater to the color of the side of the shoes. Choose the nine -point pants of the same color. It can also be directly paired with a conventional nine -point jeans. It is not easy to make mistakes.


② Bright color tip of Mueller shoes

Summer wear is playing color! The color of high saturation of candy color must be matched with the fashionable pointed toe to rustic, and it also neutralizes the sharp image of the pointed. Mueller shoes like this with denim fabrics will not look too formal. They can also be worn with nine -point pants with suit fabrics ~

③ Weaving texture high -heeled Mueller Dragon


The weaving elements and the elements of cloud air are quite suitable for summer. This shoe will be more modified, because the weaving part is relatively heavy, the shoe shape is relatively long, and the heel is raised. All sizes are relatively large. Sisters can also wear. This is more recommended to wear denim nine -point pants to wear. It is also not recommended to choose a more hypertrophic and loose nine -point pants. The leg lines must be shaped. Instead, you can choose a slightly loose casual version, which will be more visually harmonious.


In summer, if you want to be effortless, the nine -point pants must be indispensable! At the same time, because of its “inclusiveness”, sisters with poor figure proportions, and pear -shaped sisters must prepare one, just match the three shoes recommended by Xiaobian. The most eye -catching fashion in this summer is you!

Author: ArticleManager