Bazai Charity Night, Yang Mi Baby high-definition dress Xiu Mei Xiu resources, Zhong Chu’s ancient dress is too stunning

The one-year Baoda charity night, after Su Mang left, although there were many Drama moments, but still brought together, starlight. But it is probably affected by the epidemic. This year’s Bazaar Charity Night has a little simple and low-key, the red carpet is not live broadcast, and the inner field is also raised by the netizens.


Although the dinner is simplified, the beauty of the stars are stunned, let’s take a look at the beauty of the beauty.


Song Yan is bold, Cai Shaofen hits the shirt Liu Wen does not lose

The panorama has a set of golden povers from the Rami Al Ali 2021 autumn and winter series, the skin is white + sweet princess dress is very pleasing, and the birth map is also very good, but everyone is natural to be high.

First of all, this dress is a very conventional red carpet tutu, although there is a bright spot but not stunned, the sweet state of the scene is a lot, because the fabric is, this dress color with light The chart of the model is wrapped in two versions of the color.

The skirt is not stunned. It can be used to use makeup to add points. It is sweet and beautiful. Although the hairstyle is rolled out, the overall is also very smooth, but there is still a feeling of unfinished styling. A big dress like this, the stars will add more effort on the hairstyle. If you don’t cover your, this set of sweets looks good, but you can not surprisingly remember.

Twins sisters wearing a fairy skirt in Monique Lhuillier, a mint green bubble sleeves, is a flower fairy that runs out in the garden, sweet youth.


In probably these Hong Kong stars have a preservative, TWins will not be old, Cai Shaofen is also frozen.

Cai Shaofen chose a beautiful dress with a Loewe 2021 autumn and winter series, although it has already gone three children, but Cai Shaofen’s body and state can be lost, there is no more flesh, tight smooth.


She is not lax in the body management, and the children of the three children will not lose.


Song Yi is one of the most stressful places tonight. I chose a black cat’s fish tail dress. V-neck metal straps, waist the fish tail skirt, stressed her superior ratio, hiding may be picky by netizens Legs, hook the hummous body, sexy and cold, no fat, high-end, there is a feeling of cold girl, very suitable for her.

The same is also a beautiful, there is Xin Yutu, the two beautiful women are like a special service team that has been mixed into the advanced party. Xin Xiara chose a set of 2021 early autumn series of Queen, with a random dish, and created “the old lady, just wearing such a fashionable”.

The lip color is very good, the dark red lip color adds a few pieces of cool and cool, and is very suitable for her. Don’t be near stinky. She is the kind of mysterious beauty that will be firmly locked in the party, but you don’t dare to get close to the mysterious beauty of the number.


Yang Mi Baby wears high-definition resource, Zhong Chuyu wears ancient dress


The most concerned natural still is still the shape of the small flowers, this time Baby Yang Mi’s shape is very useful. Two sets of high-definitions were selected in the inside and outside of Yang Mi.

The dress on the red carpet is from the Valentino 2021 autumn and winter high school. She is this high-pixed domestic first, after changing the stylist, her resources are really a lot, and the high-end dress is frequent.

In the hairstyle, I also tried more style. This time she did a retro hairstyle, which is also very big for this hairstyle. Some people think that some people feel beautiful. Everyone sees benevolence.

It’s just that the style of this skirt is more modern. At the same time, the dress is large, the print is also very big. Do a retro style and the style of the skirt is slightly violated. In other words, the style is not enough, some Cut.


At the same time, the elements of the skirt are also quite a lot, and the model chooses simple refreshing modern hairstyle better.

In the field, this dress is from the Ralph & Russo2020. The spring is higher. This dark feather tube top dress is more suitable for the hairstyle of this retro, and the overall firing is higher. What do you think?

Holding the top fashion resource Baby selected an elie Saab 2021 autumn and winter high-end dress, she is the world’s world, this style not only shows the existing resources, but also very beautiful.


There are many netizens who wish to see the Baby’s interpretation. It has proved that the effect is really good, and the bright green flower skirt is full of vitality, the color and the style are like it is tailored for her. High-haired colors, the shape of the colors, the shape is complete, refreshing and elegant, can say that from the head beauty to the skirt, from the front beautiful to back.

To say that this red carpet is the most amazing female star, it has to be a beautiful business super high Zhong Chu, she chose an ancient dress of Georges Chakra 2005, she and the team really know how beautiful is beautiful.

The refining picture took the taste of Hollywood, it looked as a random superstar, in fact, it was carefully arranged ~


The makeup and shape details are still not on the line. The high plate is clear and elegant, showing superior shoulder neck, sequin fish tail skirt hook slide, the white yarn of the hand is more vintage elegance, bench is really “Play Beauty” master, easy to be stunned red carpet, beautiful people to take okay ~


Ok, read this year’s Bazaar Charity Night, who is your favorite? Let’s talk together ~


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