Multi -picture summarize the installation method and requirements of embedding sleeves.

1. Press the ground wall and other waterproof walls and top boards

1-steel pipe 2-steel sleeve 3-wing ring 4-gear 5-asbestos cement 6-oil linen

Installation requirements: The tube installed in the floor should be 20mm higher than the top of the decorative surface; the tube installed in the bathroom and the kitchen should be 50mm higher than the decorative ground, and the bottom should be flat with the bottom surface of the floor. After the gap between the tube of the floor and the pipeline, the flame -retardant dense materials and waterproof ointment are used after the pipeline, and the end surface is smooth.

Second, wearing an interior wall sleeve

1-steel pipe 2-steel sleeve 3-sealing filler 4-partition wall 5-stainless steel decorative board (applicable to Minglu pipes)

Installation requirements: The sleeves installed in the floor are welded with iron on the appropriate part and should be on the ground where the reserved holes are reserved to prevent falling off. After the pipeline is installed, adjust the gap and fix it. When the upper and lower tube is embedded, the central line needs to be vertical. For rooms with pipeline gas, the gaps of all sleeves are treated closely according to design requirements.

Third, wearing waterproof requirements for waterproof requirements

1-steel pipe 2-steel sleeve 3-seal filler 4-floor


Installation requires the same two,

Wearing an interior wall sleeve


Fourth, wearing waterproof requirements (such as kitchen, bathroom, etc.)

A. Flexible waterproof sleeve practice refers to the 91SB3–37 pages. Flexible sleeve parts processing diagram refers to the material of 91SB3-to -38, the welding requirements of the welding requirements must meet the requirements of the icon and construction specifications.

B. The parts of the processing should be regular, polished smooth, inner wall anticorrosion, and flange axis vertically.


C. When embedded, only the tube should be embedded. The inner wall of the flange and the inner wall of the template should be on the same vertical surface.

Burying a dense tube

1) This project is a private zone on the first floor of the ground. The closed walls of the walls and the floor of the wall must be set up.

2) The production and installation of the public defense construction atlas (see the figure below) with reference to the public defense construction atlas.

3) The length of the control should be greater than 100mm at both ends of the wall or the floor. The wing rings are made of 10mm thick steel plate. The height is 50mm welded and strong. The welded port is cleaned with steel wire brushes. The horizontal pipe should be set up slope according to the slope of the system.

4) After processing the closed galvanized pipe of the wearing defense zone, the welding residue should be thoroughly cleaned and the hot -dip galvanized treatment should be performed before installation.

Underground layout pipeline

1) The waste sewage in the basement part is used to bury the water -casting iron pipe and is connected to the connection.

2) Before the pipeline is buried, the water casting iron pipe should be carried out in prefabricated and processing, and the construction should be inserted when the bottom plate is tied.

3) The slope of the pipeline should be laid according to the slope of the design. When the design is not clear, it shall not be less than 3%.

4) The fixation of the pipeline is supported by the 12 threaded steel welding support, and the coordinates are high and accurate.

5) Fixed installation map of steel pipe

The above figure is enhanced by steel mold, rigid, flexible waterproof sleeves, and closed pipes


1) The load -bearing parts of the steel pipe and equipment room that is greater than the DN200 or more shall be considered.

2) The thickness of the embedded parts should not be less than 10mm thick, and the embedded parts and the structure of the structure should form a whole to ensure the safety of the lifting.

3) The fixing of the embedded parts must be flat with the template surface, and the length ratio of the embedded steel plate should meet the installation of the bracket.


4) The embedded parts should be based on drawings and related technical materials to draw large processed sample drawings, and further approve the size and location as a detailed labeling.

5) Clarify the specific construction time, especially the embedded parts must be completed before embedding.

6) Clarify the construction process of soil construction to ensure that the finished products of the embedded parts are in place in time.

7) Strengthen the cooperation with the construction units, supervision units, design units, and construction units.


8) The buried parts of the device should consider the convenience of the load and transportation of the device during construction.


Installation requirements of the sleeve

1) Everyone must be set up with pipes to wear walls, floors, beams, and reinforced concrete walls.

2) The pipe diameter should be larger than the pipe diameter of the wall and the floor. The length of the wall sleeve = the thickness of the wall on the wall.

3) Cross -floor sleeve length = floor thickness of the floor+plastering thickness of the floor of the board+the thickness of the ground plaster+20mm (50mm in the bathroom, kitchen and toilet room).


4) The two ends of the sleeve are flat, and the inside and outside should be brushed.

5) The vertical sleeve should be fixed after the vertical tube is used to find the vertical degree.

6) Consider the thickness of the pipeline insulation before reserving the steel sleeve to ensure the amount between the thickness of the insulation and the tube.

7) Both ends of the wall sleeve should be flat with the wall. The lower end of the floor tube of the floor should be flat with the floor, and the upper end is 20-30mm higher than the ground.

Construction cooperation

1) Save the prefabricated waterproof sleeves, reuse sleeves and other sleeves, and place it in a waterproof place to set aside. After the various sleeves are placed at the elevation and the coordinate position It was miscalculated and the position was inaccurate when playing concrete.


2) After the sleeve is in place, the stuffed woven bag or waste paper is in the tube to prevent the concrete from entering it and being blocked. After 24 hours of concrete, the reuse of the sleeve was pulled out in time and cleaned up.

In conjunction with the pipeline wells, floor caves, and core cylinders of pipeline wells, floor caves, and core tube vertical walls, and reviewing and inspection of pipelines with a structure hole greater than 300*300 to ensure the high coordinates of the reserved hole and the size of the hole size.

3) Reserved embedded personnel should communicate with the civil construction staff at any time, master dynamic information in a timely manner, and ensure the timely connection of the process.

4) Reserve embedded personnel should stay full -time caregivers with the progress of the civil construction to ensure that the finished products completed by the construction should not be destroyed.


1-steel pipe 2-steel sleeve 3-wing ring 4-gear 5-asbestos cement 6-oil linen

Installation requires the same two,

Wearing an interior wall sleeve


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