129 Hyundai style design, neo -classical style bucket cabinet shows the entrance style

This case is a modern style decoration. The 129 -square -meter four -bedroom has not been decorated too much. It uses concise lines to create a stylish living environment

Modern people are facing the hustle and bustle of the city, the pressure of fierce competition, and a busy work and a intense life. Therefore, yearning for fresh and natural, casual and relaxed living environment. More and more people in the city began to abandon the luxurious decoration of the complicity and strive to have a natural and simple room space.

The bedroom is where we rest, and quiet sleep is the most needed. Therefore, our bedroom decoration must also have skills, the air flows well, and it is quiet. Don’t be too dazzling in the lights of the bedroom, just soft light.


Both ventilation and lighting are first -class. The sunshine intake makes the entire space brighter.


The restaurant is the heart of home life, which not only reflects beauty, but also reflects practicality and integrity. When arranging the restaurant, you can use a wooden coffee dining table. Although it looks rigid on the surface, the effect is very vivid. Simple rectangular tables and striped clothes make the restaurant full of primitive natural taste.

The restaurant continues the style of the living room in color and shape. It is also light luxury and elegant to set off the restaurant with a white base, clean and refreshing. Fashionable round chandeliers and round tables form a harmonious beauty.


The use of kitchen in life is relatively frequent, and there are more fragmented things, so it is necessary to consider actual use when decorating. Storage, convenience and safety should be the most noticeable kitchen decoration. If the storage space is not strong, it will appear messy and not resistant. In addition, the kitchen usually has the most contact with hydropower gas, so waterproof and circuit and line pipeline must be designed. The tiles must be selected, and the waterproof performance of the ceiling must be superior.

Emphasize the integrity of structure and form, and pursue the depth and accuracy of the performance of materials, technology, and space.

The porch is the family’s door. In order to protect the privacy of the owner and avoid the guests from entering the door, they have a glance at the entire room. They use wood or glass to make a partition at the entrance door, draw a independent area, and cover it visually.

The porch uses a neo -classical style bucket cabinet as the main decoration, the simple and smooth line design of the bucket cabinet, the stylish and elegant color matching, the interior decoration design is matched with an interesting table scene, and the entire style of the porch shows it.

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