Automatic double -sided more powerful recommendation three automatic double -sided printers

I have to say that in our daily work, due to some special requirements, some materials or documents have to be printed on double -sided. However, many printer devices in actual work scenarios do not support automatic double -sided printing and printing function. When you need double -sided printing documents, you can only manually convert the direction of paper, which greatly affects the efficiency of printing. Today I recommend three printing products that support automatic double printing functions, which is worry -free and laborious.

HP M232DW black and white laser all machine

自动双面更给力 推荐三款自动双面打印机

Price: 1869 yuan

Recommended reason: For a printer, the output speed is an important indicator. HP M233SDW printing speed has reached 29 pages/minute, and the homepage output speed is only 7 seconds. What is the concept? Taking a 30 -page document as an example, it can be completed in about 1 minute when it is used. Such an output speed can be coping calmly even if there is a large number of files at one time.

At the same time, HP M233SDW standards the automatic double -sided printing function for users, which is also a highlight of this series of products. The double -sided printing speed of HP M233SDW reached 18 faces/minute. While efficiently completing the double -sided printing tasks, it saved the troubles of the user’s manual conversion of paper.

Bentu P3022D black and white laser printer

自动双面更给力 推荐三款自动双面打印机

Price: 999 yuan

Recommended reason: This Bentu P3022D black and white laser printer is a printing product for the SOHO office user group. This product nominal printing speed is 30 pages/minute, which is basically medium -speed printing products. Drum powder is used for separate consumables, and single printing costs are cheaper.

Not only does it support automatic double printing function, but also Bentu P3022D black and white laser printer label with 1500 pages of ink powder box to-460, with a service life of 12000 pages of DO-460 photosensitive drum component. This product has strong battery life performance Of course, users can also choose to print 3000 pages of large-capacity ink powder box to-460H.

自动双面更给力 推荐三款自动双面打印机

Brother T725DW color inkjet all -in -one machine

Price: 1449 yuan

Recommended reason: This brother T725DW supports automatic double -sided printing function and automatic manuscript. For users who often have a large number of files need to copy and scan, it is more convenient to equip the automatic manuscript. At the same time, automatic double -sided printing function can completely remove the troubles of manual transformation of paper, which is not only saving effort and more environmentally friendly.

At the same time, in terms of printing volume, the Epson L3153 belongs to the original factory and even printed products. This brother T725DW black printing can print 7500 pages, and color can be printed 5000 pages. Such a printing amount basically meets the daily printing needs of family users, and it is not a problem even if it occasionally prints photos.


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