Send girlfriend bracelets, how to send 5K temperament within 500 yuan?

#Send a girlfriend bracelet, what are the recommendations within 500?#

Send girlfriend bracelet

It is a three -high event with high emotional quotient, high fun, and high skills. You can enjoy the emperor -like treatment at least a day. It is possible that it is not good for the emperor to be swollen, indifferent to war, inside and outside complaints, and even part ways.

Women’s creatures are extremely sensitive to beauty in love. Don’t try to persuade him in truth, so it will only be counterproductive; but in terms of money, they are extremely rational. The small abacus in their hearts is more accurate than you think.

There are too many options within 500 yuan, but the high -level sense of Songshi needs some cooperation. The following brother Lang said slowly …

South Red Agate 108 sweater chain bracelet


Double -use, with a sterling silver inlaid red stone with meat as top beads, jasper pumpkin beads as waist beads, beeswax three links, jasper peace buckles as back clouds, ice fluttering south red balls, sterling silver beads embellishment, full full Meat South Red Round Brand is exquisite and elegant. It can be worn as necklaces and multi -circle bracelets, retro and versatile.

Suitable for women who are white, thin, and like to wear light -colored clothes, you can get it with more than four sheets. No matter from which direction, it is extremely beautiful.


Matsushimumi beads woven to rough chain


With the combination of southern red, optimizing the pine iron wire beads, and natural beeswax carving, three pieces are taken down, which is suitable for women with a classical personality.



Amethyst bracelet

It is not ugly, Ziqi comes east, with Nanhong sculpture Dragon Ball, beeswax pumpkin beads, and imitation pine, which is suitable for a girl who is filled with a small and thick character.

Sea blue treasure

Blue with the sea, giving a clear and fresh feeling, with the sea blue treasure carving bamboo pendant and beeswax

brave troops

Back Clouds and South Red Laughing Buddha are suitable for girls who are simple and intellectual.


Xiaomi beads match

Bear carved bears

, Suitable for cute and simple romantic girls.

Leather chain put on

Silver -inlaid Russian ingredient beeswax

It is more suitable for wearing women with stories, understanding, and dignified and sexy women. This kind of woman is very low -key, but hides sharpness and talents.


Mozambique Pink Crystal Handmade Fox

With pink chin beads and imported wire ropes, colored coils, winding lines, [Fox is born with spirituality and noble love, full of energy], suitable for placing love in the first place, lacking security, especially the little love, especially the first love, the little love, especially the first love, the small love, especially the first love, the small love, especially the first love, the little love, especially the first love, the little love, especially the first love. girl.


Ameter crystal and strawberry crystal

Combined, girls who are suitable for Pisces or more contradictory personality, in fact, human beings are originally contradictory, just face it normally, so that bracelets can give it some inspiration.

925 Silver inlaid purple crystal


This type of jewelry is suitable for fashionable women and has nothing to do with age.



Compared with western, crystal imitation diamonds and silver imitation gold, surrounded by a circle of vermiculite. Although all stones and metals are more ordinary, this is not cheap in the mall, but it is still no problem to win more.

No matter what, this form


It is not ugly, and they are real stones and precious metals. They cannot feel bad because they are cheaper.

Portraysic bracelet, with red agate, green agate, greenite, pink crystal, Dongling jade

Wait, this color of the color of the garnet is a little black with low -end gemstones. Dozens of yuan can also be used in this way with good garnet with beeswax southern red pine.


Duobao bracelet

Some people call it the Five Elements Chain, there are

Olive olive olives, purple crystal ➕ 辉 ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕

Combined, although the color is generally processed in batches, it cannot see any sense of cheapness.


Design of four -leaf grass


It was once swept across the country. Use amethyst to polish and face 925 silver. Do you dare to say that this bracelet is fashionable?


White Crystal Cut Noodle

Although it is different from the diamond, this face value is really not low.



It is not inferior to its role. This traditional mineral is fashionable.



It is a kind of precious and many colors



, But the color is almost a little bit of a little bit of a small rainbow.

Sending a girlfriend gift is a mind, according to your own situation and the other party’s preferences, except for the above 500 internal prices of jewelry.


Sending things must also have a sense of ritual and a certain atmosphere, and we must also understand your girlfriend and have a certain aesthetic, so that you can play a better role.

Finally, remember to buy the box separately. The packaging has an absolute high -energy support for the contents inside. It is not necessary to say that the price is easy to get it. Furthermore, sending Dongxi is only a small part of life. More often, she must rely on her own sincerity, practicality, and ability to move to attract her for a long time.

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