The cotton and linen shirt with a seven -point sleeve looks very thin, but it is actually a large size women’s clothing.

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七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

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七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

It’s time to get a baby’s clothes recently.

Today, I shared a cotton and linen shirt with a seven -point sleeve. It looked very thin, and it was very literary. In fact, it is a large size women’s clothing, and most people can wear it.

Do you feel that many mothers have a baby. I like loose and comfortable clothes, anyway, I am like this, and now I wo n’t even wear high heels. Essence Essence

No nonsense. Cut the picture, large size

XL bust 108cm, 70cm long, long seven -point sleeve, sleeve length 47cm

七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

The required for other numbers can be pushed by the enclosure 4cm length 1.5cm

Back and forth manuscript


七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

Make details

In the small wood ear ear, a little playful. If you don’t like it, you can cancel it directly.

Neckline lace effect

七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

Effects of front and middle door tube

Open the tube in the front and fold it. Just roll the side and sew it by rolling

七分袖的棉麻套头衬衣,看着挺显瘦,还很文艺范 其实是大码女装

Cuffs lace effect

The cuffs echoed the neckline. The fungus is used to copy the edge of the densely copy machine. If there are no special planes, it can be folded or rolled 0.3 small edges. You can cancel it if you don’t like it

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