Bosch professional laser marking machine, measurement tools worth winning from professional to color!

Construction engineers often need multiple plane measurements to the initial construction, and measure whether their ground plane is precise. At this time, experienced teachers know that they need to use professional measurement instruments. Today’s Xiaobian brings Bosch GSL 2 Professional professional laser marking machine, the professionalism, and the Bosch tool! Let’s take a look at it, this measurement tool that is worth winning from the profession ~~~

Bosch GSL 2 Professional Professional Laser Nether


What is a laser marking device?


The laser marking instrument is a high-brightness laser line that is enlarging by the semiconductor laser, and the color of the line has a variety of distinction, mainly with green, red applications. When using laser lines on an object, a marking is generated by the laser line, and the user can cut the object, align or other use, and the marking instrument is widely used in metallurgical steel cutting, stone cutting, wood cutting, machine Visual fields, reduce workers’ labor intensity, improve work efficiency and shear precision.

Bosch GSL2 professional laser flooring characteristics:

1, very fast


There is no need to bend, multiple measurements or above, and the large area can still be easily and comfortable by one person to complete or use the remote control.


2, very accurate

Ground laser levels can be more relaxed and accurately scanned to the ground unevenness.

3, completely covered

Unlike all old technology, GSL2 professional types can complete some-to-peer inspection within a few minutes.

Method of use of laser marking meter

1, install the battery

Please use three high-performance alkaline batteries, please pay attention to polarity when installing;

2, coarse position

Adjusting to the instrument in the instrument in the line through the three legs on the base, the instrument will automatically and flat;

3, open

The right-handed lock switch is turned on. At this time, the power illuminating indicator is on, and the horizontal line and the location are bright;

4, operation

According to the actual situation, press the casing portion V button to reach the light combination you need, if you want to align a certain location, you can manually turn the instrument, match the fine-tuning, make the light accurately align the target, if you want to increase or decrease The horizontal line can be used in conjunction with a tripod to move the horizontal line.

5, alarm

If the instrument is flat, the laser line will flash, and the beep is alarm. At this time, simultaneously adjust the three foot legs, as long as the light flashes.

Laser marking device operating precautions:

1. The laser is a medium power laser, which may be damaged to the eye, and this level of laser must be determined to ensure safety.


2. Education and training for the operators of the laser make it clear that there may be potential hazards that can occur during this stage laser.

3. Managing the laser must be carried out by a professional (job) entry, without training educators must not open the use of lasers.


4. The laser should strictly control in the laser room stored in storage, do not align the laser beam, especially the eyes, especially the eyes.

5. Take strict protective measures when debugging the optical system of the laser, ensuring that the human eye is not irradiated with the original laser beam and the mirror-type reflection beam.

6. After taking the above measures, the human eye may also be subjected to laser irradiation of the super safety standard value, and must be protected from the right protective glasses to protect the eye according to the wavelength of such lasers.

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