How to choose the right clothes for the baby in winter, these points need to be kept in mind



The weather is getting colder, worried about the baby’s cold, the thicker the baby’s clothes, the colder the baby becomes the most concerned about parents. So, how to choose clothes for the baby in winter?


Teach you how to choose winter clothes for your baby


Simple style:

When choosing clothes for the baby, the style must be simple, easy to wear and take off.

Pure cotton fabric:


Choose cotton fabrics that are soft, breathable, and do not stimulate the baby’s skin.

Ensure loose:

Wearing loose clothes will feel comfortable, you can show his fists, and tight clothes will restrain your baby’s activities.


The baby’s neck for 1-3 months is short, and the clothes should choose a “monk suit” without collar and slanting. The sleeves and trousers of the clothes should be wide, so that the limbs have enough room for activity, and it is easy to wear, take off and change them.

Lingerie lace:

Do not have a button or zipper for your baby’s underwear, otherwise it will damage the baby’s delicate skin. If the buttons fall, it will be easily taken by the baby, causing danger.

Dress the baby with the weather

The smaller the child, the worse the self -adjusting energy power, so parents should add and minus their baby clothes to the baby in time according to the changes in temperature and environment.


Under normal circumstances, the baby should be worn three more than one or less: the baby wears one more than an adult: go out in the morning and evening than to wear one more than noon; wear one more outdoors than in the room; less exercise than usual than usual Wear one.

However, after the exercise, we should put back the just -taken off clothes immediately, so as not to be blown by the wind after sweating. These details of life seem simple, but they are more trivial. Parents should have more attentive!

Five points to dress your baby in winter

① Add clothes to the baby according to the temperature of the baby’s place. Do not cover too much nor freezing.

② Choose a pure cotton fabric underwear. It is both soft and sweat -absorbing, but also helps to emit body heat, which can play a good warmth.

③ Pay attention to the condition that the baby may kick off the quilt when sleeping. You can put a pajamas before going to bed to avoid being cold.

④ Use soft and warm wool to knit the baby sweater.

⑤ Put the baby to dress the baby with the standard of not sweating.

In fact, we wear clothes for children, and they would rather wear more. The main reason is that they are afraid of children’s illness, so you need to understand these simple common sense. If you have the bottom, you will not worry about being scientific!

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