Band+arm protection+career is the strongest. Do you agree with the most perfect period of the emperor?

James’s body is the topic of the basketball industry. As the most omnipotent player in NBA history, James is very “general”. He can both be a guard and a breakup, and can also be used as an inside killer. His body is the same.

James is a rare player who has a block, strength, and speed, but his physical condition has also been adjusted many times, and has passed several stages in the long 16 seasons.

James before entering the league looks like a child.

James in the light period was very elegant.


I didn’t look at it.

When James first entered the NBA, he was only 19 years old. At that time, he was relatively thin, but his weight had already received 111 kg (245 pounds), and he was already large in the same position. But James is a natural skeleton, and it is easy to hang meat. In order to maximize his strength advantage, in just the year, his physique has been a whole circle. A muscle monster. At this time, his weight conservative is at least 5 kilograms heavier than the rookie period.


When against Howard in 2009, James had become a muscle monster.

During the regular season MVP period from 2009 to 2010, James’s body reached the pinnacle of speed and endurance. Unfortunately, the team always returned from the playoffs. At this time, James was able to confront Howard on the court and did not seem small in figure.

2011-2014 is the pinnacle of James. It has completed the rule of regular season MVP+Finals MVP for two consecutive years. During this period, in order to make up for the hot and weak inside, James increased again, focusing on the big striker. Since 2012, James has the largest body in his career. On the court, he is the biggest player in the Heat, Bosh, which is 2.11 meters high and 2.06 meters. How much is James’ weight during this period? It was revealed that it was 118 kg, but it was reported that James was the heaviest 125 kg (275 pounds) at the time. Heat President Lelly described James’s figure, which was much different from the Heat center that year, and Mo Ning’s weight in the later career was more than 120 kg.


James in the Heat period is larger.

After the defending defending in the finals in 2014, James returned to the Cavaliers and began to lose weight, because the load brought by his legs was too large, and he had a hidden danger of injuries.


For 4 years, James’s weight returned to less than 118 kg, which was similar to 2007. Because of weight loss, James rarely occurred in the cramps during the Heat.


James load training

But after weight loss, James is still the biggest striker of the league. Fighting and strength is his killer after all. James, as a striker, often fights against the big forward of the other party.

Although weighing a lot, James’s body is well -proportioned. Compared with some muscle men, James’s muscle beauty is not the best type. His torso, especially thick waist, is not obvious as a whole. James’s most developed muscles are on the shoulders, backs and thighs. His shoulders are comparable to large centers. The back is wide and thick. The thighs are thick like women’s waist. Essence


The triangle of James’s torso is not obvious

Compared with Jordan and Kobe’s eye -catching outer players, James’s body is more like “unscientific monsters”. He is like Kar Malone with top -level outside players. You know, James is only higher than Kobe Jordan higher 5 cm, but weighing more than 20 kg.

After switching to the Lakers last year, due to injuries in the middle of the season, James’s weight once grew to more than 120 kg. It was reported that it exceeded the peak of the Heat, which greatly affected his state after returning. However, after the adjustment of the offseason, James should come back with the best body in the 2019-20 season.


James’s thighs are very thick

Looking back on James’s career, it can be divided into elegant editions from 2003-2005, violent editions from 2006-2010, tank version of 2011-2014, and several major periods of weight reduction in 2015-2018.


James’s back is very generous

James attaches great importance to physical training

James with a beard is worse than before.

As he grows, James’s appearance is also changing quietly. In his early days, his face was tight and his face was slightly long. In the middle of his career, in the middle of the period, the muscles of the face gradually relaxed, the weight increased, and began to wider. From the beginning of the Cavaliers 2.0, as the beard is getting more and more, the face is becoming bigger and old, and the domineering increases, but it is more and more far away from “good -looking”.


There are two other factors that have gradually reduced the appearance of the “old age” James: first of all, his hairline is getting higher and higher, close to baldness, and then he has not brought his hair since 2015, which makes the shortcomings in the previous shortcomings even more obvious. Moreover, James’s brain shape is more suitable for hair bands, and there is always a disadvantage after without bringing it.

The heating of hair bands and arms is the most perfect period.


In general, the ideal period of James’s body and appearance should be between 25 and 30 years old. It is 2009 to 2014, which is also the peak of his career.


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