The little fish that can be used to make snacks, crispy and fragrant, the method is simple

In fact, Xinjiang tastes cumin, and many meals in Xinjiang have cumin taste. Baked lamb, roasted buns, grilled baked, grilled lamb skewers, stir -fried grilled meat, cumin, etc., and so on, even sometimes cooking and making hot pot soup bases. To put it bluntly, cumin is the king of taste. Cumin is also an indispensable condiment at the dining table of Xinjiang people. This cumin small white fish is very good at the outbound rate of the Xinjiang Hotel, and it also belongs to Xinjiang.

Every time I roast and fry, I must add cumin. This is the taste of my family. My family also likes this taste. It is also accustomed to this taste. The habit is inseparable from this taste anyway. Once I used New Orleans to grilled chicken feed, the aliens did not eat anyway, said that it was not delicious or delicious, and there was no taste of cumin powder. Fan went to bake again. As a result, the aliens ate chicken legs with satisfaction, and said that this was the taste of grilled chicken legs.

Main ingredient: Xiaobaiyu

Accessories: starch, eggs, cumin powder, pepper powder, cooking wine, ginger, green onion, vegetable oil


Method: 1. Wash the small white fish with water, drain the water, cut the green onion ginger, marinate the small fish with cooking wine and onion ginger for more than 20 minutes


2. Spring the eggs, stir well, add starch and mix well, add cumin powder pepper powder and mix well

3. Add the marinated fish in and wrap it with a layer of egg liquid


4. The hot pot is cold oil, the oil is 50 % hot, add a small white fish, and fry until it is stiff

5. Turn over and fry until golden yellow, pick up the polish oil



When the small white fish is fried, put it one by one, be careful to stick together. Generally, the fried ingredients are less salt, which is lighter than the fried dishes.

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