Late Qing old photo: Photographer was almost fainted with small feet of women, and the first meal after the young couple was married

Old photos with yellow and gray hair are not good, but it has retained many historical details and is worthy of cherishment. We collected a set of old photos to reproduce the late Qing society that had disappeared.


Street books buy and sell.

The hawkers standing on the right side of the screen held a book and handed one of them to the buyer. The buyer had a highlight on his body, that is, he went out with a copper coin (1000 text), which seemed richer. In fact, in the late Qing Dynasty, one or two silver could not be exchanged for a hanging money. It was just pocket money on the street. In terms of purchasing power, he could buy about 40 eggs at the time.


Guangzhou singer girl.

Four girls are all aged, wearing gorgeous costumes, playing pipa, flute and other instruments to win the master Gu. They are from poor people. They have learned to sing and sing since they were young. They generally made their debut at the age of 10 and withdrew from this line at the age of 20. Because of his humble origin, it is difficult to accept it in society, and most of them are discriminated against and lived.

Li Hongzhang’s Japanese translation Tao Dajun.

Tao Dajun studied in Japan at the age of 14 and studied in Japan. He specializes in Japanese and studied in 7 years. After the defeat of the Sino -Japanese War in 1895, Li Hongzhang went to Japan to conduct negotiations and negotiations. Tao Dajun participated in the event as a Japanese translation and assisted in signing the Maguan Treaty. Due to his outstanding ability, he was appreciated by Li Hongzhang.

Banner’s ladies took a group photo.

As we saw in the Qing Dynasty film and television drama, these flag -man ladies combed the “big wings” hair style. The fan -shaped crown is made of iron wire, the cloth is used as a tire, the surface is wrapped in black satin or velvet cloth, and the bun is fixed with a bun with a mule. At the same time, you need to insert a variety of silver jewelry, such as flower needles, pressing needles, and so on.

Great Wall.


After the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty did not protect and repair the Great Wall, so in the late Qing Dynasty, it became an unbearable appearance, and many walls collapsed. Is the man who carried the gun in the photo prospects patrol the soldiers or the hunter captured the animal? He is more likely to wear ordinary workers’ costumes.


Take pictures on Heilongjiang.

In the cold winter, Heilongjiang was frozen, and people could run on it freely. A photographer set off the posture and took a picture of the pedestrians on the ice.

The Qing army soldiers held double knives and sharp eyes.

The shirtless soldier was holding a double knife, and his eyes shot sharply, which seemed to kill the enemy. But his body is very thin, not strong at all, and it may not take advantage of the battlefield.

Small feet and natural feet.


This photo was taken in Xiamen in 1870 by John Thomson. When the little feet woman unbuttoned the wrap, he almost was fainted by the smell of the rushing out. He described: “She was accompanied by an old lady, in order to let her promise to do this vulgar and embarrassing thing, I You must also bribes her followers generously. But to be honest, I still want to get out of such an uncomfortable scene, because the so -called three -inch golden lotus, whether it is in appearance or from odor Farly with the most holy and most beautiful flower. “


The first meal after the wedding couple was married.


The newlywed couple wore a dress, and ate the first meal symbolically under the crowd. They looked only about twelve or three years old, and they were suspected of child marriage, but it was not surprising that the sides were still used to it at that time. According to “Daqing Tongli”, the man is 16 years old and the woman is 14 years old as the legal marriage age. In fact, there are many people who marry before the legal marriage age.


“Jinlingguang” magazine staff.

“University of Nanking Magazine” was published in 1909. It was an early academic journal of Jinling University and one of the earliest colleges in my country.

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