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When you find that you find a restaurant on the street for a meal, and a small fried small fried in the street exceeds 50, you know that the proportion of money output is a bit sorrowful or sad. However, it is in this generation of precious generations, but the watches are selling more and more affordable, and it will cost 60,000 to 70,000 in the past. Good goods, let’s follow me today!

01. RADO

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TRU series R27056722

The radar watch is the product of the Watch Group Swiss Swatch Group. The Swiss radar watch was born in 1917, when the watch movement was mainly produced. All steel radar case, also called stainless steel shell. The so -called stainless steel is to add about 12%of chromium to the steel to make it have a certain rust ability in the air or in the acid -base salt environment. Domestic stainless hoods generally use chromium nickel stainless steel, that is, in addition to chromium, it also contains about 10%nickel. The case is characterized by high tensile resistance, extension, toughness and rust resistance. Good materials, this steel non -magnetic, can play a anti -magnetic effect. The back cover of the case is generally made of chromium nickel stainless steel or chromium nickel titanium stainless steel.

腕表 | 5千-1万性价比超高的10款腕表

02. Sevenfriday

腕表 | 5千-1万性价比超高的10款腕表

M1 series M1-1

Sevenfriday watch movement is the Japanese Miyota 82S7 movement. The performance of the movement is quite satisfactory, the price of the watch is relatively low, and the overall focus is more focused on the design of the tide. The rounded rectangular surface frame, unique square design, is away from tradition and unique charm; exquisite thread crown is consistent with the “giant teeth” elements of the plate surface; turbine -type innovative multi -function dials and all series of large dial design of 47mm dial design The simple and retro design highlights the spirit of punk in the industrial era. Sevenfriday means that every day is Friday a week, showing a relaxed and comfortable attitude towards life

03. MIDO

Multifort series m005.614.36.051.22

“Inspiration confirms eternity.” The inspiration from the Sydney Harbor Bridge, moving and proud of it. The black dial of the classic atmosphere, the origin of the origin and the strip scale complement each other; the stainless steel case, the exquisite curves and outlines are all ingenious to the designer’s ingenuity; Precise and reliable quality; collection of weekly display, calendar display, chronograph, speed measuring function and one body. It shows the same magnificent momentum that is exactly the same as the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which will give you unlimited charm and unlimited life that brings you.

04. EPOS

Emotion series 3390.302.22.14.32

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Swiss independent watchmaking brand, EPOS originated from Greek meaning “Poetry of Genesis”, the brand was founded in 1983, a famous Swiss watch city of Bienne, which was founded by former Breguet chief designer Peter Hofer. The brand is committed to inheriting the Swiss watchmaking tradition in 1741, integrating the Swiss classical watchmaking art and modern aesthetic creativity, and outlined the unique EPOS series watches. The famous watch brand founded by the Swiss art watchmaking master, the former chief designer of Breguet, is good at hollow mechanical watches, has the top polishing technology, and has high artistic pursuit in appearance design.

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05. Hamilton

Classics series H32596131

The classic English American classic watch shows the pure American spirit of the Hamilton Collection Series. These watches inject the 21st century style and function into the appearance of the classic Hamilton’s unique phenotype, let us feel eternal Elegant. These watches are classic Hamilton in their unique shapes and individuality

06. Enicar

Automatic series 3169-50-40AM

The Beron watch is an important ancestor in the history of the Swiss watch industry. As early as 1910, the pocket watch produced by Inell was highly respected due to its accuracy. Even railway personnel in European countries such as France and Germany also Began to widely use the Permoner’s chronograph. By 1930, Ineg began to manufacture automatic and waterproof watches, and gradually became a well -known Swiss watch brand.

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07. Dietrich

Organic Time series OT-2

Dietrich once again launched a complex function watch OT-2 (ORGANIC TIME). Its design inspiration comes from the beautiful curve of organic plants in nature, echoing the sense of urgency caused by the passage of passing. The OT-2 designed and manufactured in Switzerland adopts a sandblast hexagonal steel skeleton with a diameter of 48 mm. Through sapphire glass mirror, you can directly see the transformed Japanese automatic mechanical movement Myota82-S-7. OT-2’s tender buds and dot scales are made of “luminous” materials, so that people can easily see the time on the dial in the night. There are 24 hours instructions at 10 points of the dial. The Roman digital turntable and the luminous material of the lower disk are overlapping, and the small second disk is located at 5 points, with a hollow hexagonal Venus instruction. The crown is sealed by a dual O -type ring, and its waterproof depth can reach 50 meters.


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Royal Collection) series GS6155W-4822

To celebrate the 155th anniversary of the establishment, Switzerland Yipo Road grandly launched a new “155th Anniversary Limited Memorial Watch” -The Royal Collection, highlighting the European royal family’s respect, and made the most loud annual celebration with the craftsmanship. The praise! This series uses a high -end automatic movement. The limited edition movement is exquisitely polished and carved, the shape is perfect, and the transparent body tells you everything about the watch. The dazzling knife worker showed beautifully. The biggest feature of the sedimentation table is that the “transparent” and “dew” are used just right. The two are integrated into one, and they are technically improving. Calm accumulated cultivation.

09. longines

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Flagshi series L4.774.3.21.7

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Since its launch in 1957, the Langqin Watch Flag Series has attracted attention from all over the world and has become a fashion indicator at the time. Its delicate case is equipped with a well -known L30 manual leaning movement and L380 automatic upper movement movement with Langqin watch. Both of them can withstand strong impact and shocks and resisting magnetic fields. The excellent advantages and delicate Longines flag series are made of stainless steel, which is bright and eye -catching. In addition to three different colors of white, gray or black, there are two different colors of white, gray or black, and there are two large or large three stitches to choose from. In addition, all models except the mini style have a calendar display window. The many types of military flag series can satisfy the taste of different people around the world. The Langqin Army Flag series has 5 different types of different sizes such as mini -to -men’s precision chronograph watches.

10. Movado


MOVADO Movo -famous Swiss watch brand is also one of the world’s top watchmaking factories. It is famous for its iconic Museum museum dial and a very modern design. Since its establishment in 1881, Movo has won more than 100 patents and more than 200 international awards for its artistry and innovation. The unique beauty and eternal design make the Motor Tori schedules worldwide. Movo, as always, inherits history, pioneers tirelessly and leads contemporary watches design, inspired by art, adhering to the high -level Swiss watchmaking technology, showing its unique Chinese but not luxurious charm, showing its unique brand style Essence

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腕表 | 5千-1万性价比超高的10款腕表

腕表 | 5千-1万性价比超高的10款腕表

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