Sweater+skirt, shirt+skirt, wearing this autumn and winter this year, elegant age and age are feminine

With the arrival of Lidong, the temperature will become colder and colder, so pay more attention to keep warm when wearing clothes. Many girls who are afraid of cold will find the thickest coats and sweaters in the wardrobe.

However, in the autumn and winter, I occasionally want to make myself look light and elegant. The skirt is a very suitable choice, which can easily create elegant and age -reducing and feminine wear.

Sweater + skirt

The combination of sweaters and skirts is a more classic match in autumn and winter. The skirt itself is very feminine. The laziness and sexy of the sweater can further enhance the sense of fashion. The style of the skirt is also very rich. Whether it is loose or tight, you can find your favorite style.


A set of wearing must pay attention to the color matching. If the color is wrong, the overall shape will become very strange

Essence There are two options that are not easy to make errors. The same color or contrasting color can be used.

Dark coffee color is a color that is very suitable for autumn and winter, and it is warm while low -key. The dark coffee color is printed and bottomed with a light coffee grid hair medium long skirt. The length of the ankle above the knee can better stretch the proportion. The shoes are paired with the brown patent leather half boots of the same color. If you want to be careful, you can wear a pair of socks with lace lace to leak a trace of lace, which will feel more cute.

The contrast color application is very suitable in autumn and winter

, White half -neck sweater believes that it is a single product in the wardrobe of many people. If you want to wear it differently, you can choose a light khaki pleated long skirt. This skirt will be more vertical, pleated elements Make skirts more highlights.

In this way, a simple white sweater can create a different dress. Shoes can choose a bold color, and orange -red woolen pointed heels are very suitable. Such a set of French romance and tenderness.


It is also a white and light khaki color. The upper body can wear a white printed round neck sweater. Do not be too loose in style, but do not stick it completely. The lower body with a cortical khaki skirt can create a playful and cute feeling. Shoes selected brown leather half boots, which are low -key and personalized, which can make the entire shape look more distinctive.


Light purple Roland color is not very common in autumn and winter, but this color is very textured

Essence The light purple -colored round neck twist sweater with a gray checkered and knee skirt. On one side of the skirt, there are folds, and the other side is smooth design. The style is very fashionable and special. Choose a pair of dark brown leather and knee long boots in the shoes, and make a briefly create a retro autumn and winter wear.


The rose red sweater can break the dull feeling of traditional black and white autumn and winter


The bottom with a black chiffon cake skirt is a very feminine dress. The elegant sense of chiffon dot cake skirt can break the dullness of autumn and winter, ease the thickness of the sweater, and modify the leg shape.


Light green rhombus round neck sweater is also a very fashionable single product in autumn and winter

Compared with ordinary colors, light green is more dynamic, which can add highlights to the autumn and winter wear. The lower body is selected from the bodies of the khaoson -grain, and the design of the fishtail skirt has French romance and elegance. The high waistline stretch ratio, with a pair of brown dwarf -heel leather boots, is a very simple and stylish commute.

There are many sweaters in autumn and winter, and red and white flower sweater is also a must -have for many people in autumn and winter.


Essence This pattern is very suitable for Christmas and has a festive atmosphere. Because the color of the sweater is more fancy, you choose a simple black hip skirt when you put it down, following the principle of width and narrow dressing. Such dressing is very suitable for dating at Christmas and lover.


Shirts+skirts are also very common in autumn and winter. Many sisters who are in the workplace will choose a lot of commuting. It is very uniform to wear it in warm weather. It can also be easily cope with a jacket.

The white shirt with a brown checkered wool woolen skirt, you can

Create a capable female image of the workplace

Essence You can add a neckline of the same color at the neckline of the shirt to enhance your fashion sense from the details. Such a set of wear is very soft, and it will not look very exaggerated when working at work.

The white lace long -sleeved shirt is suitable for women who need commuting. This shirt will look very ladylike because of the addition of lace elements and wear very temperament. The matching half skirt can choose a gray woolen pleated skirt with a skirt near the root of the thighs and a high waist design. Put your shirt into the skirt to create a slender figure. Such a set is very suitable for daily commuting, wearing it in a woolen coat, gentle and fashionable.

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide, so that you no longer worry about dressing!

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