99 yuan to enter the fake two pieces of wool wool sweater! Good version, super breathable, not tie people

When the spring is cold, how can the wardrobe not add one when the spring is cold.

Soft like clouds, thin as things, and neon -like wool knitted cardigan

Woolen cloth?

It is when the spring blooms,

“Spring and Summer Dad”

Go online again to bring a small “blood change project” to the fairy’s wardrobe.

Not to mention the tall daily miscellaneous, ordinary people turn over the closet.

Three seasons of knitwear can be worn in a year



Another reason to like spring is that the sweater of this season is very special:

Particularly beautiful

—— Echo the blooming of spring flowers;

Especially thin

——Light, breathable and warm;

Especially soft

——It do not tie meat in person.


The most important thing is that spring sweater


“There is a flower




For the beautiful reverie in spring

, Hidden in the concept of version design, hidden in the serious ratio of the color, and hidden in the intimate arrangement of daily life.

If you want to choose knitwear,

Winter Great High School

It is to be abandoned ~

The best thing to wear in spring is

Round neck and small V -neck

At the same time, the design of the neck and face is very thin.

in addition,

In autumn and winter, knitwear is used as an inside

More, most of them are tight.

One is to keep warm, and the other is that the coat that is convenient for autumn and winter will not take up too much position.

And spring experienced one

Long winter meat

If the sweater is also worn on the outermost layer, it is rude to see the full meat strips.


So the mystery selected by Haruki is ———


The balance between looseness and thinness


Finally, since it is spring, then

Abandoning the plain color restraint of the rules and regulations



Worried girls who are fat, in fact, many times,

Select the right version

Naturally, it is thin, and there is no melon with the choice of color ~


Today, Xiaobian brought a brand that seems low -key and actually already out of the circle–

Avann’s essence wool blended fake two -piece knitted cardigan

Intersection Perfect



All of the above reveries about spring ~

The key is that the price has also been affordable-

Shenghui only costs 99 yuan

Intersection The price of less than a meal ~


“A sweater can be reached a affectionate hug.”

“French only need ten clothes”


This sentence is just like the mood of people at the moment of the epidemic. If no one hugs you, then put on a sweater and feel the softness of stepping into the clouds ~

01 Add 5.2%Australian wool

Not sullen, good texture, not tie people


Spring knitwear wearing in spring,

ZUI is afraid of people and immense.

And this knit sweater in Avann, selected

5.2%of Australian wool

There is both the gentle touch brought by wool, and at the same time it will not be overheated ~

I was excited when I saw the word Australia,

It is known as “riding on the back of the sheep”

The environment is pleasant, the management of the flock is also very harsh, and the sheep’s mood is good.

The quality of wool on the body is naturally guaranteed

This fake two -piece knit sweater is quite equivalent to wear

Soft, skin -friendly

Even if Xiaobian took his face to the clothes, there was no allergies or broken skin, it was like

Suck your own soft -haired cat


The same, super soft and super comfortable ~

Open the clothes carefully to see, it

Knitting yarn super fine



Greasy and light

Touching, not at all!

Taking into account

Warm and soft

Based on,

It’s quite light

It won’t feel hot on the body.

Don’t look at it


With a shawl

In fact, it is not hot at all, and the sense of verticality is super good.

In addition, because it is

Wool and other fiber mixed textile fabrics

, So in addition to the various advantages of wool,

Toughness and color

These 2 points are also very good.


Even if you wash countless times, you still have just bought the version and color when you just buy it home.

want again

Puch the elasticity of this knit sweater

, Let you pull it out to pull it, it will not be transformed, and it will instantly play back the original look.

This also means that even if you are

Flesh body


Don’t feel like


The touch is also very good, easy to wear and comfortable!

Even if it is more doubled, you too

It’s hard to see a rough weaving

Every hook line is quite detailed ~


A sweater of less than 100 yuan

Wear the feeling of high dingle



This is also done well, can

Feel the breeze of spring

It is too comfortable to take away all the dry raps as soon as it blows!

And it is also

Can’t afford the ball

It won’t wear a few times to wear a lot of common problems of wool sweaters, maintaining the “high -definition” standard.

And what makes people feel happy is that it


It’s not easy to have folds

, I don’t need to use the iron iron iron to iron the folds, it is a word,

Big name

Speaking of which, someone with a heart should already guess, the production plant behind it is definitely not simple:

That’s right, it is with


MUJI, Japanese county

Equal card

Shared processing factory


Big name high -definition skills

It is used on this wool knitwear, and the natural touch is extraordinary ~

02 Loose version is super thin


Fake two designs, and the version of the version of the version

Spring sweater is not only a good touch,

Design is also important

If there is no special design support, the knit sweater is easy to show fat,

Especially bright colors

It is easy to make people look at the tiger back!

And the excellence of this sweater is

Several key small designs.

Although it is difficult to notice at first sight, it looks like it

Thinks thinner than others

This is where the heart is designed!

First of all

Fake two -piece shawl design

Fake shawls can be blocked well

BRA’s prominent embarrassment

, Also allow a lot

Slide girl

It looks easy and casual, and you can also use the lines of the shoulder and neck!

It also looks very British style ~


Round neck design

, Even highlight the beauty of the collarbone, and at the same time, the neck lines are quite elegant.

Single buckle on the chest

It adds a sense of design to the version, which will not look very single.


Unlock the first button and immediately

Transformed into a small V -neck

, Short weight +1!

03 spring and summer 6 color options


Advanced fresh fan, super easy to match!

This wool sweater

There are 6 colors to choose from

The saturation is not high

It is a very popular Morandi color system now.

This year’s

Moran green and taro purple

It is the two most popular models in the 2022 popular color, which can be closed;

Also basic

Beige and sea blue


It is also very easy to wear;


black and white

The contrasting color is also an eternal classic, suitable for formal occasions ~

Let me give you



Couple sweater wear


In the warm spring, you are willing to put it on it, and you are in a good mood ~

1. Knitwear+short skirt = Tuqing look

Spring is to take the fresh style,

Knit sweater+skirt combination

, Not only makes people look younger, but also gentle ladies, suitable for

Go out to play everyday



It will not be too formal,


Quite relaxed tone

Essence Match

High heels, single shoes, and even sneakers

They are all very suitable, look like leg specialties ~

2. Knit sweater+trousers = commute look


It’s very suitable

Daily commuting

Dress, stable and low -key, and then match one

Black trousers,

Both the top and the lower dress cover the meat well ~

Looks like a lighter sense of taro purple

It is more suitable for white trousers, full of age, mothers can also wear elegant lady Fan in their 20s ~

3. Knit sweater+long skirt = queen dating look


Long skirt with short boots,

Gas field 1 meter 9


Discriminate the top butt of the knitwear, and then stuff the lower edge of the clothes into the long skirt.

Not only highlighting the waist, but also quite elegant


, Social Queen is you …


Just right


Cover the fat on the stomach


The color of the long skirt can be matched as you can, and it will look very picky in the crowd!

Do you dare to believe that you can wear such a good match, and now


Just 99 yuan can start

99 yuan is now difficult to pay for a meal, but it can

Unlock a design sensor sweater that can be founded daily and newly available


Not much to say, just grab it!

“Shen” reports hot -selling goods













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