Autumn boots are dazzling. Beauty chooses Martin boots and wear retro fashion taste

After the winter solar terms, the temperature will become lower and lower over time, and the beauty will naturally give up sandals slowly. At this time, it is the season of wearing short boots. All kinds of short boots are dazzling. Essence

In the face of so many short boots, how can we find the one that suits you? Many girls choose Martin boots. This is a retro shoe, and it is also versatile of various costumes. It is very suitable for wearing in autumn and can wear retro fashion taste.

Martin boots are indeed a very fashionable boots. Every fall is the most active season of Martin boots every year. I believe that many people do not know the origin of Martin boots. Martin boots are a pair of functional boots, which can protect the ankle. Initially, Martin boots were boots worn by patients with ankle injury to help them restore the injured parts.

Martin’s boots are unique and very durable. They have been put on the street by fashionistas and have become a favorite fashion item for people. The quality of the Martin boots is really nothing to say. A pair of good Martin boots can be worn for many years, and you don’t have to worry about Martin’s boots outdated because it is an old -fashioned boot.


Even if the boots have severe deformation, the skin is broken and painted, it will not affect the aesthetics of Martin boots. It can be said that Martin boots depends on “raising”, and the effects of “raising” different people are also different. This is the biggest charm of Martin boots.

Martin boots can be divided into zipper -type and lace -up style in terms of style. The zipper style is also called lazy Martin boots. The style is mainly simple and generous. It is very popular with girls. Loves Martin boots are usually divided into 8 -hole, 10 -hole, 16 -hole and 20 -hole design. Among them, the Martin boots designed by 16 -hole are the most common. The soles are thicker and very durable.


No matter which style of Martin boots, you can versatile all kinds of clothing, which is favored by beauties. Girls wearing Martin boots will still look handsome. Looking at the beauty in the photo, she chose a pair of big red Martin boots. This color can be said to be a very classic color in the Martin boots. Red has a very eye -catching visual effect, especially with black, which also brings a strong sense of visual impact. This is unmatched by Martin boots of other colors. It can be seen that this pair of Martin boots have developed severe deformation, the upper is still damaged, and long -term wear causes the upper to turn black, but this does not affect the aesthetics of these boots.


The beauty uses it with a pair of black three -point shorts to show the effect of long legs without losing high heels. This shorts also use high -waisted design, with a white high -waist knitting vest. Beauty make full use of the characteristics of high waist clothing to make his figure more in line with the golden ratio of three -to -seven.


Wearing a gray knitted cardigan coat outside, the wrist of the two sleeves with three white edges for decoration. This body is not only full of youthful atmosphere, but also wears a retro fashion taste.

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