Feminine can not become smug? Condemnation 20 + 30 + 40 + perfume for you!

Perfume is a woman of feeling, from the girl into a woman’s sign, it is to let all the girls are yearning mind. Perfume find a suitable temperament, not only can be a plus for you, but also make you feel good all day.

All women want to have their own unique flavor, they can not refuse the temptation of sweet, here’s a look, Which is suitable for your exclusive perfume?

Women 20+

Shortly after the age of onset of puberty, most have entered the workplace, you need a bottle of fragrance for women to prove that they have “grown up”, and the faint smell young enough to fit you.

1, Ferragamo (Ferragamo) Rainbow Dream Eau de Toilette

Recommended reason: rainbow shine bottle. Joy sweet aroma of passion fruit pineapple fusion begins, in order to smell feminine freesia-based, coupled with functional mellow aroma of peaches, and finally transparent soft cast dragon incense cedar fusion of natural leisure beautiful aroma.

Fragrance: fresh floral and fruity

Top notes: pineapple, passion fruit, lemon

Middle notes: freesia, peony, peach

End notes: cedar wood, amber, musk

2, Dior (Dior) Maximo Oliveros sweetheart perfume

Recommended reason: Maximo Oliveros Sweetheart Eau de Toilette Top notes of citrus from Sicily, she brought a pleasant fresh sweet and sour. Followed by the next run of peony flowers, warm release. Fiber beautiful peony flower, originated in China, known as the “king of flowers”, she is cautious, modest and enduring symbol. It comes with peony flowers are fragrant Rose incense.


Fragrance: floral notes

Top notes: Sicilian citrus, fleeting, but draw the initial olfactory impression.

Middle notes: peony, rose a fragrance of incense pure essence, long linger in the body.


Tailwater: patchouli, musk white long continued most, even after a few months, may also be barely visible above the laundry.

Women 30+

At this point you have begun to know what he wants and what the pursuit of yes. Revealing little scent of a woman’s fragrance best suited to you now.

1, Dior (Dior) perfume I really

Recommended reason: J’adore perfume I really Rose and floral and fruity to Damascus plum, extremely feminine expression, as well as gold, a symbol of absolute femininity, modern and elegant, bright and sensual!

Top notes: bergamot card does not Leah: harvesting in southern Italy, to take the fruit peel obtained by cold rolling bergamot essential oil, it brings the taste of sweet perfume one kind of overhangs, to the citrus fragrance adds a unique vitality.

Middle notes: Rose Damascus origin was made for pure essential oils and incense to Turkey and Bulgaria, Damascus Rose

After the transfer: Jasmine is a symbol of feminine. Jasmine is the world’s perfume extract the most commonly used spices, it has its own unique flavor is very fragile flower seeds, sometimes wild and unrestrained, sometimes like a morning dew is generally pure.


2, Bulgari (Bvlgari) Ms. Amethyst Eau pure incense

Recommended reason: Alberto Morillas elegant and delicate perfume Omnia Améthyste a fresh fragrance conveys personal characteristics. Pure, unique aroma, can reflect the elegance of the female personality, and has been the symbol of amethyst physical and mental balance, evoke inner noble and peaceful. Low-key and sexy fragrance, showing the full feminine.

Fragrance: woody notes

Top notes: grapefruit, green leaves

Notes: Iris, Rose

After the transfer: heliotrope, Valerian

Women 40+

Charm your age, taste for flavor have enough grasp, of course, more than a luxury perfume bottle is a symbol of your taste.

1, Chanel (Chanel) No. 5 perfume

Recommended reason: the world’s unique perfume, despite time goes still exudes a timeless charm that Chanel N ° 5. Born in 1921, N ° 5, is the legendary perfume industry. More than 83 kinds of precious ingredients, avant-garde sense of the full bottle, Jieke global name recognition of, the traditional manual sealing process, Monroe’s personal pajamas …… so many women desire to have a modern classic.

Aroma: combination of plant type, flower type and aldehydes

Top notes: aldehyde smell and taste of wet grass, jasmine

Notes: Rose, Ylang Ylang, Iris

After the transfer: patchouli

2, Bulgari (Bvlgari) Ms. night jasmine perfume

Recommended reason: This fragrance belongs to the partial woody floral perfume, intended to show sexy slim woman gentle but mysterious and lovely style. Perfume creative fusion recipes wonderful dual qualities, both enjoy the performance of the Jasmine pure and bright, but also highlights the elegance gathered in a deep mysterious side.

Top notes: gardenia petals and bright gentle aroma of green sap, into a fascinating blend of top notes


Middle notes: sweet then gradually into the mysterious sexy Arabian jasmine incense, and in the formulation combines imaginative velvet aroma of almonds, forming a touching notes irresistible.

After the transfer: the gradual integration into the strong aroma of precious wood, Dayton add beans overflowing warmth of its fragrance presents subtle finale finish without a break, for women’s pure sexy picture perfect ending point.

Tips for proper use of perfume

A personal contact with

Perfume direct contact with the skin, the body will warm aroma transpiration filled, even more attractive.

Two small amounts of many

Uniform and weak aroma, bringing the Ruoyouruowu hazy beauty, ears, inside of the elbow, knee inside with fragrant good at.

Listen fragrant three languages

Perfume language has character, each perfume has its own unique taste. “Poison” is a peach perfume, sexy, charming, colorful, enchanting; “Dune” is a lush natural greenery aroma type, blowing the breath of life, such as immersive as if being at the blue sky; “opium “it is a classic neutral aroma, set a man’s shrewd, mature woman free and easy and fragrance in one, quietly exudes love will never fade.


Four changes from time to time in accordance with

The amount of perfume to cooperate with seasonal. Sunny days, the perfume will be strong temperature lower than the day; rainy or humid days, perfume lasting than convergence. In addition, the spring is appropriate to attack some elegant flavor, summer is best to use light and refreshing flavor, you can choose warm winter, strong perfume.

How to save the perfume safest?


A perfume should be stored in a cool place, and avoid air under a hot light. If perfume is placed at high temperatures, colors and fragrance perfume will produce change, if you want long-term preservation of perfume, can be outsourced to wrap the perfume, placed in the refrigerator library.


Two jog avoid friction and perfume bottles.

Three not to dirty your fingers directly touch the bottle, this could undermine the perfume flavor.

After four perfume, bottle must be tightened to avoid perfume fragrance volatile lazy to do.

PS: Perfume is usually about one year can be stored, and stored at room temperature. If you find the flavor fades, or sour occur it should be discarded.

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