“The most beautiful application” candy diary: simple and easy -to -use diary, suitable for every literary child

Do you have the habit of recording? Do you have a suitable diary on your mobile phone? What kind of form to be shared in the writing diary?


Today Xiaomei brings you a new android platform application, “Candy Diary”, which is simple and easy to use, and the function is not weak.

The interface design is extremely simple

The interface design of the “Candy Diary” is very concise. Although Xiaomei ran to the starting ICON to download, I thought that after the application was activated, the overall interface would also be fragrant candy color. In fact, it was very simple to see very simple. Calendar interface.

The buttons in the interface are clearly visible. Looking at the specific settings, I found that there are not too many inside.

To be honest, Xiaomei is a little disappointed. After all, this looks too simple.


But after use, you will find that you play well.

Diversified recording scenarios


The main functions provided by the “Candy Diary” are based on the daily records of the calendar. Of course, it is based on text. Its rich text editor can still reflect the intimateness of the developer.

For the editors of the text, the style of the title, as well as bold, line texts, shows, and list forms in the play. Although not particularly many, it is sufficient for small freshness recorded in our essay.


Photo voice omnipotent


Not limited to text, you can also add pictures and voice directly in the “Candy Diary”.

The addition of voice can be said to be a highlight of this application. In the process of voice input, as long as it starts, it will start to enter automatically. After the entry, you can also preview and listen. For many lazy people, the timely and accurate voice entry will make your records richer.

For each notes, the “Candy Diary” also provides a label classification function. Custom expressions can help you manage your diary efficiently.

Timetable and picture sharing


For daily diaries, you can see that it is fully presented on a timeline and can preview all the contents of the calendar.


Not only that, the calendar can also be directly directed into pictures for sharing, so that we can quickly share our diary or other text records to others.

In general. “Candy Diary” is an excellent application with small volume and convenient use. In the future, Xiaomei also believes that developers will gradually make it better. If you are interested, you can try it directly. After all, the habit of the record is a behavior that can bring benefits to everyone. Essence

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Download the most beautiful application client, and immediately have all good, fun, and good -looking “most beautiful applications”!

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