Twelve anti -dehydration shampoo: obvious effect of hair, Lu Bei Boqing’s defense effect is doubtful

“Time is to kill the pig knife”, flattened your edges and corners, and

Pull out

Your hair …

In the eyes of many people, hair loss and Xie Ding seem to be the “patent” of middle -aged and elderly people, but now more and more young people (even the “post -00s” …) have begun to suffer from hair loss.

In order to get rid of the “bald” crisis, compared with hair transplantation and laser, low -cost and easy -to -operate “anti -off” shampoo became their first choice. In this case, which one does have the effect of “prevention”? How do consumers choose?

In April 2019, “Consumer Report” was sent for inspection

Overlord, Zhang Guang 101, Lu, Fu Lusi, Shiseido, Fang Duo PHYTO, Lion King, Fengtian, Yangyuan Qing, Ou Biqing Alpecin


Waiting for the 12 shampoo that claims to have the effect of “anti -loss” and “anti -falling hair”, and verify the anti -off effect of 12 products through 30 “hair loss”.

The test results show that most of the shampoo that claims to be “anti -proof” and “anti -fell hair” has a certain anti -decapitation effect.


Fa Duo Phyto

The effect of anti -proof is relatively good, and


As well as

Ou Biqing

The anti -proof effect is poor.

Anti -proof effect: “Fa Duo” leads, “Lu” and “Ou Biqing” have suspicion

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and economy, the development of cosmetics has gradually entered an era when the development of cosmetics has changed from major importance to security to safety and efficacy.


At present, my country will be used for cosmetics for hair development, hair dyeing, perm, hair removal, beauty, bodybuilding, deodorizing, freckle removal, and sun protection as special use cosmetics.

In the 12 preventive shampoo participating in the test, except

Lu, Shiseido, Fa Duo, Lion King

Four outside,

Overlord, Zhang Guang 101, Fu Lusi, Fengtian, Yangqing, Ou Diqing, Schwarzkopf, Tongrentang

The eight approved numbers are “national makeup special characters” or “national makeup special”, which is a cosmetics with special use.


In my country’s cosmetics market, most of the products have certain effects, but some effects have not been fully based. However, in addition to the effect of sunscreen effects in my country, there is no specification and method for the evaluation of other cosmetics efficacy. The special effects of cosmetics shall be responsible for the enterprise itself.

In the case of gaps in cosmetic efficacy evaluation, this magazine recruited 30 volunteers with “hair loss” in the country to conduct a trial of nearly one month, and collect the hair loss after washing, combing hair, and blowing. To evaluate the anti -off effect of 12 hair washed water.

The test results show,

Fahuo PHYTO, Siwang, Fengtian, Zhang Guang 101

There is a trend of hair loss after each washing average of 10 prevention shampoo. Among them,

The anti -off effect is more obvious.

▲ Fa Duo PHYTO silk shampoo



Lu, Ou Biqing

The hair loss after each washed on average did not decrease, and almost no “anti -off” effect was reflected.

▲ Ou Biqing Alpecin caffeine washing C1

▲ Lu Nourish Rigid hair dense and strong shampoo (oily scalp)

At present, common hair loss includes androgens, neurotic hair loss, chemical hair loss, physical hair loss, elderly hair loss, pathological hair loss, etc.

According to relevant statistics, about 160 million people in my country have been troubled by hair loss, especially for young people’s hair loss, androgen hair loss as the main type of hair loss.


Agenic hair loss (AGA), commonly known as “seborrheic hair loss” and “early baldness”, is related to genetic factors and endocrine factors: the level of bi -hydrogen testosterone (DHT) increase. Both men and women may happen, and some scholars call female patients alone as female hair loss (FPHL).

Zhang Taijun, executive vice president of the Guangdong Cosmetics Science and Technology Research Association, explained: “At present, it is estimated that 95%of the hair loss people belong to the male hormone hair loss, including women. It has risen, such as postpartum hair loss, which is also caused by imbalance of sex hormones in the body, so women will also have the trouble of male hormone hair loss. “

Men generally start from the hairline back, and the sides of the forehead gradually lose their hair, and some men start their hair from their heads, and finally develop into the front side of the forehead and the top of the head. The symptoms of women’s baldness are relatively mild. Generally, in the head position, the overall hair becomes thinner.

The ratio of young women has also increased year by year, especially young mothers during breastfeeding, busy professional women, etc.

Although the androgen hair loss is mainly genetic, many young people have said that their parents have problems with the hairline of the hairline and Xie Ding between the age of 45 to 50. Severe hair loss has occurred.

Zhang Bin, the attending physician of the dermatology department and the head of the hair specialty of Qianfoshan Hospital in Shandong Province, once said that hair loss and hair loss are the result of the common influence of various factors. The main reason for genetic family history is the main reason. The common problems of modern people such as insufficient nutrition and frequent hot hair may increase hair loss, or cause hair loss earlier.

Zhang Taijun held the same opinion: “Eliminating the hair loss of family history, staying up late, not exercising, and high pressure is the main reason for many young people to lose hair. In these cases Slightly loses hair, and can be relieved by relieving stress, more exercise, health and interest, and diet. “

The “anti -loss” and “breeding” shampoos are generally achieved by adding cosmetic hair loss agents to alleviate hair loss, including adenosine, vitamins, amino acids, and natural plant extract.

Severe hair loss requires timely medical treatment. At present, it is mainly through local drugs, system drugs, hair transplantation, laser, auto -activating platelets to enrich platelet plasma injection and other treatment to prevent continued development of hair loss and even reverse hair loss.


Hair loss treatment requires the process. In addition to clinical treatment such as drugs, daily care for scalp is also very important.

The diet is light, avoid too greasy and spicy, avoid staying up late, regularly work, exercise the body, regulate your mood, relieve stress, keep your mood comfortable, pay attention to the daily cleaning and frequency of your hair, and avoid stimulation of scalp dyeing and perm as much as possible.

Many volunteers feedback the “itching” situation during the trial process, which may be caused by some efficacy additives, preservatives or flavors in the anti -shampoo.

This magazine recommends consumers with eczema, dermatitis, etc., to avoid using anti -de -de -shampoo.

Speaking review: Ou Biqing is well received, Tongtang’s smell is too “heavy”

30 volunteers who have troubled hair loss have conducted a trial of 12 preventive shampoo for nearly a month, and eight aspects such as texture, smell, foam degree, irritation, anti -de -littering, oil control, itching, smoothness, smoothness, smoothness, smoothness, smoothness, smooth itching, smoothness Make subjective blind evaluation.

The results show,


Oil control and foaming effect are better, and they are more popular with volunteers, followed by





The relief effect is better; and

Lion king

Not smooth enough after washing,


The smell is not very popular.

In the subjective intention of volunteers,


The ranking of anti -off effects is high, which contrary to the results of the actual hair loss statistics of the dispersion. In comprehensive consideration, this magazine recommends the reference basis for the reduction of hair loss at the measured. As a result, it is more accurate than the subjective experience of the human body.

~ Poke this review of anti -shampoo evaluation report 1: “

Twelve anti -dehydration shampoo test: Green Deya, Lu, Shiseido, Fengtian, and Tongrentang detected the banned hormones!

[Special Statement]: The test results in this report and mentioning the brand are only responsible for test samples, which does not represent the quality status of the same batch or other models of products.

Fa Duo Phyto

Ou Biqing

Ou Biqing

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