2021 Backpack Recommended, what are the good -looking business/sports/casual backpacks?

As a program ape, a powerful backpack is too important. I often need to be carried on get off work, if the notebook is heavy, then

Be load -bearing ability is too important. In addition, the high -value backpack is also the representative of temperament.

As the longest item to accompany us, the market is also very large, and the water inside is still very deep.

After watching it on the Internet for nearly a week, I finally decided to buy a backpack from the country’s geographical geographical. Kung Fu is worthy of care. This bag is too satisfied, with high face value and strong functionality. It is not in vain with energy, and the preparation I made before is useless. I will share with you today. It can be used as a reference for everyone.

1. Buying factor


The volume of the backpack is very important. Under different scenarios, there are different volume needs. If it is office, you must be able to put it in your own computer. This is why there are so many computer bags on the market today. , To understand the size of your computer, then buy accordingly.

And if you travel, you don’t want to pull a bulky suitcase, and a large -volume shoulder bag is particularly important. Therefore, the volume of the backpack is one of the important reference factors when buying.

2. Material and function

Many shoulder bags use waterproof materials today, which can meet the needs of outdoor travel, and now there are still

Shock -absorbing backpack

, Able to effectively protect the electronic equipment installed in the backpack. Of course, these different functions and materials are different, so they still need to buy according to their needs

3. style

Depending on the application scenarios and the age of the user, the style of the backpack is naturally different. For some mature business people, if the color of the backpack is too bright, it may not be appropriate. That’s the same.

Next, I will bring you a carefully selected and organized shoulder bag sharing. According to different prices, you can let everyone choose according to their needs!

Second, within 300 yuan

1. Xiaomi (mi) minimalist city 129

Reasons for recommendation


Xiaomi is an old -fashioned domestic mobile phone brand. In recent years, Xiaomi has not only worked in the mobile phone industry, but also develops many black technology. This computer bag is a minimalist metropolitan series launched by Xiaomi.



Then, then, then

Xiaomi’s backpack has always adopted a very deserted appearance, which is also in line with the name of the minimalist of the city, which is very suitable for low -key working people.

2 This bag

Built -in manganese steel sheet, strong back elasticity

In this way, the old backpack will not look like the backpack is loosened.

3. shoulder strap

The breathability is not very good

, Especially in summer. There may be a lot of sweat, everyone can consider it carefully.

4. Small items have their own storage bags, 8 multi -functional separation bags, water cups, umbrellas, glasses, in short, all small items in life can almost put them in.

Xiaomi (mi) minimalist urban shoulders


¥ 149.00


Compared to the backpacks that Xiaomi had before, this bag has a disadvantage that the fabric is thinner. It looks a bit bulky when the back is, and the packaging is not very good;

But as a cheap backpack,

At this price, the quality can actually be considered upstream. If the budget is not high, you can consider this

2. National Geographical Back 15.6 -inch Gray Blue 249 249


National Geography was created in 1888. In addition to running a magazine in these years, a lot of effort has been made on the backpack. One of the concepts that the national geography has always been proposed is to care for the earth. The function is also very complete.

State geographical production of backpacks. In the application scenario, there must be outdoor. So their fabric

It can be waterproof and very wear -resistant.

National Geography is selected from the fabric selection

Exclusive wrinkled oblique fabric,

Not only is it light and light, but also splash water, tough, wear -resistant and breathable, and can meet daily needs.

Disted mechanical design,


More fit in the back of the human body, it can sweat and breathe, and it is easy to carry

The safety of this backpack is also high. introduced

Unique anti -theft design


Essence It is both beautiful and practical.

National Geographical Back 15.6 -inch Gray Blue Blue

¥ 244.00

The quality control of this backpack is not very good. Some backpacks on the platform have the phenomenon that the quality of the backpack is not closed. This is why I did n’t buy it, but I have to say that the value of the face is still available. If you have the background, you must start with the quality of the quality.



Ninth City V.NINE15.6 -inch Powder with gray 155

Small and fresh color matching, at the same time, takes into account the practicality, the price is still very beautiful, which is very suitable for the student party.


Selected in the fabric,

Using nylon, you can prevent water splashing. When it comes to rainy days, wipe is intact as early as the beginning.

In terms of appearance, it is quite satisfactory.

Metal zipper head, synthetic Gela hand

Backpack can accommodate

15.6 -inch laptop computer

, Can meet daily commuting needs.

It is worth mentioning that this backpack. There are anti -theft, hidden, zipper bands towards wallets and mobile phones. Such more valuable private items can be placed inside to ensure safety.

Inside of the backpack

1 main warehouse, 1 computer partition, and 2 partitions, 1 pen position

, Follow the needs of the student party.

Ninth City V.NINE15.6 -inch Powder with gray

¥ 159.00

In the cheap backpack market, the brand of the ninth city has been deeply cultivated for many years and has made the cost -effectiveness to the extreme. However, the positioning market has always been a student party. For office workers, this style is slightly naive. It still depends on your own needs.

4. Swiss Swicky Reich Upgraded Black Large 124

This backpack is very hard -core. The most commendable is the powerful function of this backpack. While both accommodation, it introduces a very powerful function. Charge.

The problem of mobile phone power has become the boss. When no one wants to play a mobile phone, get a bulky charging treasure, and with this backpack,


Can be more convenient to charge

The design of this backpack of the backpack is a typical straight male design. It is not good -looking, but it is very practical, the capacity is large, and the functionality is sufficient.

Zipper belt lock, back to the back of the anti -theft zipper, higher safety

Swiss Swicky Reich Upgraded Black Large

¥ 114.00

Under the appearance of the hard core, the details are full of intention, ultra -large capacity, and the introduction of the USB interface. For friends who are not too high in appearance, you can consider this one. But remind everyone that this brand that is not our familiar Swiss Army knife, friends who go to the brand, weigh it.

Recommended backpack below 300 yuan

3. The next step is 300 to 500 yuan

1. Horizon No. 8 (Level8) 15.6 -inch large capacity (produced by Hammer) 299/499

: This backpack is recommended by Lao Luo. It can almost fully fulfill the accusations of a computer bag, which makes the function of protecting the electronic equipment to the extreme.


This back shoulders, for computer tablets

Electronic equipment is very friendly, full support protection

, Double insurance for electronic equipment.

There is a classification icon inside the backpack,

Various items have their own independent partitions

Travel box -type full -opening design, travel travel, check some items, have no view at a glance

Horizon No. 8 (Level8) 15.6 -inch large capacity (produced by Hammer)

¥ 279.00

In addition to the different prices, these two shoulder bags are not very different. If you like this one, buying 299 is the best choice.

2. National Geographic 15.6 -inch Large -capacity Anti -Pour Pour Back 499

: National Geography was created in 1888. In addition to running a magazine in these years, a lot of effort has been made on the backpack. One of the concepts that the national geography has always been proposed is to care for the earth. Materials and functions are also very complete. Compared with the previous 299, this one has been improved in appearance and function.

This shoulder package capacity is very large, divided

For seven areas, multi -function warehouses, main warehouses, side bags, front zipper bags, mobile phone bags, wallet bags, laptops


The rest of the function has improved on the basis of the previous one

Hidden rain cover design at the bottom

It can effectively resist the weather changes in the journey.

Hanging design

, You can place the backpack in the tie box while traveling to liberate your hands

National Geographic 15.6 -inch Large -capacity Waterproof Backpack

¥ 594.00


Although the price of this backpack is a bit expensive, the design and functionality are full, and the national geographical logo is also very unique and full of feelings.

3. Nestivation 15.6 -inch bu1 black 359

: The biggest advantage of this backpack is lightweight, only 0.64 kg, which is equivalent to the weight of a bottle of mineral water.


Water -proof water material, the water is splashed up, it will not attach

The loading capacity is very strong, the backpack is independent partition, efficient access, and the storage is very convenient

Light carrying experience,

The weight of 0.65 kg is equivalent to a bottle of mineral springs

Water, there is no stress on the back

Use breathable material, even in summer, it will not be very sultry

Rookie 15.6 -inch bu1 black

¥ 399.00

This is a backpack that is very suitable for the city. It is full of fashion. The three colors can be selected to meet the daily needs of office workers

Fourth, the last is 500 yuan or more

1. National Geographical Black Technology Seismic Artifact 15.6 -inch Gray 578

: Ultra -large capacity, ultra -high value, tailor -made for outdoor sports, hardcore design appearance, plus shock -proof black technology, built -in burden reduction design without having to be troubled by weight.

Create a place for headphones,

Magnetic headset design

, Easy to use

Use drawer warehouse design to break the restraint of the previous backpacks, and take out the storage items like opening a drawer

Introduce black technology,

Built -in black technology spring effectively played a role in reducing burden,

It’s easier to travel

Send the rain cover, no fear of rainy days, effectively prevent daily rainwater

National Geographical Black Technology Seismic Artifact 15.6 -inch Gray

The backpack space is very large,

17 -inch computers can be put in, taking into account feelings and practicality

Although the price of 578 is small, the corresponding quality is also greatly improved. However, there are still a problem in the details. Although the spring can reduce the burden, it will make noise. If you mind, this one is more cautious.

2. Arctic fox shoulder bag 23510-664/319 frost green/peach red 16L


: No need to say more, the face value of this backpack is too capable. Almost every girl will like it.

Different color matching is free to choose, like this backpack with the main face value

, It’s hard to imagine more color matching

,always one option fit for you

The capacity of this backpack is relatively small, but it can also install a 13 -inch notebook. The storage space can still meet the daily needs.


The full opening design, the large -capacity main position is pulled to the end


Let all the items be attributed to their own.

Arctic fox shoulder bag 23510-664/319 frost green/peach red 16L

¥ 599.00

nice! nice! Still good! The most suitable application scenario for this backpack is giving gifts, and the value is justice!

3. Rookie Backpack TU5*09001 799

: This one is obviously different from the appearance of the 359 new shoulder bag recommended before, and it is full of business.

The material is weaving

The material and super fiber leather, the waterproof performance is very good, and it is also very breathable


There is no sweltering feeling when it is carried.

Under the large capacity, the detail

Multi -text group partition, rear position, computer partition, 17 -inch computer

Let go

The new and beautiful lines of the newly upgraded DEREK series in the latest season have no simple lines, which interprets the attitude of modern new business travel.

Rookings Tu5*09001

¥ 799.00

The quality of this backpack will be heavier than other naturally. The price of 799 can consider it by yourself. If you are a business person who often travels out, this can be considered to start. It is worth saying that the quality control of this bag is done. Very good.

4. Tuming high -end fashion ballistic nylon shoulder bag black 5190

: The last super heavy, worth 5190 Tuming high -end fashionable shoulder bag, the price is almost equivalent to a luxury bag. This bag naturally has the reason why he is expensive.

After configuration, you can stack and carry heavier wrap on the suitcase. It is very solid and easy to complete with one hand

The safety is extremely high,


Internal configuration TUMI Tracer tracking identification system


, State in advance, this is a free service, you can retrieve your bags at any time.

What does your representative, the representative can

Private customization, exclusive lettering service

You can engrave your name on your bag.

As for the capacity and the distribution of storage space inside the backpack, there is no need to worry about it, after all, the price is here.

The appearance looks very high -end, a bit like a luggage, and the details are slowly attentive, and even the drainage of the umbrella.

Tuming high -end fashion ballistic nylon backpack black

¥ 5190.00

: What are the disadvantages of this bag? A word, expensive! In addition, there is almost almost impeccable. If you have sufficient budget, you can consider starting this one

5. Maintenance and cleaning of backpacks

a. First of all, our backpacks are actually very toss, because to cope with various weather and environmental conditions outdoor, the general fabrics have basic waterproof and tear resistance. Therefore, in general use, there is no need to worry about too much abnormal damage.

b. Most of the waist wings and other parts of the backpack are still close to the body. In use, more sweat will be absorbed. If it is not cleaned in time, it will also bring some corrosiveness to the backpack material. Bacteria breeding will bring odor.

Reasons for recommendation

Reasons for recommendation

Reasons for recommendation

Reasons for recommendation

Reasons for recommendation


Reasons for recommendation

Reasons for recommendation

Reasons for recommendation

Reasons for recommendation

Reasons for recommendation












Then, then, then

Then, then, then

Then, then, then

Then, then, then

Then, then, then























¥ 594.00

c. The backpack does not need to be cleaned in time every time you use it.However, it is recommended to clean it regularly, or clean it in time after a large amount of sweating and high -intensity.


d. If there are oil stains or stains that are difficult to clean in individual places, you can use soft brush or sponge, and wash without water wine.Aquatic alcohol is an organic solvent, which can effectively dissolve the oil and stain, which is easy to volatilize, and there will be no trace.(Medical alcohol may leave traces after cleaning.)

e.Use a launder with a sponge or soft bristles to the surface layer and strap.Cleaning the system and dirty places focuses on cleaning.Wash with a soft brush at the zipper.

Finally, rinse with a lot of water.Be sure to rush clean, otherwise there will be residual washing agents or even stains, staying in the gap or fabric of the backpack.Dry the cool and ventilated place to avoid exposure, which will make the coating and fabric aging.

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