Goddess Sun Yunzhu: Double -layer lace perspective high -waisted stitching dress

This self -sexy lace dress is really worth starting, the round neck decorated with eyelashes lace, the pivot lace sleeves and eyelashes lace cuffs, three -dimensional cut waist version, stitching slim skirt Type, short and back -long skirts, highlight the beautiful curve of women.

The design of the upper lace of the skirt adds a sense of visual hierarchy with its own charming temperament. Whether it is single or with a small coat, it naturally exudes a charming and elegant temperament.


The three -dimensional cut -fitting version, the fold design, highlights the beautiful S -curve of women, and the knee rear slit skirt, elegant and charming, suitable for various occasions. The texture of the lace fabric is soft and density, and the abrasion resistance will not be wrinkled. The color of the lace has a better sense of surface texture.


The innocent elegance of lace is uncomfortable with deep bone marrow. With pure white colors, it is enough to make the temperament of the lace achieve a full score. Put on this lace skirt, you are the goddess of temperament.

The round neck of lace lace decorated is more elegant and emotional, outlines the curve of the neck and collarbone, configured the tie with a more slender waist on the belt, and the solid lace fabric is hit on the body softly. The delicate quality yarn hook flowers flower flower The texture is clear, and the upper body is hazy.

Lace has always been one of the indispensable fabrics in the goddess wardrobe. The fashion and simple U -collar, and the temperament is a little sexy. The whole skirt is covered with lace flowers. Line lining, the upper body effect should not be too good, dating and shopping are the most suitable!

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