Japan’s very controversial topic, the cute little pig records 100 days, and finally baked to eat


Recently there is a very controversial


hot topic


It is a Japanese netizen opened a video platform called “

Pigs eaten after 100 days

(100 days later, eat 日 日 ブタ) channel. The owner on the channel brought back a piglet on the 75th after life and named it “Roasted Meat King” (カ ル ビ), and after 100 days of raising it, he ate it. On the 100th day, the cover of the uploaded film was the grilled grilled suckling pig, which really eaten …? How about this popular topic depends on the in -depth analysis of Xiaobian.



The “Pig I eat after 100 days” channel, I want to originate from a serial planning

In a report on June 7, “Abema Times” interviewed the business channel. The channel owner said: “I used to do pet -related themes on public video networks, because it is easy to accumulate the number of subscriptions. But if it is just like everyone, it is too ordinary. Seeing” Crocodiles who will die in 100 days “, I get inspiration from it, I made this plan. ” The report also mentioned that at the time, many people had doubts about whether they would really eat the piglets. The channel owner said: “Is it to eat after 100 days and not decided. But this plan remains unchanged. I hope everyone will see the small The process of growing pigs, thinking about the topic of “food education” and “waste food”.

※ The meaning of food is “diet education”. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Aquatic Products of Japan defines “the basics of people’s survival, and the basis of intellectual education, moral education, and sports.”


What is the crocodile that will die after 100 days?

This is a four -grid comic that depicts a four -year comic of a crocodile 100 days before the death of a narrative. The work began to be serialized at the author’s social account of the author Kikuchi Yoshi on December 12, 2019, which was completed on March 20, 2020. The author mentioned the opportunity of story creation, related to friends who died in the accident. I hope everyone “in the future is unpredictable, and we must cherish the limited time.”


“Area Dot.” Also interviewed the channel owner and talked about his identity in the interview. Channel owner is now a free film editor and meets a boss who is doing education. This company provides a lecture on film editing and writing. The boss said that Japan’s popular SDGS (continuous development target) is now hoping to reduce Japanese food waste. It is educated although this plan will be criticized. It is also mentioned that there are commercial proposals for commercialization, but I don’t want to make money by this, so there is no special progress at present.

From 2021/5/25, the daily record uploaded, the love for the piglets has become deeper and deeper …

The channel was uploaded from May 25, and recorded the first image of the pig’s “roast meat king” (カ ル ビ). The title of the first episode is “The first time I came to the house, the mini pig was so cute for 75 days … [first day], recorded the daily life of the piglets, and the cute appearance.

It looks like the first urine, when I ran to the sofa for the first time, when I went to the hospital for the first time. There are also little pig dolls that have been bought, and the jealous appearance of roast meat is the memories of daily life with pets. As one day passed, the audience also fell into deeper and deeper. It was difficult to accept the fact that it would face death after the 100th day.

The first time I saw the reaction of the bread Superman

When I was sick for the first time I went to the hospital

Day 100: Roasted meat king has become grilled suckling pigs …

On the 100th day of the film, the cover is a suckling pig on the grilled rack. Seeing this picture, many viewers were broken. As of 21:00 on September 3, more than 2.3 million views have been accumulated, and more than 30,000 or more messages are accumulated. In addition to the Japanese, there are also languages ​​such as English, Russian, and Chinese, and the film has a global response.

What do the Japanese people think of this? Is there any doubt about abuse of animals?


What do the Japanese people think of this? From the perspective of Japanese public social platforms, many people say that they feel that the 100th day is really eaten. Although “food education” is very important, it feels like it is to make the topic. It feels pitiful and sad.

Some people also said that they chased each episode from the beginning and saw the 100th day. I feel that every ordinary day can actually live on some lives and hardships to live. After accepting “life” and “memories”, thank you every day to educate children to “eat education”.


Among them, some people think that this is an insulting creature such as pigs, and it is considered an animal abuse.

So, is this behavior considered an animal abuse? According to the law of the law of animal love in Japan, the “prohibited” brutal “killing or damage animal” was stated (みだ みだ し し た た つける し し し てる). The focus is on “cruelly” killing animals, so it is not illegal to eat and kill. It is just that if you eat animals, you must be disintegrated in the slaughterhouse. So in the 100th day of the film, you can see that the piglet was taken to the place before taking it home to enjoy it.

So, is the pig really eaten?

On the 100th day of the film, you can see a roasted pig lying on the grill. The owner in the film also worships the little pig’s home with both hands, and it looks really eaten. However, many people noticed that at the end of the film, there were texts in the lower right corner of about 0.5 seconds. The text wrote “こ の こ こ フィ フィ です ン です”, which means that this story is fictional. Therefore, many people speculate that the pig’s “burning meat king” has not been eaten and may be alive. However, some people said that this was put on the channel owner to avoid responsibility. In fact, whether the piglets were eaten, they also left a lot of imagination.

When everyone thinks that the film on the 100th day is over, there is a new film on September 2nd, the title “The pigs with no pigs after 100 days”>. There are many piglets in the film, and editing is like a pig’s memories during their lifetime. In the last scene of the film, there are also short texts. I wrote “あ な た が が る る い る カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ じ じ じ じ”, which means that the pork you eat is the same as the roast meat king. You can feel that the channel owner wants to convey all the life of all life, there is no difference.

Look at the introduction of the full event, do you know more about this popular topic of Japan? Whether the piglets are eaten, the reflection that the film brings to us does exist. Because we brought the feelings, I felt that the piglets were very pitiful, but the pork that was eaten every day was actually as the piglets


The same life

Essence When eating any food,

With gratitude, do not waste food


It is also a very important part of education.







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