Summer must -have sandals, bear children wading sand climbing high, high, low, no pressure

A child should have at least two pairs of shoes replace it in a season. Of course, there are nothing new for children in the current season. But if only two pairs are needed, the Rongma thinks that these two pairs of shoes must be complementary in resources, and the functionality is best to be different. Don’t be similar.

Take summer shoes, some shoes are suitable for concave shapes. Wearing clothes, some shoes may have better exercise performance, suitable for children to wear love. If a family is a character that likes to go out, then you must give priority to a pair of outdoor appearances that can be waded into the sand climbing.

The brand of Little Lan Sheep is a treasure brand. Rongma has always cooperated with Xiao Lanyang, because its shoes are suitable, you can buy it without gritting your teeth, and as long as the shoes are not small, you don’t have to worry about it. You can have one. ferry. Whether it is the functionality of learning shoes, or face value and sports performance, they are very good. No one is a short board.


For example, the German training of the whole life ▼

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a small blue sheep flagship shoes. It can be worn all year round. The value is not available, but the salt or sweetness can be used. The key is that it is fast to run. The leather shoes have the soul of sports shoes.

Another example is the small leather shoes worn for the little girl ▼


The upper of the little blue sheep is wide, the gospel of the fat feet sister, according to the high side of the sister’s feet, the feet will be pressed if they are not good, and there are two pairs of TTJs in the house. One of them cannot be worn. The upper is too low. In the case of Little Lan Yang, I can wear it without thinking about the models.

Moreover, the design of the twins series shoes is different. Compared with thousands of small leather shoes in the market, it is not easy to hit the shoes and is full of childlike interest. Last summer, Sister Yi has been wearing this pair. Come here, it’s small.

Another example is the summer leather sandals, which is also comfortable and beautiful.

This little flower model was a new model last year. At that time, I bought it. When I put on it, I was too anti -slip. I fell once and I did n’t wear it again. Although it is a sandals, I have to say that my sister is worn with her as a sports shoes. The non -slip resistance is good, and the soles are soft and comfortable.


The above are the classic super -fibrous skin shoes of the Little Blue Sheep. My two small little only put on the classic models. Every pair is satisfied. Put a few buyer shows for your reference.


Although the super fibrous skin is not dermis, it is also a new type of high -tech leather. The advantage is that it is better to take care of the leather, more waterproof (but the blisters are not good), more resistant to aging, and excellent breathability.


Regarding the problem of the little blue sheep abandoning the leather and changing the super fibrous skin, I introduced it to you in detail when I started the group last year. → Are you really the leather of dozens of small leather shoes? (Later, the small blue sheep benefits!). After reading it, you will understand why it can take into account the value and performance, and it can also keep a relatively low price.

Here are the new sandals of this year’s ultra -fiber skin:


In addition to the flower models on my sister’s feet, I have a few buyer shows, the face value and design sense of show shoes.

Small Explorer ▲ ▲

Fisherman ▲

Hua Rui model and butterfly ▲

In fact, it can be seen from this year’s new sandals. The little blue sheep’s efforts to have diversified functions of shoes are not the same. According to different wear and application needs, you can find a very suitable one. payment.

Newly upgraded RT beach sandals


This year’s summer is the most eye -catching outdoor beach shoes of the Little Blue Sheep RT RT series. This RT rattan series outdoor beach shoes are a new series launched by Little Blue Sheep in 2019. It has always been very popular. This time, there are also RT vine series in the clearance of the clearance.


RT rattan comes from Malay Rattan. Natural rattan constantly climbing represents the positive spirit. The design of the coral pattern of the sole is inspired by the designer of the little blue sheep when diving in Malaysia. The stunning coral reefs of the sea floor also hope to encourage children to exercise and explore nature.


Little Lan Sheep launched the RT vine -beach beach shoes in the summer of 2019. It is light and fast. It is suitable for streaming, hiking, climbing, and daily sports. In order to encourage children to move out of the mountains and wading, exercise.

In 2020, the beach shoes of the Teng series have made a lot of upgrades compared to last year. It is based on the theme of “Escape from the Underwater World”. It has been upgraded from details such as soles, upper, and edges. Explore nature.


There are four colors in this shoe, and the color that boys and girls like it.


Buyer show, look at the appearance of your feet.

Come to Zhang Li Darong’s handsome picture. Who said that orange can only be worn by girls? I want to buy a pair of orange to come back to my brother, because the colorful color is most in line with his appetite.


It turns out that boys are pretty good to wear orange! It’s pretty good! It’s pretty good! In summer, we wear cool clothes and dazzling shoes ~

If you feel that camouflage and dark blue are not beautiful enough, try orange, match the black and white most often worn in summer, or small fresh water pink.

This outdoor sandy beach shoes are not afraid of water, it is good to take care of water. It is very suitable for playing water and sand. When you go out to play, the concave shape is also good. You can also use slippers and use it for a bath. Basically, a pair of shoes can meet all the needs of children’s summer travel, and even slippers are saved.

Let me introduce what more advanced improvements have been made compared to the first generation.

Upper material upgrade

This year, Little Blue Sheep updated the upper material of the RT vine series outdoor beach shoes, and used the air layer quick -drying mesh for the more comfortable and breathable air layer than last year. The upper is covered with small horizontal pores. Suitable for hot summer.


Bringing material upgrade


Last year, the edge of the upper was PU skin. After receiving the feedback from the after -sales sale, it was relatively soft but easy to explode. This year, the Lan Lan sheep changed the new material -TAPE on all sides, feel soft and more durable.


Upper sole color and upper pattern upgrade


Last year, there were only two -color soles of blue and white. This year, we added three color soles of brown, orange, and gray to match with the color of the upper. The face value is higher.


Drainage and sand displacement good

This shoe was sold so well last year because it has strong wading ability, and it is easy to take care of them.

It is very important for summer sandals to drain sand. This pair of shoes is undoubtedly the best choice to go to the beach and beach.


▲ So many sand, easily discharge

▲ Gently twist, you can go to play with water


Design insoles for diabetic foot, the buffer is very good

This shoe uses a dual -density EVA material, which is designed for diabetic foot.


The dual -density EVA is specially treated to meet the hardness of the requirements. The thickness is about 0.6cm. It has better flexibility and buffering. Soft sweat absorbing, improving the internal environment of the shoe, relatively ordinary insoles, more waterproof.

▲ The cushioning force is very good

Why do you like Little Blue Sheep?

1. Natural rubber soles, super soft and comfortable


The soles of all the shoes of the little blue sheep are natural rubber soles. Natural rubber non -slip effect is excellent, but the quality is large and the foundation is heavy. This is a pitch of ASAHI, and you understand.

Little blue sheep took 2 years and scrapped three sets of molds to develop double -colored rubber soles. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the weight of the sole at the same time as the rubber anti -slip. I have to say that Little Blue Sheep’s shoes are the lightest that I have touched, none of them.


And the soles are super soft, so soft that I want to have a pair.

▲ The soles are very soft

2. 75g lighter than iPhone 11, super light and no pressure

The biggest feeling of the little blue sheep has always given mothers: light, soft, and thin and thin soles. The weight of 10 yards alone is only about 116g, which is 75g lighter than a iPhone 11. (Phone 11 weight is 191g)

3. Ousole insoles containing activated carbon particles, bacteriostatic quick drying

The insoles of the little blue sheep use the Oso -Lales insole. The first layer is the activated carbon layer, one is the mesh layer, which has good adsorption, antibacterial and anti -odor, and more breathable heat dissipation. Unique gum -no -flame environmental protection composite technology, does not contain glue, is more breathable.


Feel the breathability of the insole.

Moreover, the insole of Little Blue Sheep is really attentive. On the left is the little blue sheep, and the left is its card. The obvious thickness and texture of the little blue sheep are better.


4. Solid toe, and all -inclusive toe


Summer sandals are the most afraid of the children’s toes, especially when they go outdoors, and their feet are inevitably bumped, especially when they are in the mountains and when going up the mountain.

Little blue sheep’s skin sandals have a solid toe, and all include toes, which properly protect the toes. It is safer to wear it in summer.

The toe without protection, when you touch it with a ruler, you will get to the toes, which is very dangerous. Because of this, I have hardly bought shoes for children.


The outdoor beach shoes of the RT vine series, the head was slightly raised, and the toes were designed.


5. Big name Taiwan Baihe High Toughness Magic Post

The high -pull magic sticker produced by Paiho, Taiwan, has a horizontal bite of more than 2000g. They are all double -magic stickers, which are adjusted at will to meet the needs of different insteps.

▲ Magic stickers are 17cm in length

6. Easily 1/3 bend, the shoe body is soft


The first third of the human body’s feet is the joint, which requires frequent bending. Muscle exercise needs flexibility. The strength of the muscle and bone development slowly form a arch, so the shoes should be simulated as much as possible. Restriction, the development of the bow will be very difficult.


▲ The shoe body is soft, and the 1/3 curve is easy

▲ This super hard, can we wear it comfortably

7, spacious shoes, good enough development

Little blue sheep’s toe is a typical spacious design that meets the baby’s feet development characteristics. From the side, the toe is slightly bulging. Whether it is width or height, there is a lot of room for the toe.

But it ’s a pair of sandals. In my opinion, there is really not so many sorrows, but after understanding the little blue sheep, I feel that even the children’s size of shoes, I have to pick the details to this point. Well, there are too many shoes I have, and even if the big names are imported, they may not be able to do these.


Two days ago I was chatting with a mother. She was still telling me that the shoes of Little Blue sheep are beautiful and comfortable. The key is to fight against it. Don’t look at white shoes. Good shoes “!

When I heard this kind of feedback, I was happy and assured that everyone was recognized and proved that I did not pick it wrong. If you are very affordable, you will not be able to write it yourself.


Heavy benefits

The first wave of benefits


, Still the same as before:

40 yuan no threshold coupon, 45 yuan at over 200, 300-90 yuan over 300-90 yuan

After using these three coupons, it is basically the minimum price control of the brand of Xiaolan Sheep. The validity period of the coupon is



One ID can only be received once, and three coupons are enough for everyone to buy more.

Everyone goes to the Tmall Little Blue Sheep Flagship Store like a customer service report “Rongma Fan”, you can get the ticket ~

Second wave of benefits

It is a super surprise clearance model.

Everyone knows that the clearance of Little Blue Sheep has always used Rongma’s 40 yuan without threshold coupon, which is absolutely value -for -money PLUS, because a pair of shoes only cost 80 yuan, but most of the previous clearance funds funds were mostly cleared funds. They are all broken code, and the new models will not be cleared.


However, this year is more special. Affected by the epidemic, the backlog of some shoe inventory is more serious. Therefore, the brand party of Little Blue Sheep decided to put some new models in 18 years and last year on the price of cabbage in the clearance models.

Moreover, I have to say it proudly, this benefits, in the welfare, in


Rongma’s house is the beginning


, This new tears and clearing positions have not worked with other channels. It is a fan of our public account.

The first big welfare



New models in 2019, a total of 7 models ▼

Among them, there are many beach sandals of the RT rattan series last year. This series of shoes is mainly super light to dry, and it is very good for outdoor wading. Of course, this year’s shoe has an upgraded version. We will mention this below.

In addition, there are parkour shoes with super good non -slip and sports performance. Thailand’s Parkour Club -Bangkok Movement Playground Club is all wearing this small blue sheep. There is no threshold coupon for 40 yuan, but the price in his early one.

The following are new shoes in 2018 ▼


The pair of small black leather shoes in the middle, highly recommended, the little girl’s feet are very foreign, and Yi Sister had a similar model of a double blue sheep when she was a child. It looks good and looks good.


In the 2018 models, there are classic fishermen of Little Blue Sheep. Big children are all available. There are many colors. The above shoes coupons are used for only 109 yuan.

These new models usually do not have this price. Flutter shoes are usually a price of German training, which sells more than 200. The coupon of Rongma is 190+. There are also fisherman sandals. Look at the new voucher for the newly used Rongma this year.


Therefore, it is only this time to clear the regular -priced shoes of the season, because of the epidemic that has not encountered for a century. So those who like Xiaolan Sheep may wish to stop two pairs of couples, and I am afraid that there will be no such good things.


In addition, there are 5 old models in the clearance model.


Because of the incomplete code, the price is lower, and the 40 yuan coupon is only 80 yuan. Because this time there is a coupon of 300 minus 90, and this time the clearance model is so rich and expected, buy a pair of expensive points, and then a pair of cheaper is 300 to reduce 90, but the price in his early one hundred is the price. Essence


It is important to emphasize here that this time the clearance is a special situation. Little Lan Sheep also repeatedly emphasized that it only because of the epidemic, so there will be a regular -price shoe to clear the warehouse, and it will never become a normal state. Operation, so please forgive me. Do not have a large -scale clearance because of this time. I am also unlikely to ask for such strength in the future.


Therefore, if you like Little Blue Sheep, you might as well take this opportunity to stock up more than two pairs.

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